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Three Zebras Forever

by Martin Poulin & Patrick Bizier

People often ask me how my friendship with the Italian zebras came about. So I've decided to tell the story so everyone knows what really happened.On the night in question, I was star-gazing with my atomic telescope,...

What if I was…Maneck

by Annick Loupias & Jean-Luc Trudel

Maneck, a young boy in the poor districts of Mumbai. I am 11 years old and I work to help my mother feed the family.Like many other children of the Banganga district, I don't go to school, because we're too...

Where has the Magic of Christmas gone?

by Diane Pageau & Roxanne Gareau

Simone has a big problem to solve.The magic of Christmas has gone.She doesn't know when it happened, but it has definitely gone.She looks everywhere, but it's no use. It isn't there!The worst of it is, nobody...

Cleo's Five Castles

by Claire St-Onge & Julie Bruneau

Hi! My name is Cleo.I'm 5 years old and I have 5 shoes. But yesterday, I had 6!I've lost a green shoe somewhere in the house.Would you like to help me find it?

Guné – In the Stone Age

by Annick Loupias & François Thisdale

For several days the band had crouched in the shelter of the cave. Nobody dared go outside, and their food reserves were getting low. Soon, they would run out of firewood. Despite the fairly high flames, the...

Operation Bedtime!

by Tomy Pageau & Benoît Laverdière

I have a mission. I have my orders: It's bedtime! Can't be too careful, better brush my teeth first. Done that, nothing can stop me now! I'm ready to face the monster in my room...I need a plan. Actually, I...

Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline

by Malu Halasa, Zaher Omareen & Nawara Mahfoud

In Syria, culture has become a critical line of defence against tyranny. Syria Speaks is a celebration of a people determined to reclaim their dignity, freedom and self-expression. It showcases the work of over...

Baghdad Diaries

by Nuha Al-Radi

During the Gulf War in 1991, through long nights of relentless bombing and the disappearance of all amenities, Iraqi artist Nuha al-Radi began keeping a diary from her Baghdad home. She captures scenes of surreal...

What I Would Tell Her

by Andrea N. Richesin

In this surprisingly vulnerable collection, twenty-eight talented fathers explore the complex, enigmatic bond they have with their daughters. These endearing, often funny and sometimes heartbreaking stories...

Popular Literature: A History and Guide

by Victor E. Neuburg

First Published in 1977. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Spooky Tales: A What the Dickens? Magazine/Miracle eZine Collection

by Holly Hopkins & Playle Sophie

The winning entries from What the Dickens? Magazine/Miracle eZine's 'Spooky Tales' competition. Twenty short stories and poetry to chill the blood and raise the hairs on the back of your neck...

The Reckoning: Searching for Meaning with the Father of the Sandy Hook Killer

by Andrew Solomon

First published in The New Yorker, “Solomon tells the story of Peter Lanza, the father of Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooter. Read it—it’s moving, brave and just profoundly human and sad....There...

Good Poems, American Places

by Garrison Keillor

P Another wonderful poetry anthology from Garrison Keillor-rooted in the American landscape.

Greatness comes in many forms, and as Garrison Keillor demonstrates daily on The Writer's Almanac, the most affecting...

Written Forever: The Best of Civil Lines

by Rukun Advani

The journal Civil Lines was conceived in the 1990s to publish the best new Indian writing in English. The first issue (1994) soon garnered a cult readership with works by writers like Arvind Krishna Mehrotra,...


by Achy Obejas

A true believer is faced with a choice between love for his family and the Cuban Revolution.

The Story About the Story Vol. II

by David Foster Wallace, Zadie Smith & J. C. Hallman

In the second volume of The Story About the Story, editor J. C. Hallman continues to argue for an alternative to the staid five-paragraph-essay writing that has inoculated so many against the effects of good...

Trans/Love: Radical Sex, Love & Relationships Beyond the Gender Binary

by Morty Diamond, Shawna Virago & Julia Serano

A ground-breaking anthology exploring radical frontiers of love, sex and relationships within gender-variant experiences

Distant Neighbors: The Selected Letters of Wendell Berry & Gary Snyder

by Wendell Berry, Gary Snyder & Chad Wriglesworth

In 1969 Gary Snyder returned from a long residence in Japan to northern California, to a homestead in the Sierra foothills where he intended to build a house and settle on the land with his wife and young sons....

Classical Chinese Poetry

by David Hinton

With this groundbreaking collection, translated and edited by the renowned poet and translator David Hinton, a new generation will be introduced to the work that riveted Ezra Pound and transformed modern poetry....

Masculinity and Queer Desire in Spanish Enlightenment Literature

by Mehl Allan Penrose

In his study of Spanish Enlightenment writings, Mehl Allan Penrose examines three male tropes: the effeminate and Francophile petimetre; the bujarrón, who engaged in sexual relations with other men; and the...