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The Ontological Foundation of Ethics, Politics, and Law

by Francesco Belfiore

In this revised edition, Belfiore adds new concepts and discusses the views of additional thinkers. He gives an ontological foundation to ethics, politics, and law and shows how his thought can reinterpret the...

Between Impunity and Imperialism

by Kevin E. Davis

When people pay bribes to foreign public officials, how should the law respond? This question has been debated ever since the enactment of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, and some of the key...

Dimensions of Normativity

by David Plunkett, Scott J. Shapiro & Kevin Toh

Understood one way, the branch of contemporary philosophical ethics that goes by the label "metaethics" concerns certain second-order questions about ethics--questions not in ethics, but rather ones about our...

War Crimes

by Matthew Talbert & Jessica Wolfendale

In 2005, US Marines killed 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha, including several children. How should we assess the perpetrators of this and other war crimes? Is it unfair to blame the Marines...


by Luigi Viola

The book presents an innovative instrument for jurists, which makes it possible to identify the most suitable interpretative approach.

The model, which is being continuously developed at the Centro Studi Diritto...


by Mark LeBar

A blindfolded woman holding a balance and a sword personifies one of our most significant virtues. We find Lady Justice in statues and paintings that adorn courts and other institutions of law, symbolizing strength...

Wildlife Law & Ethics

by Yolanda Eisenstein & Bruce Wagman

Exploring how the law can be used to influence the lives of the billions of individual animals we call wildlife, the approach that Wildlife Law & Ethics takes is first to present the law as a solid background...

Professional Responsibility in Litigation

by Douglas R. Richmond, Brian S. Faughnan & Michael L. Matula

Facing numerous professional responsibility challenges, trial and appellate lawyers must handle significant problems that can arise suddenly or in difficult circumstances. Written by experienced trial and appellate...

Ferguson's Fault Lines: The Race Quake That Rocked a Nation

by Kimberly Jade Norwood

In almost every highly publicized case of police using deadly force and killing unarmed individuals, the person killed was an African American male. These incidents have caused dramatic erosion in public confidence...

Lessons Learned

by Kevin W. Dornan

Every lawyer must learn the Rules of Professional Conduct in order to run an ethical practice. But putting the Rules into everyday practice can sometimes be a daunting task. Between running their business and...

Grit, the Secret to Advancement

by Milana L. Hogan

This unique volume contains new research by the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession begun two years ago on grit and growth mindset, two traits that have been shown to impact the success of women lawyers....

The ABA Compliance Officer's Deskbook

by T. Markus Funk & Andrew S. Boutros

The ABA Compliance Officer Desk Book is a user-friendly, practical, and real-world focused desk book written for today’s compliance professional. Whether working in a big or small, private or public, established...

In A Summer Swelter

by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the first truly independent trial lawyer to write about the notorious Manson Family murder spree of 1969.  The murders were some of the wildest and most vicious in the annals of crime set against...

Laws and Lawyers in Today’S America

by Mark Clark

From the selection of judges, through the Bill of Rights, our status as a Christian nation, to the Supreme Courts abrogation of power, Laws and Lawyers in Todays America takes you on an interesting, educational...

North Shore Nuggets

by James H. Manahan

Author James H. Manahan uses his personal experience and research to offer an informative insiders book that presents a variety of cases with legal and social implications. The articles, previously published...

My Daily Constitution Vol. I

by Richard J. Rolwing

Subtitled: A NATURAL LAW PERSPECTIVE, 365 essays, each 365 words, on Uncle Sams birthright, genealogy, and orientation, OR the Constitutions philosophical and historical presuppositions and implications, OR...

Ottoman and Turkish Law

by Fatih Öztürk

For the last two centuries, Turkish residents have been dreaming of the realization of the rule of law. Through a collection of essays, Ottoman and Turkish Law explores this dream and shows that when Turks and...

Playing in the Sandbox

by Charles J. Goldman

Playing in the Sandbox is a practical guide for the soon-to-be and new lawyer, outlining the situations they will likely encounter during their legal career. Charles J. Goldman is an experienced attorney who...

The Practice

by Brian Tannebaum

In The Practice, Tannebaum riffs on everything from asking yourself what type of lawyer you want to be, to the most effective way to market yourself in an industry where lawyers increasingly over-rely on social...

The Little Book of Golf Law

by John H. Minan

The Little Book of Golf Law is back again with completely new and updated stories of your favorite pastime! John H. Minan writes on how violating "the law" of golf — as opposed to the rules that govern the...