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Essays on Elizabethan Drama

by T. S. Eliot

Touching on everyone from Marlowe to Middleton, Essays on Elizabethan Drama is a rigorous collection of Eliot’s works on the great dramatists of the 16th century.

The Year of Reading Dangerously

by Andy Miller

A working father whose life no longer feels like his own discovers the transforming powers of great (and downright terrible) literature in this laugh-out-loud memoir.

Andy Miller had a job he quite liked, a family...

Out in Africa: Same-Sex Desire in Sub-Saharan Literatures & Cultures

by Chantal Zabus

Homosexuality was and still is thought to be quintessentially 'un-African'. Yet in this book Chantal Zabus examines the anthropological, cultural and literary representations of male and female same-sex desire...

Mark Twain: The Adventures of Samuel L. Clemens

by Jerome Loving

Mark Twain, who was often photographed with a cigar, once remarked that he came into the world looking for a light. In this new biography, published on the centennial of the writer's death, Jerome Loving focuses...

A Companion to the Ancient Novel

by Edmund P. Cueva & Shannon N. Byrne

This companion addresses a topic of continuing contemporary relevance, both cultural and literary.

  • Offers both a wide-ranging exploration of the classical novel of antiquity and a wealth of close literary analysis...

A History of Chinese Literature

by Herbert G. Giles

A History of Chinese Literature is without doubt the best basic introduction to Chinese literature, which has given to the world exquisite poetry and such classics as Monkey, The Analects of Confucius, the works...

Averroes: Tahafut al Tahafut (The Incoherence of the Incoherence)

by Simon Van den Bergh

Ibn Rushd, known to Christian Europe as Averroes, came from Córdoba in Spain and lived from 1126 to 1198. He is regarded as the last great Arab philosopher in the Classical tradition, and, under the patronage...

Turkestan Down to the Mongol Invasion

by W. Barthold

Academician Barthold's famous work begins in the late 7th century with the Muslim invasions of what became Russian Central Asia and carries the history of the region through the period of Abbasid centralization,...

Sounding the Break: African American and Caribbean Routes of World Literature

by Jason Frydman

The idea of "world literature" has served as a crucial though underappreciated interlocutor for African diasporic writers, informing their involvement in processes of circulation, translation, and revision that...

Close Kin and Distant Relatives: The Paradox of Respectability in Black Women's Literature

by Susana M. Morris

The "black family" in the United States and the Caribbean often holds contradictory and competing meanings in public discourse: on the one hand, it is a site of love, strength, and support; on the other hand,...

The Haitian Revolution in the Literary Imagination: Radical Horizons, Conservative Constraints

by Philip Kaisary

The Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) reshaped the debates about slavery and freedom throughout the Atlantic world, accelerated the abolitionist movement, precipitated rebellions in neighboring territories, and...

Tales Of Mystery And Imagination

by Edgar Allan Poe

Republished in a form suitable for students and general readers alike.

National 5 English: Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

by Mary M. Firth & Andrew G. Ralston

This title is endorsed by SQA. Boost grades with quick and effective ways to acquire and improve the skill of reading for understanding, analysis and evaluation, which is worth 30% of the overall mark. This...

Mezzaterra: Fragments from the Common Ground

by Ahdaf Soueif

From the bestselling author of the Booker Prize finalist The Map of Love–an incisive collection of essays on Arab identity, art, and politics that seeks to locate the mezzaterra, or common ground, in an increasingly...

Talks on the Study of Literature

by Arlo Bates

American-born critic Arlo Bates started his career as a journalist and editor, but later turned his efforts to analyzing and championing English literature, which led to him becoming a professor of English at...

Beauty and the Beast: An Essay in Evolutionary Aesthetic

by Stewart A. McDowall

What do we mean when we call an object or experience "beautiful"? What are the mental, cognitive, psychological and spiritual processes that transpire when we encounter something with significant aesthetic value?...

The Haunted Life: and Other Writings

by Jack Kerouac & Todd F. Tietchen

The once lost work of Jack Kerouac is published in full for the first time.

No Country: Working-Class Writing in the Age of Globalization

by Sonali Perera

Sonali Perera expands the discourse on working-class fiction by considering a range of international, noncanonical texts, identifying textual, political, and historical linkages overlooked by Eurocentric scholarship....

The Novel: An Alternative History: Beginnings to 1600

by Steven Moore

A comprehensive history-and controversial reappraisal-of the world's most popular and innovative literary form.

Cold War Orientalism: Asia in the Middlebrow Imagination, 1945-1961

by Christina Klein

In the years following World War II, American writers and artists produced a steady stream of popular stories about Americans living, working, and traveling in Asia and the Pacific. Meanwhile the U.S., competing...