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Nabokov's Fifth Arc: Nabokov and Others on His Life's Work

by J. E. Rivers & Charles Nicol

In his autobiography Speak, Memory, Vladimir Nabokov compared his life to a spiral, in which "twirl follows twirl, and every synthesis is the thesis of the next series." The first four arcs of the spiral of...

Beyond Spoon River: The Legacy of Edgar Lee Masters

by Ronald Primeau

As the first full-length critical study of Edgar Lee Masters, Beyond Spoon River is important not only for its reevaluation of this American poet and his work but also for its valuable insights into central...

José Lezama Lima's Joyful Vision: A Study of Paradiso and Other Prose Works

by Gustavo Pellón

Cuba's José Lezama Lima became the most controversial figure in the flowering of the Latin American novel with the 1966 publication of Paradiso. Hailed as a seminal writer of breathtaking originality by Julio...

The Necessary Earth: Nature and Solitude in American Literature

by Wilson O. Clough

The Necessary Earth is a study of the degree to which the long American experience with an open frontier has entered into an inherently American literature to distingush it from that of other lands. Since literature...

Exchange and the Maiden: Marriage in Sophoclean Tragedy

by Kirk Ormand

Marriage is a central concern in five of the seven extant plays of the Greek tragedian Sophocles. In this pathfinding study, Kirk Ormand delves into the ways in which these plays represent and problematize marriage,...

Intimate Commerce: Exchange, Gender, and Subjectivity in Greek Tragedy

by Victoria Wohl

Exchanges of women between men occur regularly in Greek tragedy-and almost always with catastrophic results. Instead of cementing bonds between men, such exchanges rend them. They allow women, who should be...

Approaches to Homer

by Carl A. Rubino & Cynthia W. Shelmerdine

Modern Homeric scholarship is distinguished by a dazzling diversity of approaches. That diversity is brilliantly displayed in this volume, in which nine well-known classicists approach the Homeric poems from...

Writing in the Kitchen: Essays on Southern Literature and Foodways

by Tara Powell, David A. Davis & Jessica B. Harris

Scarlett O'Hara munched on a radish and vowed never to go hungry again. Vardaman Bundren ate bananas in Faulkner's Jefferson, and the Invisible Man dined on a sweet potato in Harlem. Although food and stories...

Apocalyptic Discourse in Contemporary Culture: Post-Millennial Perspectives on the End of the World

by Monica Germana & Aris Mousoutzanis

This interdisciplinary collection of essays focuses on critical and theoretical responses to the apocalypse of the late twentieth- and early twenty-first-century cultural production. Examining the ways in which...

Hellfire And Herring: A childhood remembered

by Christopher Rush

'The scent of God...the air was impregnated with him and his mint-sweet and moth-ball evangelists. Just as it was with herring, as you might expect in a fossilised fishing-village on Scotland's repressed east...

Philosophy and the Puzzles of Hamlet: A Study of Shakespeare's Method

by Leon Harold Craig

Shakespeare's famous play, Hamlet, has been the subject of more scholarly analysis and criticism than any other work of literature in human history. For all of its generally acknowledged virtues, however, it...

Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth

by Carol J. Adams & Lori Gruen

Leading feminist scholars and activists as well as new voices introduce and explore themes central to contemporary ecofeminism.

Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth first offers...

The Novel: An Alternative History, 1600-1800

by Steven Moore

Shortlisted for the Phi Beta Kappa Christian Gauss Book Award

Having excavated the world's earliest novels in his previous book, literary historian Steven Moore explores in this sequel the remarkable flowering...

The Return of the Storyteller in Contemporary Fiction

by Areti Dragas

Focusing on the figure of the storyteller, this study breaks new ground in the approach to reading contemporary literature by identifying a growing interest in storytelling. For the last thirty years contemporary...

Write in Tune: Contemporary Music in Fiction

by Erich Hertz & Jeffrey Roessner

Contemporary popular music provides the soundtrack for a host of recent novels, but little critical attention has been paid to the intersection of these important art forms. Write in Tune addresses this gap...

German Literature as World Literature

by Thomas Oliver Beebee

This new collection investigates German literature in its international dimensions. While no single volume can deal comprehensively with such a vast topic, the nine contributors cover a wide historical range,...

The Anatomy of Bloom: Harold Bloom and the Study of Influence and Anxiety

by Alistair Heys

Here at last is a comprehensive introduction to the career of America's leading intellectual. The Anatomy of Bloom surveys Harold Bloom's life as a literary critic, exploring all of his books in chronological...

Nazisploitation!: The Nazi Image in Low-Brow Cinema and Culture

by Daniel H. Magilow, Elizabeth Bridges & Kristin T. Vander Lugt

A brilliant line-up of international contributors examine the implications of the portrayals of Nazis in low-brow culture and that culture's re-emergence today.

Andr¿ Bazin and Italian Neorealism

by Andr¿ Bazin & Bert Cardullo

Andr� Bazin and Italian Neorealism presents a new selection of Andr� Bazin's writings on Vittorio De Sica, Roberto Rossellini, and Federico Fellini; lesser known but important neorealist works such as The...

Anatomy of a Short Story: Nabokov's Puzzles, Codes, "Signs and Symbols"

by Yuri Leving

A unique anthology devoted to a single story-"Signs and Symbols" by Vladimir Nabokov-which exposes the way we read and interpret short stories.�