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Sarah Waters: Contemporary Critical Perspectives

by Kaye Mitchell

A multiple award-winning author, Sarah Waters is one of the most critically and commercially successful novelists writing today. In such novels as Fingersmith, Tipping the Velvet, Affinity and The Night Watch...

Salman Rushdie and Translation

by Jenni Ramone

Salman Rushdie's writing is engaged with translation in many ways: translator-figures tell and retell stories in his novels, while acts of translation are catalysts for climactic events. Covering his major novels...

Essential Shakespeare: The Arden Guide to Text and Interpretation

by Pamela Bickley & Jenny Stevens

An introductory critical study for first year undergraduates, aimed at bridging the increasing gap between A Level and university level study. The book offers a comprehensive approach to fourteen key texts looking...

Ten Ways of Thinking About Samuel Beckett: The Falsetto of Reason

by Enoch Brater

In this volume of essays addressing the author's drama, novels, short stories and poetry, renowned Beckett scholar Enoch Brater offers a variety of delightfully original, playful and intriguing studies of Beckett's...

Attending to Early Modern Women: Conflict and Concord

by Karen Nelson

A global, interdisciplinary consideration of the relationship between war and women's lives, works, economic situations, religious affiliations and practices in the early modern period, this volume gathers together...

Roman Theories of Translation: Surpassing the Source

by Siobhán| McElduff

For all that Cicero is often seen as the father of translation theory, his and other Roman comments on translation are often divorced from the complicated environments that produced them. The first book-length...

The Akron Offering: A Ladies' Literary Magazine, 1849-1852

by Jon Miller

"I am not ambitious, I seek only to please for the present moment, leaving the glory of posthumous fame, to the thousand little celebrities of the day," writes Lizzie, one of the regular contributors to The...

The Wounded Surgeon: Confession and Transformation in Six American Poets: The Poetry of Lowell, Bishop, Berryman, Jarrell, Schwartz, and Pl

by Adam Kirsch

"One of the most promising young poet-critics in America" (Los Angeles Times) examines a revolutionary generation of poets. Robert Lowell, Elizabeth Bishop, Sylvia Plath, John Berryman, Randall Jarrell, and...

Framing Elizabethan Fictions: Contemporary Approaches to Early Modern Narrative Prose

by Constance C Relihan

Literary historians have been giving increased attention to texts that have hitherto been largely ignored. The works of women, the disenfranchised, and commoners have all benefitted from such critical analysis....

The Mask and the Quill: Actress-Writers in Germany from Enlightenment to Romanticism

by Mary Helen Dupree

In the last three decades of the eighteenth century, a small but significant number of German actresses, including Sophie Albrecht (1757-1840), Marianne Ehrmann (1755-1795) and Elise BYrger (1769-1833), began...

Cosmographical Glasses: Geographic Discourse, Gender?

by Constance C Relihan

In Cosmographic Glasses Constance Relihan examines the ways in which sixteenth-century English texts traveler's reports, ethnographic studies, and geographic guides provide the foundation for how fictional prose...

Fashioning Authority: The Development of Elizabethan Novelistic Discourse

by Constance C Relihan

Various factors in late 16th-century England contributed to an environment more hospitable to prose fiction than had existed previously-among them, changes in educational opportunities, socioeconomic structures,...

Melville and the Visual Arts: Ionian Form, Venetian Tint

by Douglas Robillard

Throughout his professional life, Herman Melville displayed a keen interest in the visual arts. He alluded to works of art to embellish his poems and novels and made substantial use of the technique of ekphrasis,...

The Self as Muse: Narcissism and Creativity in the German Imagination 1750-1830

by Alexander Mathas, Richard Block & Fritz Breithaupt

While there are countless philosophical and psychological studies that focus on sources of the self, narcissism - the creation of an ideal image of the self and the vain attempt to merge with it - has found...

On Poetry and Craft: Selected Prose

by Theodore Roethke & Carolyn Kizer

Roethke's prose teems with fierce intelligence and outrageous quoteable quotes.

Secrets of Inferno: In the Footsteps of Dante and Dan Brown

by Dan Burstein & Arne de Keijzer

SECRETS OF INFERNO is a reader's guide to the journey Dan Brown took us all on in INFERNO. The book gives readers the “back story” on particular plot points, Dante references, symbols, historical events,...

Daddy Was a Number Runner

by Louise Meriwether & James Baldwin

New edition of "a tough, tender, bitter novel of a black girl struggling toward womanhood."

Fault Lines: A Memoir (2nd Edition)

by Meena Alexander & Ngugi wa Thiong'o

This Indian American writer builds upon her acclaimed memoir, named a PW Best Book for 1993.

Paratexts: Introductions to Science Fiction and Fantasy

by James Gunn

In the mid-1980s, Easton Press began publishing a series of leather-bound collector editions called “Masterpieces of Science Fiction,” and “Masterpieces of Fantasy,” which featured some of the most important...

Behind the Curtain: Selected Fiction of Fitz-James O'Brien, 1853-1860

by Wayne R. Kime

Behind the Curtain re-introduces the fiction of Fitz-James O'Brien to modern readers by presenting fourteen of his works, five here reprinted for the first time, that together suggest the development and range...