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John Milton: Selected Longer Poems and Prose

by John Milton & Tony Davies

An invaluble edition of Milton's later work, including six books of Paradise Lost. Tony Davies discusses the `heroic'; sexuality and gender; and Milton's interrogation of the meaning of history.

Byron: Selected Poetry and Prose

by Lord Byron & Donald A. Low

Contains Byron's most subversive, spirited and playful poetry as well as his outspoken prose, including speeches in the House of Lords which show him campaigning vigorously for justice in all walks of life.

The Rise of the Gothic Novel

by Maggie Kilgour

One of the central images conjured up by the gothic novel is that of a shadowy spectre slowly rising from a mysterious abyss. In The Rise of the Gothic Novel, Maggie Kilgour argues that the ghost of the gothic...

Lyric Texts & Consciousness

by Paul Allen Miller

First Published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Elemental Passions

by Luce Irigaray

First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Teahouse of the Almighty

by Patricia Smith

"Smith writes the way Tina Turner sings."--E. Ethelbert Miller

Brooklyn Was Mine

by Valerie Steiker & Chris Knutsen

A tribute to New York City's most literary borough-featuring original nonfiction pieces by today's most celebrated writers.

Of all the urban landscapes in America, perhaps none has so thoroughly infused and...

ABC of Reading

by Ezra Pound & Michael Dirda

Ezra Pound’s classic book about the meaning of literature, with a new introduction by Michael Dirda. This important work, first published in 1934, is a concise statement of Pound’s aesthetic theory. It is...

Georgia Scenes

by Augustus Baldwin Longstreet

Longstreet's good-natured narrators paint a lively picture of the Georgia frontier-hilariously contrasting rural and village life and the clash of the vernacular and genteel cultures. Southern Classics Series....

Pulp Friction

by Michael Bronski

Long before the rise of the modern gay movement, an unnoticed literary revolution was occurring, mostly between the covers of the cheaply produced pulp paperbacks of the post-World War II era. Cultural critic...

How to Read a Novel

by John Sutherland

“Do we still know how to read a novel?” John Sutherland, Chairman of the 2005 Booker Prize Committee, asks. His disheartened answer is an unequivocal, “No.” But Sutherland has not given up hope. With...

Gatsby: The Cultural History of the Great American Novel

by Bob Batchelor

One of the bestselling novels of all time, The Great Gatsby is also considered one of the most significant achievements in 20th century fiction. In Gatsby: The Cultural History of the Great American Novel, Bob...

Fifty Years of Hemingway Criticism

by Peter L. Hays

This is a collection of essays on the life and work of Ernest Hemingway by noted literary scholar Peter Hays. Collected together for the first time, these essays—including seven previously unpublished works—look...

Aesthetic Sexuality: A Literary History of Sadomasochism

by Romana Byrne

To understand why the concept of aesthetic sexuality is important, we must consider the influence of the first volume of Foucault's seminal The History of Sexuality. Arguing against Foucault's assertions that...

Literary Research and the Era of American Nationalism and Romanticism: Strategies and Sources

by Angela Courtney

This book recommends best practices for research in the lively and vibrant literature of the American Early Republic. Covering all formats, the volume discusses bibliographies, indexes, research guides, archives...


by Witold Gombrowicz & Bill Johnston

A balloonist finds himself set upon by erotic lepers…a passenger on a ship notices a human eye on the deck…a group of aristocrats enjoy a vegetarian dish made from human flesh…a virginal young girl gnaws...

English in Practice: In Pursuit of English Studies

by Peter Barry

Aimed at all those who are taking English degrees or teaching them, English in Practice is a reflective overview of the discipline's core and why we study it. This book acts as a map for the terrain of English...

Sites of Disquiet: The Non-Space in Spanish American Short Narratives and Their Cinematic Transformations

by Ilka Kressner

Some of the most important writers of the twentieth century, including Borges, Cortázar, Rulfo, and García Márquez, have explored ambiguous sites of a disquieting nature. Their characters face merging perspectives,...

Comparative Cultural Studies and the New Weltliteratur

by Elke Sturm-Trigonakis

In this English translation and revision of her acclaimed German-language book, Elke Sturm-Trigonakis expands on Goethe's notion of Weltliteratur (1827) to propose that, owing to globalization, literature is...

Adonis: The Myth of the Dying God in the Italian Renaissance

by Carlo Caruso

In this detailed treatment of the myth of Adonis in post-Classical times, Carlo Caruso provides an overview of the main texts, both literary and scholarly, in Latin and in the vernacular, which secured for the...