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The Wit and Wisdom of Oscar Wilde

by Oscar Wilde & Bob Blaisdell

This paperback gift edition of the renowned poet and playwright's epigrams and witticisms features hundreds of quips from Wilde's personal letters and conversations as well as his fiction, essays, lectures,...

Marco says No!

by Stéphanie Bourassa & Denis Banville

Marco the little alien says no to whatever you suggest. What will make him less of a grouch?

Cleo's Five Silly Things

by Claire St-Onge & Julie Bruneau

Five-year-old Cleo did 5 silly things today. What did she do to say sorry?

My name is Editio

by Paul-Émile Gagnon & Pierre Berthiaume

Editio comes from a tiny planet called Uto. He's able to travel through screens, and understands all languages. A trip to planet Earth will make him very happy.

A Sad Wolf

by Marika Fontaine & Denis Banville

It's not easy being a wolf in Fairytale Land. Everyone's afraid of him.

Theo Has a Heavy Heart

by Stéphanie Bourassa & Maxim Cyr

Theo feels sad and lonely since his little sister Yvonne was born. But Mom and Dad have the situation under control and soon he's smiling again.

Cleo's Five Booboos

by Claire St-Onge & Julie Bruneau

Five-year-old Cleo has 5 booboos.

Molly's Dolly

by Stéphanie Bourassa & Pierre Berthiaume

Molly is starting kindergarten and finds it hard to be separated from her doll. How will she manage?

Cleo's Five Animals

by Claire St-Onge & Julie Bruneau

Five-year-old Cleo has 5 surprising animals to meet you.

Smart Soup

by Claire St-Onge & Julie Bruneau

Yan and Fanny live in the little town of Shush!, a very secret place. It's so secret that nobody knows it exists, apart from its inhabitants, of course!It has to be said, the citizens of Shush! are no ordinary...

What if I was… Ayishah

by Annick Loupias & Jean-Luc Trudel

Ayishah, a young girl of the Sahara, is in the immense North African desert. My family and I are crossing our ancestral lands in the Hoggar Mountains to get to the market in the city of Tamanrasset. Some of...

Mom's Little Bird

by Marika Fontaine & Roxanne Gareau

Mom has a strange little bird that knows everything. The little bird talks too much – how can I get it to stop?

Cleo's Five Castles

by Claire St-Onge & Julie Bruneau

Five-year-old Cleo has built 5 castles. Can you help her find the missing pieces?

Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline

by Malu Halasa, Zaher Omareen & Nawara Mahfoud

In Syria, culture has become a critical line of defence against tyranny. Syria Speaks is a celebration of a people determined to reclaim their dignity, freedom and self-expression. It showcases the work of over...

Baghdad Diaries

by Nuha Al-Radi

During the Gulf War in 1991, through long nights of relentless bombing and the disappearance of all amenities, Iraqi artist Nuha al-Radi began keeping a diary from her Baghdad home. She captures scenes of surreal...

Popular Literature: A History and Guide

by Victor E. Neuburg

First Published in 1977. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Spooky Tales: A What the Dickens? Magazine/Miracle eZine Collection

by Holly Hopkins & Playle Sophie

The winning entries from What the Dickens? Magazine/Miracle eZine's 'Spooky Tales' competition. Twenty short stories and poetry to chill the blood and raise the hairs on the back of your neck...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Alice no País das Maravilhas Parallel Text (English-Portuguese) Edition

by Lewis Carroll

We have reproduced the classic novel by Lewis Carroll in a Parallel text format in English and Portuguese for language learners of all ages. learning english, learn portuguese, parallel text, english-portuguese...

Good Poems, American Places

by Garrison Keillor

Another wonderful poetry anthology from Garrison Keillor-rooted in the American landscape.

Greatness comes in many forms, and as Garrison Keillor demonstrates daily on The Writer's Almanac, the most affecting...

Written Forever: The Best of Civil Lines

by Rukun Advani

The journal Civil Lines was conceived in the 1990s to publish the best new Indian writing in English. The first issue (1994) soon garnered a cult readership with works by writers like Arvind Krishna Mehrotra,...