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Managing Family Justice in Diverse Societies

by Mavis Maclean & John Eekelaar

This book explores what response the law has or should have to different family practices arising from cultural and religious beliefs. The issue has become increasingly debated as western countries have become...

Family Justice: The Work of Family Judges in Uncertain Times

by John Eekelaar & Mavis Maclean

This book is about the delivery of family justice in England and Wales, focusing on the work of the family judiciary in the lower courts.

Comparative Company Law: A Case-Based Approach

by Mathias Siems & David Cabrelli

This book fills a gap in company law literature by identifying whether conceptual differences between countries exist. The book covers 10 legal systems including countries in the EU as well as the US and Japan....

Arbitration in China: A Legal and Cultural Analysis

by Kun Fan

Written for international businessmen, lawyers, academics and students, this book gives the reader a unique insight into real arbitration practice in China, based on a combination of theoretical analysis and...

Global Competition Law and Economics

by Einer Elhauge & Damien Geradin

This innovative work is the only truly comparative and economically sophisticated casebook on global antitrust law.

Joint Ventures and EU Competition Law

by Luis Silva Morais

This book examines the treatment of joint ventures in EU Competition Law, and provides a comparison with US law.

The Quistclose Trust: Critical Essays

by William Swadling

The purpose of these essays is to explore the foundations of the Quistclose trust and subject them to a searching analysis.

The Protection of Fundamental Rights in the EU After Lisbon

by Sybe de Vries, Ulf Bernitz & Stephen Weatherill

This book's concern is to provide an examination of the several (and interlocking) challenges which the Lisbon reforms present.

European State Aid Law and Policy

by Conor Quigley

This book offers practitioners and officials a comprehensive and detailed examination of this fast developing field of Community law.

Intermediated Securities: Legal Problems and Practical Issues

by Louise Gullifer & Jennifer Payne

This book explores the issues that arise when securities are held via an intermediary and assesses the UNIDROIT Convention's solutions to them.

The New Law of Land Registration

by Elizabeth Cooke

This book is an examination of the law of land registration in England and Wales, in the light of the Land Registration Act 2002.

Breach of Trust

by Peter Birks & Arianna Pretto-Sakmann

This book, written by a team of leading lawyers from a number of common law jurisdictions, investigates the principal aspects of breach of trust.

Principles of the Law of Agency

by Howard Bennett

This new work provides a fresh, succinct examination of the principles of agency law exploring the rules of attribution, the rights and obligations arising within the agency relationship, the impact of agency...

Guidebook to Intellectual Property

by Robin Jacob, Daniel Alexander & Matthew Fisher

This is a unique book about Intellectual Property. It is aimed not only at law students studying the subject but at interested users of IP - businesspeople, inventors, scientists, designers and others. It not...

Relocation Disputes: Law and Practice in England and New Zealand

by Rob George

This book looks at the different ways in which the legal systems of England and New Zealand currently deal with relocation cases, drawing on case law, literature and the views of legal practitioners in the two...

State Aid and the European Economic Constitution

by Francesco de Cecco

Recent years have seen the rise of EU State aid law as a crucial component of the European economic constitution. To date, however, the literature has neglected the contribution of this area of EU law to the...

Informal Carers and Private Law

by Brian Sloan

Every day, large numbers of altruistic individuals, in the absence of any legal duty, provide substantial and essential services for elderly and disabled people. In doing so, many suffer financial and other...

The Future of Financial Regulation: The Business of Housing Associations

by Iain G MacNeil & Justin O'Brien

This edited collection, based on a conference, draws together a variety of different perspectives on the international financial crisis.

Public Law after the Human Rights Act

by Tom Hickman

This book proposes answers to questions about the relationship between the Human Rights Act, human rights principles and the common law.

Torture as Tort: Comparative Perspectives on the Development of Transnational Human Rights Litigation

by Craig Scott

The book assesses the merits and demerits of US-style transnational human rights litigation to stimulate debate among scholars and policy-makers.