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Literary Rivals: Feuds and Antagonisms in the World of Books

by Richard Bradford

Novelists, poets and playwrights live double lives, sharing the real world with everyone else while spending a good deal of time in a universe of their own making. When they fall out with each other, they are...

A Short History of Ireland's Writers

by A. Norman Jeffares & Muriel Bolger

An introduction to all the leading Irish writers and some of the lesser known playwrights, novelists, short story writers, poets, placing them in context and providing a list of their works. Commentaries give...

Facing the Fiend: Satan as a Literary Character

by Eva Marta Baillie

Satan is not a theological concept, but a literary character. Systematic and pastoral theology struggles with the existence of Satan and at the same time, the devil inspires authors, poets, artists, and musicians--his...

Runagates in Scarceness: A Holy Mystery

by O.C., Jr. Edwards

Runagates in Scarceness tells of a murder that took place in a fictitious Episcopal seminary in Indiana during the Vietnam War. The victim is a student there who represented the flower-child movement of the...

The Rabbi of Worms

by M. K. Hammond & Eric M. Meyers

Six-year-old Josef is tormented by bullies. He is rescued from his misery by an older boy, Mosche, who lives in the Jewish quarter of Worms, a city on the Rhein River. The two boys and Mosche's sister Miriam...

Sound Bites: A Novel about Politics and the Media

by Victor L. Cahn

The absurdities of contemporary politics and culture are lampooned in this unique and biting novel, composed entirely of media sound bites. Here are the voices of our time: politicians, reporters, pundits, and...

The Broken Circle

by David P. Bridges

Dr./Major Breathed chooses the cause of the Confederacy over medicine but will that decision cost him the love of his life? James is swept away into a war created by divisions between the northern and southern...

Renunciation: A Novel

by John D. Barbour

Traveling in New Mexico in 1971, Will George converts to Bhakti Dharma, a new religious movement influenced by Hinduism and Sikh tradition. Returning to his home in Minnesota, he renounces his previous life,...

My Father the Immigrant: In the Light of Love

by Michael H. Mitias

This novel is the story of an immigrant, Mikha Midas, who came to the U.S. in quest of a life animated by the ideals of love, justice, freedom, and peace; of a romantic whose will to love never weakens in spite...

Spirits Eat Ripe Papaya

by Bill Svelmoe

Philip Andrews arrives on the mission field with outwardly impeccable credentials. He's a preacher's kid and a lifelong evangelical Protestant who has been recruited to teach the seventh and eighth grade children...

Jesus and Menachem: A Historical Novel in the Time of the Second Temple

by Siegfried E. van Praag & Lewis C. Kaplan

Jesus and Menachem places Jesus (Jeshua) in the historical context of the Roman occupation of Judea Second Temple period The fictional character of Menachem is introduced to deepen and clarify the relationship...

Heaven and Hell: Visions of the Afterlife in the Western Poetic Tradition

by Louis Markos

For thousands of years, philosophers, theologians, and poets have tried to pierce through the veil of death to gaze with wonder, fear, and awe on the final and eternal state of the soul. Indeed, the four great...

The Eloquent Peasant

by Loren R, Fisher

Four thousand years ago, Egyptian society struggled with the downfall of the Old Kingdom, which brought an end to material success and introduced anarchy and chaos. Out of this period of crisis came such literature...

On War, Whimsy, and The Way: Random Thoughts Over the Years

by Joseph Palen

This is a collection of thoughts I have had over the past ten years since retirement. They are mostly in poetic form--some rhyme, others don't. I am bringing them to print mainly for my children and grandchildren....

A Whole Which Is Greater: Why the Wisconsin "Uprising" Failed

by Paul Gilk & David Kast

In November 2010, Republican Scott Walker was elected Governor of Wisconsin. In something of a Tea Party sweep, the iconic Russ Feingold lost his seat in the U.S. Senate and the Wisconsin legislature became...

Cracking the Pot: Releasing God from the Theologies that Bind Him

by Christine Berghoef

In this engrossing memoir, Christine Berghoef takes us on a journey exploring the simplicity and complexity of faith. Growing up certain she knew what life with God entailed, Berghoef soon found out otherwise....

The Forbidden Word

by James Henry Harris

This book is about a Black man's reading of Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for the first time while in graduate school. The story captures his emotional experience with Twain's use of the racial...

Faith and Madness: A Spiritual and Psychological Journey

by Sarah Slagle Arnold & Eugene H. Peterson

Nobody loves a father like his daughter. That truth comes through powerfully in this memoir. Sarah was enchanted by her father; she loved him with all her young heart. But when she turned five, her father began...

Between Mirage and Miracle: Selected Poems for Seasons, Festivals, and the Occasional Revelation

by J. Barrie Shepherd

In this volume, Shepherd selects from these, and from other unpublished works, to shape a series of poems that seek to portray and even illuminate, to some extent, the life of the spirit. They begin by tracing...

The State of Determination

by Aaron J. Nicholson

In summer of 2008, Aaron J. Nicholson set out to complete the unthinkable: a 460-mile solo backpacking trip across the State of Oregon without resupplying food or gear. Carrying an immensely heavy pack containing...