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Public Finance: Legal Aspects

by Emiliia Dmytrenko, Yurii Pyvovar, Danil Getmantsev & Olena Hedziuk et al.

Monograph “Public finance: legal aspects” is a paper written by the team of leading Ukrainian scholars in the sphere of finance law and initiated by Financial Law Center and Department of Financial Law of...

Tax Law and the Environment

by Tracey M. Roberts, Roberta F. Mann, Nancy A. McLaughlin & Michael J. Graetz et al.

Tax Law and the Environment: A Multidisciplinary and Worldwide Perspective takes a multidisciplinary approach to explore the ways how tax policy can is used solve environmental problems throughout the world,...

US Taxes for Worldly Americans

by Olivier Wagner

The Amazon Expat Tax Bestseller, Now Updated for 2018. Are you a citizen of the United States who lives abroad? You probably know America is one of only two countries that taxes its citizens on their worldwide...

Real Estate Ventures

by Stevens A. Carey

Real Estate Ventures addresses the difference between IRRs and preferred returns in real estate ventures. Author Stevens A. Carey explains, compares and quantifies different approaches commonly taken when formulating...

ABCs of Arbitrage

by Vicky Tsilas & Kimberly Betterton

The 2018 Edition of this best-seller is updated, expanded, and will help readers master both the most basic and complicated aspects of the subject by translating the complex issues of arbitrage into concise,...

The German Inheritance and Gift Tax

by Stefan Königer

Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world, making it an attractive business location and boasting a high standard of living. A number of companies have their registered offices in Germany, including...

Inherited IRAs

by Seymour Goldberg

In April 2016, the US Department of Labor issued a final fiduciary rule, which significantly affects advisors who render investment advice to Individual Retirement Account owners by expanding the “investment...

For Your Own Good

by Adam Hoffer & Todd Nesbitt

Taxing “sin” is one of the oldest and most persistent forms of selective taxation. Founding Father and Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton is said to have imposed a tax on whiskey “before the ink on...

Basics of Taxation

by A. V. Aronov, V. A. Kashin & V. V. Pankov

A comprehensive overview of modern taxation and the primary ways and methods of tax administration are presented in this textbook. Along with the basics of general theory and practice of taxes and taxation,...

A Review of Effective Tax Regime in  Nigeria

by Tunde Ogunsakin

This book reviews various taxation methods and history of taxation in Nigeria, most importantly the impact it has on sustainable development in the country. The author skilfully explores Nigerias fiscal relations...

Romans 13 in a Constitutional Republic

by Thomas Lake

This book is ABOUT re-evaluating how we look at Romans 13 in a Constitutional Republic Environment. Briefly, think a moment, Caesar was the reigning dictator. The United States does not have a dictator [yet]....

Estate Planning After the New Tax Law

by Robert F. Klueger

On December 20, 2010, Congress enacted the most sweeping changes in the estate tax law in 29 years. People who have already begun (or though they had completed) their estate planning now need to review their...

Inherited IRAs

by Seymour Goldberg

Many taxpayers have accumulated considerable assets in their retirement accounts, which may be in their 401(k) account or other types of qualified retirement plan. In rolling over retirement assets from an employer-sponsored...

Tax Increment Financing

by David Callies & W. Andrew Gowder Jr.

Tax increment financing (TIF) is a method of financing the redevelopment of underperforming property by isolating the value added to the property from a proposed redevelopment (the increment) and taxing that...

Federal Tax Litigation

by Susan A. Berson

Tax lawyers across the country have at least one thing in common — the feeling of frustration when trying to figure out the hows and whys of IRS action or inaction. Federal Tax Litigation helps to lift the...

GOP Tax Reform Made Easy

by 115th Us Congress Conference

On Friday, December 22, 2017, President Donald Trump signed the massive tax bill. Formerly known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – so-named because it cuts individual, corporate and estate tax rates, and the...

Taxing the Church

by Edward A. Zelinsky

This book explores the taxation and exemption of churches and other religious institutions, both empirically and normatively. This exploration reveals that churches and other religious institutions are treated...

Tax Havens

by Ronen Palan, Richard Murphy & Christian Chavagneux

From the Cayman Islands and the Isle of Man to the Principality of Liechtenstein and the state of Delaware, tax havens offer lower tax rates, less stringent regulations and enforcement, and promises of strict...

Agrarian Justice

by Thomas Paine

Paine advocates the use of taxation to fund a universal old-age and disability pension, as well as a fixed sum to be paid to all citizens on reaching maturity.

U.S. Taxes for Worldly Americans

by Olivier Wagner & Gregory V. Diehl

Are you a citizen of the United States who lives abroad? You probably know that the U.S.A. is one of only two countries that applies citizenship based taxation in order to tax its own citizens on their worldwide...