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Base Nature

by Ged Gillmore

How far can you push a man before he reveals his base nature? Bill Murdoch is about to find out in his darkest case yet…

Murdoch takes on two cases in as many days. First he is hired to find local man, Scott...

Devil's Choice

by Graham Wilson

Old Balmain House family story moves to the next generation

A man sits at a table in a prison cell, hands shackled. The door opens.

In comes a slip of a girl, eyes darting around, face drawn and white.

She is small...

Class Act

by Ged Gillmore

Can a man who’s lived a life of crime ever escape his past? The world’s most reluctant private investigator is about to find out...

Former bad boy turned local hero, Bill Murdoch, should be happy with his...

Project Amber

by Carl Lakeland

Angel is gutsy, steadfast, and as a journalist, she's never afraid to break a controversial story. How was she to know, her life would hit a wall and take a sharp left turn.

What will she do when she discovers...


by Ged Gillmore

What happens when a drug dealer is forced to turn detective?

Meet Bill Murdoch, the world's most reluctant private investigator.

Murdoch’s doing just ?ne, thanks for not asking. He’s dealing drugs for a professional...

Australian Legendary Tales - 31 Children's Stories from the Outback

by Various Unknown

Here you will find the Jungle Book of Australia with 31 stories like the galah and oolah the lizard, bahloo the moon and the daens, the origin of the narran lake, weedah the mocking bird, the gwineeboos the...

Green Pearl Odyssey

by Reilly Ridgell

The story, set in the mid-1980s, follows a former Peace Corps Volunteer who kills a mobster's son in revenge for the killing of his wife and brother, then runs to the islands of Micronesia to avoid the mobster's...

Pele and Hiiaka: A Myth from Hawaii

by Nathaniel B. Emerson

Pele and Hiiaka are Hawaii's most spectacular female deities, and this story of their conflict over the mortal Lohi'au stands at the fountainhead of Hawaiian myth, oral tradition, and dance. For centuries, however,...

Loopholes: Microfiction

by Susan McCreery & Bettina Kaiser

These perfectly formed microfictions provide glimpses into the everyday challenges of family life, relationships, ageing and loss. McCreery’s characters are typical humans – flawed, vulnerable, frustrating...

Let's Explore Australia (Most Famous Attractions in Australia): Australia Travel Guide

by Baby Professor

Open this picture book, and welcome to Australia! Picture books empower a child through participation and imagination. With the limitation in words, the picture book encourages reader participation through imagination....

Around The Globe - Must See Places in Australia: Australia Travel Guide for Kids

by Baby Professor

What are other things to see in Australia besides kangaroos and aborigines? Find out the answer in this exciting picture book. Learn about Australia's landscapes, best places to visit, as well as the people's...

Animals of the Australian Outback: Animal Encyclopedia for Kids - Wildlife

by Baby Professor

What are the beautiful and scary animals you see in the great Australian outback? Allow your child to discover the diversity of life in Australia through pictures and texts. The fact that this book uses real-life...

Let's Explore the Australian Outback: Australia Travel Guide for Kids

by Baby Professor

The great Australian Outback has been the popular theme used in several movies and stories. The wide expanse of land features peoples and animals that are truly fascinated. Open the pages of this picture book...