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Politics, Gender, and the Mexican Novel, 1968-1988: Beyond the Pyramid

by Cynthia Steele

The student massacre at Tlatelolco in Mexico City on October 2, 1968, marked the beginning of an era of rapid social change in Mexico. In this illuminating study, Cynthia Steele explores how the writers of the...

Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the Powers of Fiction

by Julio Ortega

Together with the late Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel García Márquez, the 1982 Nobel laureate, stands at the pinnacle of Latin American literature. His work, in the words of Julio Ortega, "contains its own 'deconstructive'...

The Dissenting Voice: The New Essay of Spanish America, 1960-1985

by Martin S. Stabb

Political, social, and aesthetic change marked Latin American society in the years between 1960 and 1985. In this book, Martin Stabb explores how these changes made their way into the essayistic writings of...

Australian Voices: Writers and Their Work

by Ray Willbanks

Contemporary Australian fiction is attracting a world audience, particularly in the United States, where a growing readership eagerly awaits new works. In Australian Voices, Ray Willbanks goes beyond the books...

Toward a Cognitive Theory of Narrative Acts

by Frederick Luis Aldama

Toward a Cognitive Theory of Narrative Acts brings together in one volume cutting-edge research that turns to recent findings in cognitive and neurobiological sciences, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and...

American Indian Literature and the Southwest: Contexts and Dispositions

by Eric Gary Anderson

Culture-to-culture encounters between "natives" and "aliens" have gone on for centuries in the American Southwest-among American Indian tribes, between American Indians and Euro-Americans, and even, according...

Women of the Left Bank: Paris, 1900-1940

by Shari Benstock

Now available in a durable paperback edition, Shari Benstock's critically acclaimed, best-selling Women of the Left Bank is a fascinating exploration of the lives and works of some two dozen American, English,...

The Fragmented Novel in Mexico: The Politics of Form

by Carol Clark D'Lugo

From Mariano Azuela's 1915 novel Los de abajo to Rosamaría Roffiel's Amora of 1989, fragmented narrative has been one of the defining features of innovative Mexican fiction in the twentieth century. In this...

Facundo and the Construction of Argentine Culture

by Diana Sorensen Goodrich

Domingo F. Sarmiento's classic 1845 essay Facundo, Civilizacion y Barbarie opened an inquiry into the nature of Argentinian culture that continues to the present day. In this elegantly written study, Diana Sorensen...

The Social Conscience of Latin American Writing

by Naomi Lindstrom

Literature in Latin America has long been a vehicle for debates over the interpretation of social history, cultural identity, and artistic independence. Indeed, Latin American literature has gained international...

Art and Answerability: Early Philosophical Essays

by M. M. Bakhtin, Michael Holquist & Vadim Liapunov

Mikhail Bakhtin (1895-1975) is one of the preeminent figures in twentieth-century philosophical thought. Art and Answerability contains three of his early essays from the years following the Russian Revolution,...

Prose Fiction of the Cuban Revolution

by Seymour Menton

Recipient of the Hubert Herring Memorial Award from the Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies for the best unpublished manuscript of 1973, Prose Fiction of the Cuban Revolution is an in-depth study...

Literary Bondage: Slavery in Cuban Narrative

by William Luis

In the nineteenth century, the Cuban economy rested on the twin pillars of sugar and slaves. Slavery was abolished in 1886, but, one hundred years later, Cuban authors were still writing antislavery narratives....

Reinterpreting the Spanish American Essay: Women Writers of the 19th and 20th Centuries

by Doris Meyer

Latin American women have long written essays on topics ranging from gender identity and the female experience to social injustice, political oppression, lack of educational opportunities, and the need for female...

Haunted by Waters: Fly Fishing in North American Literature

Conditions of Comparison: Reflections on Comparative Intercultural Inquiry

by Ming Xie

Uses literary theory and comparative studies to examine how the conceptual resources of cultures may pre-figure our perspectives and pre-determine our worldviews.

Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories

by Lorraine Code

The path-breaking Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories is an accessible, multidisciplinary insight into the complex field of feminist thought. The Encyclopedia contains over 500 authoritative entries commissioned...

Music in Ancient Greece and Rome

by John G Landels

Music in Ancient Greece and Rome provides a comprehensive introduction to the history of music from Homeric times to the Roman emperor Hadrian, presented in a concise and user-friendly way. Chapters include:...

National Fictions: Literature, film and the construction of Australian narrative

by Graeme Turner

National Fictions is a study of Australian literature and film. It is also a study of Australian culture, viewing the novels and films as products of a specific culture; as narratives with similar structures,...

Jesus Christ Superstar

by Robert Price

Though the Rock Opera "Jesus Christ Superstar" has become a religious and musical phenomenon, beloved around the world among Christians and non-believers alike, no one has ever delved into the lyrics with the...