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Food Security, Biological Diversity and Intellectual Property Rights

by Muriel Lightbourne

This volume advances the claim that the FAO International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) adopted in 2001 is the only existing international agreement with the potential...

Securities Markets and Corporate Governance: A Chinese Experience

by Yuwa Wei

This book explores the rationalities and functions of securities markets and takeover activities. Focusing on the Chinese experience of utilizing the securities market as an effective mechanism of corporate...

Affordable Housing and Public-Private Partnerships

by Nestor M. Davidson & Robin Paul Malloy

Leading experts on housing law and policy come together in this book to focus attention on the critical need for affordable housing, address key issues of concern and suggest appropriate responses for future...

What Is Right for Children?: The Competing Paradigms of Religion and Human Rights

by Martha Albertson Fineman & Karen Worthington

Using international human rights norms as a touchstone, examining the state of 'rights-talk' about children in the US, this collection explores the presence, participation and treatment of children, in many...

The Globalization of Corporate Governance

by Alan Dignam & Michael Galanis

This book assesses the impact of economic globalization on the key corporate governance systems of the UK, the US and Germany and examines the extent to which insider systems are converging towards outsider...

Diversity and Tolerance in Socio-Legal Contexts: Explorations in the Semiotics of Law

by Anne Wagner & Vijay K. Bhatia

This book explores how the various disciplines of law and linguistics can help us understand the nature of 'Diversity and Tolerance' - both oral and written - and how it might be clarified to avoid fear, and...

Ubiquitous Law: Legal Theory and the Space for Legal Pluralism

by Emmanuel Melissaris

Ubiquitous Law explores the possibility of understanding the law in dissociation from the State and considers the pluralistic, critical and emancipatory potential of the legal.

Product Liability Law in Transition: A Central European Perspective

by Magdalena Tulibacka

This volume examines the evolution of Central European product liability regimes, with particular reference to the effect of the implementation of the Product Liability Directive in the context of the recent...

Hindu Divorce: A Legal Anthropology

by Livia Holden

This comparative study investigates the place of Hindu divorce in the Indian legal system and considers whether it offers a way out of a matrimonial crisis situation for women. Using the narratives of the social...

Electronic Commerce and International Private Law: A Study of Electronic Consumer Contracts

by Lorna E. Gillies

Examining the maximization of consumer protection via the consumer's jurisdiction and law, this volume discusses how to improve the efficiency of juridical protection for consumers who contract with foreign...

Global Business, Local Law: The Indian Legal System as a Communal Resource in Foreign Investment Relations

by Amanda Perry-Kessaris

Establishing a theoretical framework for exploring the role of host state legal systems (courts and bureaucracies) in mediating relations between foreign investment, civil society and government actors, this...

Responsibility, Law and the Family

by Jo Bridgeman & Heather Keating

This collection examines ideas of responsibility and their impact upon the family and upon the way family law is conceived and enforced. It explores the concept of responsibility by examining parental responsibility...

Internet Child Pornography and the Law: National and International Responses

by Yaman Akdeniz

Critically assessing the problem of internet child pornography and its governance, this book investigates how effective implementation, enforcement and harmonization of laws could substantially help to reduce...

Ethics and Law of Intellectual Property: Current Problems in Politics, Science and Technology

by Christian Lenk & Nils Hoppe

Divided into three parts, this edited volume gives an overview of current topics in law and ethics in relation to intellectual property. It addresses practical issues encountered in everyday situations in politics,...

The Yearbook of Consumer Law 2008

by Christian Twigg-Flesner & Deborah Parry

The Yearbook of Consumer Law provides a valuable outlet for high quality scholarly work which tracks developments in the consumer law field with a domestic, regional and international dimension. Furthermore,...

Legal Reform and Business Contracts in Developing Economies: Trust, Culture, and Law in Dakar

by Julie Paquin

Taking a new approach by examining the impact of the transferability of law on end-users and by focussing on how appropriate norms are applied in specific situations, the book documents how contractual disputes...

Everyone's Guide to the Consumer Protection Act

by Clive Gibson & Geoff Hull

The CP Act has given every South African rights and obligations that up until now have not been an issue, and ignorance of the law is not a defence. Everyone's Guide to the Consumer Protection Act is therefore...

Mental Disability and the Death Penalty: The Shame of the States

by Michael L. Perlin

Michael Perlin shows how the administration of the death penalty deprives persons with mental disabilities of their constitutional rights, and how trial courts and prosecutors consciously flaunt the law. Using...

The Good Guys, the Bad Guys and the First Amendment: Free Speech Vs. Fairness in Broadcasting

by Fred W. Friendly

Unlike newspapers, TV and radio broadcasting is subject to government regulation in the form of the FCC and the Fairness Doctrine, which requires stations "to devote a reasonable amount of broadcast time to...

Living Wills and Powers of Attorney for California

by Shae Irving

Create a living will and more with all the forms and information California families need. Living Wills & Powers of Attorney for California helps families avoid legal problems if they ever become unable to make...