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Landmark Cases in Equity: Significance, Legal Status and Implications for Water Allocation

by Charles Mitchell & Paul Mitchell

Continuing in the 'Landmark Cases' series, this is a collection of essays on a series of landmark cases in the development of equitable doctrine running from the seventeenth century to recent times.

An Introduction to Land Law

by Simon Gardner & Emily MacKenzie

The rules of land law are numerous, complex, and in some cases baffling to students. The study of land law is also often portrayed as dull. This book tries to help with that problem. It aims to tell the rules'...

Intellectual Property and Private International Law: Comparative Perspectives

by Toshiyuki Kono

'Intellectual property and private international law' was one of the subjects discussed at the 18th International Congress of Comparative Law held in Washington (July 2010). This volume contains the General...

Children's Socio-Economic Rights, Democracy And The Courts

by Aoife Nolan

This book focuses on the circumstances in which the courts can and should give effect to the socio-economic rights of children.

Confronting Homophobia in Europe: Social and Legal Perspectives

by Luca Trappolin, Alessandro Gasparini & Robert Wintemute

The essays in this volume illustrate the findings of a European project on homophobia and fundamental rights in which sociologists and lawyers have analysed the position in four Member States: Italy, Slovenia,...

Intellectual Property, Competition Law and Economics in Asia

by R Ian McEwin

This book brings together distinguished lawyers and economists to examine the differences and similarities in the intersection between intellectual property and competition laws in Asia.

Intellectual Property, Antitrust and Cumulative Innovation in the EU and the US

by Thorsten K¿seberg

In this book lawyer and economist Thorsten K�seberg looks at how 'cumulative innovation' is actually accounted for under IP and antitrust laws in the EU and the US, and how it could alternatively be dealt...

The Financial Crisis in Constitutional Perspective: The Dark Side of Functional Differentiation

by Poul F Kjaer, Gunther Teubner & Alberto Febbrajo

This volume presents the first thorough sociologically informed legal analysis of the financial crisis which unfolded in 2008.

Refusals to License Intellectual Property: Testing the Limits of Law and Economics

by Ian Eagles & Louise Longdin

Economic analysis rarely appears on the judicial horizon in intellectual property litigation. How this came about and what it means for the future of effective competition enforcement globally are the twin concerns...

Using Human Rights Law in English Courts

by Murray Hunt

This book demonstrates the scope that already exists for using international human rights law in English courts.

European Human Rights and Family Law

by Shazia Choudhry & Jonathan Herring

This book examines the potential impact of human rights in the way the law interacts with families.

Debating Social Rights

by Conor Gearty & Virginia Mantouvalou

In this book scholarly experts offer contrasting perspectives on the topic of social rights.

Consumer Law and Policy: Text and Materials on Regulating Consumer Markets

by Iain Ramsay

This new edition continues to provide a critical introduction to the legal regulation of consumer markets, situating it within the context of broader debates about rationales for regulation, the role of the...

Human Rights and Public Finance: Budgets and the Promotion of Economic and Social Rights

by Aoife Nolan, Rory O'Connell & Colin Harvey

This edited collection addresses some of the most important challenges in contemporary human rights law and practice. In it, leading experts explore the linkage between public finance, particularly budget decisions,...

Cross-Border EU Competition Law Actions

by Mihail Danov, Florian Becker & Paul Beaumont

This book, written within the framework of a research project funded by the European Commission Civil Justice Programme, identifies the ways in which cross-border EU competition law actions can be best handled...

Landmark Cases in Land Law

by Nigel Gravells

This is the 6th volume in the Landmark Cases of essays on leading cases. Individually the essays provide a reappraisal of the cases from a wide range of perspectives. Collectively, they explore several common...

Consumer Law: Ius Commune Casebooks for a Common Law of Europe

by Hans-W Micklitz, Jules Stuyck & Evelyn Terryn

This casebook aims to uncover common roots of the European legal systems with a view to strengthening the common legal heritage of Europe.

The Law and Economics of Article 102 TFEU

by Robert O'Donoghue & A Jorge Padilla

Jointly authored by a lawyer and an economist, this is a comprehensive, integrated treatment of the legal and economic principles that underpin the application of Article 102 TFEU to the behaviour of dominant...

International Surrogacy Arrangements: Legal Regulation at the International Level

by Katarina Trimmings & Paul Beaumont

This book addresses the pressing challenges presented by the proliferation of international surrogacy arrangements. Part 1 contains a General Report, analysis and proposed model of regulation of international...

European Capital Markets Law

by R¿diger Veil

This book systematises the European directives aimed at improving the integrity and functioning of capital markets and examines the underlying concepts from a broadly interdisciplinary perspective.