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Equitable Sharing: Distributing the Benefits and Detriments of Democratic Society

by Thomas Kleven

In Equitable Sharing: Distributing the Benefits and Detriments of Democratic Society, Thomas Kleven argues that a principle of equitable sharing is fundamental to the concept of democracy and is implicit in...

Privacy Rights: Cases Lost and Causes Won Before the Supreme Court

by Alice Fleetwood Bartee

Privacy Rights: Cases Lost and Causes Won Before the Supreme Court is a unique and timely study of the judicial process as it confronts four privacy issues: birth control, gay rights, abortion, and the right...

Turkey's Integration into the European Union: Legal Dimension

by Sebnem Akipek, Belgin Akçay, Ersin Civan & Ilke Göçmen et al.

As legal harmonization is the initial step for EU membership, the aim of this book is to give a general view of Turkish Law and to compare certain fields of law with EU Law. In order to reach this aim, an overview...

Answering the Call of the Court: How Justices and Litigants Set the Supreme Court Agenda

by Vanessa A. Baird

The U.S. Supreme Court is the quintessential example of a court that expanded its agenda into policy areas that were once reserved for legislatures. Yet scholars know very little about what causes attention...

New Forces in Old China: An Inevitable Awakening

by Arthur Judson Brown

The object of this book is to describe the operation upon and within old, conservative, exclusive China of the three great transforming forces of the modern world - Western trade, Western politics and Western...


by Brian C. Kalt

Since the election of President Donald Trump, the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the Constitution - covering presidential incapacity - has been a frequent topic of public discussion. But few understand how this amendment...

No Obligation to Brexit

by Roger Felber

This book explains, in simple English, the immense dangers of a disorderly Brexit: leaving the Customs Union and the Single Market quite unprepared, as currently envisaged on 29th March 2019.

This is the only...

U.S. Attorneys, Political Control, and Career Ambition

by Banks Miller & Brett Curry

United States Attorneys (USAs), the chief federal prosecutors in each judicial district, are key in determining how the federal government uses coercive force against its citizens. How much control do national...

What's Left of the Law of Integration?

by Julio Baquero Cruz

Born from the ashes of the Second World War as one of the most ambitious and successful parts of the plan for the reconstruction of Western Europe, European integration has been immersed in a deep economic and...

The Lobbying Manual

by Rebecca H. Gordon & Thomas M. Susman

This updated Fifth Edition of the ABA bestseller provides detailed guidance for compliance with the federal lobbying laws. It provides practical examples of how to be compliant, and covers all of the major federal...

Alternative Dispute Resolution in State and Local Governments:

by Otto J. Hetzel & Prof. Steve Gonzales

In recent years, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has overtaken trial litigation as an cheaper and less complicated method of resolving disputes. This is especially true in government disputes, where the...

The Oxford Handbook of European Legal History

by Heikki Pihlajamäki, Markus D. Dubber & Mark Godfrey

European law, including both civil law and common law, has gone through several major phases of expansion in the world. European legal history thus also is a history of legal transplants and cultural borrowings,...

EU Customs Law

by Timothy Lyons

The third edition of EU Customs Law provides a fully updated treatment of legislation, new treaties and cases in the two courts of the EU especially but also in Member States. This volume also includes commentary...

Impeachment: What Everyone Needs to Know®

by Michael J. Gerhardt

Impeachment: What Everyone Needs to Know® is the step back and deep reflection on the law of impeachment that everyone needs now. Written in an accessible and lively question-and-answer format, it offers a...

A Cosmopolitan Legal Order

by Alec Stone Sweet & Clare Ryan

In this book, Stone Sweet and Ryan provide an accessible introduction to Kantian constitutional theory and the law and politics of European rights protection. Part I sets out Kant's blueprint for achieving Perpetual...

A Silent Patriot of Bangladesh

by H. P. Roychoudhury

Everyone knows the name Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, but if you mention Nikunja Bihari Goswami, most people would shrug. This largely unknown patriot of Bangladesh dedicated his life to Gandhis ideals, all the...

I Ranked 10Th in the Nation in Total 2012 Presidential Votes on a $5000 Dollar Budget Whats Next? 2016!

by Richard Duncan

Richard Duncan believes there are four major problems or causes that he views have led to a decline in America, namely, too big of a government, the rise of socialism, Democrats and Republicans feuding, and...

Condemned Again

by Skhumbuzo Letlaka

The work was conceived over a number of years, and it relates to the manner in which African leaders govern their countries after independence. Its main focus is on the South African politics under apartheid,...

World Insecurity

by Aimad El Ouardani, Miguel C. Vilombo & Philippe A. W. Franzkowiak

The world is increasingly becoming interdependent and this interdependency has raised the number of unmistakable vulnerabilities, threats and risks. The institutions of governance in weak and failing states...

Trumpeting in the Wilds

by Sulyman Abaya

Trumpeting in the Wilds is a collection of poems written by a consummate poet who conveniently set his environment as the locale. Essentially, the poems caricature the political shenanigans and misgovernance...