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The Collected Works of W.B. Yeats Volume VIII: The Irish Dramatic Movement

by William Butler Yeats, Richard J. Finneran & Mary FitzGerald

The Collected Works of W. B. Yeats, Volume VIII: The Irish Dramatic Movement is part of a fourteen-volume series under the general editorship of eminent Yeats scholars Richard J. Finneran and George Mills Harper....

Take the Cannoli: Stories From the New World

by Sarah Vowell

Take the Cannoli is a moving and wickedly funny collection of personal stories stretching across the immense landscape of the American scene. Hailed by Newsweek as a "cranky stylist with talent to burn," Vowell...

Immigration, Ethnicity, and Class in American Writing, 1830-1860: Reading the Stranger

by Leonardo Buonomo

This book examines fiction and nonfiction texts from the period 1830 to 1860 to demonstrate how major and minor American writers constructed their country’s identity by contrasting their own characteristics...

Wisdom and Initiation in Gabon: A Philosophical Analysis of Fang Tales, Myths, and Legends

by Bonaventure Mvé|Barnes, James F. Ondo

In Wisdom and Initiation in Gabon, Bonaventure Mvé Ondo argues that Fang tales, myths, and legends are components of the foundation of a worldview that sustains and protects a unique, historical Fang identity....

The Trip to Echo Spring

by Olivia Laing


In The...

Motion Picture Series and Sequels: A Reference Guide

by Bernard A. Drew

In 1989 alone, for example, there were some forty-five major motion pictures which were sequels or part of a series. The film series phenomenon crosses all genres and has been around since the silent film era....

The Epic Film: Myth and History

by Derek Elley

As Charlton Heston put it: 'There's a temptingly simple definition of the epic film: it's the easiest kind of picture to make badly.' This book goes beyond that definition to show how the film epic has taken...

Our Lady Cinema: How and Why I Went Into the Photo-Play World and What I Found There

by Harry Furniss

This charming classic of film literature was originally published in 1914 and hence represents an early attempt to catalogue the allure of cinema and how the motion picture industry began. This tale of life...

A Critical Guide to Horror Film Series

by Ken Hanke

In this book the author takes a fresh look at horror film series as series and presents an understanding of how the genre thrived in this format for a large portion of its history. It sheds light on older films...

The Road to Romance & Ruin: Teen Films and Youth Culture

by Jon Lewis

This book analyses the teen film as the rare medium able to represent the otherwise chaotic and conflicting experience of youth. The author focuses on six major issues: alienation, deviance and delinquency,...

Chicano Images: Refiguring Ethnicity in Mainstream Film

by Christine List

Providing textual analysis of 12 feature films written and directed by filmmakers who explore aspects of the Chicano cultural movement, this book discusses films including Cheech and Chong's Still Smokin' (1983),...

The Cinema Ideal: An Introduction to Psychoanalytic Studies of the Film Spectator

by Harriet E. Margolis

This study explores the model derived from Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis, via Marxism and semiotics, of looking at film. It retraces the steps of film theory from ideological criticism of the late '60s...

Masters of the Soviet Cinema: Crippled Creative Biographies

by Herbert Marshall

Eisenstein, Pudovkin, Dovzhenko, Vertov: these Soviet film directors are acknowledged to be among the greatest in the history of cinematography. To Eisenstein we owe such films as Battleship Potemkin and October;...

Where We Came in: Seventy Years of the British Film Industry

by Charles Allen Oakley

Originally published in 1964, this book tells the history of the British cinematograph industry for the first time. It describes moments of splendid triumph and others of shattering failure. The mood switches...


by Paul Cobley

Human beings have constantly told stories, presented events and placed the world into narrative form. This activity suggests a very basic way of looking at the world, yet, this book argues, even the most seemingly...

The Irish-American Experience in New Jersey and Metropolitan New York: Cultural Identity, Hybridity, and Commemoration

by Maura Grace Harrington, Marta Deyrup & Linda Dowling Almeida

Focusing on the local New Jersey/New York Irish-American experience, this interdisciplinary book is a case study in what Irish-Americans have contributed to public and cultural life in the United States: how...

Decoding the Lost Symbol: The Unauthorized Expert Guide to the Facts Behind the Fiction

by Simon Cox

Dan Brown's new novel once again features Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, this time in the United States, racing to uncover clues and crack codes involving secrets that are perpetuated to this day. But how...

Teaching Shakespeare and Marlowe: Learning Versus the System

by Liam E. Semler

Schools and universities are fast becoming managerial �courts� of learning in which educators and students are system creatures busily fulfilling system protocols. Any teacher or academic yearning for fresh...

Emotional Excess on the Shakespearean Stage: Passion's Slaves

by Bridget Escolme

This book compares the pleasures and anxieties provoked by extremes of emotion on Shakespeare's stage with the ways in which emotional excess is interpreted in the plays today.

Toward the Geopolitical Novel: U.S. Fiction in the Twenty-First Century

by Caren Irr

A survey of more than 125 works illuminate the resurgence of the American political novel in the twenty-first century. Caren Irr follows Junot Díaz, Helon Habila, Aleksandar Hemon, Hari Kunzru, Dinaw Mengestu,...