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Machado de Assis: Reflections on a Brazilian Master Writer

by Richard Graham

Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis (1839-1908) never left Brazil and rarely traveled outside his native city of Rio de Janeiro, yet he is widely acknowledged by those who have read him as one of the major authors...

Latin America's New Historical Novel

by Seymour Menton

Beginning with the 1979 publication of Alejo Carpentier's El arpa y la sombra, the New Historical Novel has become the dominant genre within Latin American fiction. In this at-times tongue-in-cheek postmodern...

Rereading the Spanish American Essay: Translations of 19th and 20th Century Women's Essays

by Doris Meyer

"The essays are clearly chosen to be different in style and content from the 'malestream' canon, and the book as a whole is full of old friends and welcome new surprises.... It will be of interest not only to...

Despite This Flesh: The Disabled in Stories and Poems

by Vassar Miller

Killed by kindness, stifled by overprotection, choked by subtle if sometimes unconscious snubs, the physically handicapped are one of the world's most invisible minorities. Seeking to draw attention to the various...

Prospero's Daughter: The Prose of Rosario Castellanos

by Joanna O'Connell

A member of Mexico's privileged upper class, yet still subordinated because of her gender, Rosario Castellanos became one of Latin America's most influential feminist social critics. Joanna O'Connell here offers...

Kant and the Southern New Critics

by William J. Handy

An author's true meaning has always been largely a matter of opinion among literary critics, even when only objective language was analyzed. However, a writer's inner meaning, which perhaps not even he or she...

Ruben Dario Centennial Studies

by Miguel Gonzalez-Gerth & George D. Schade

Rubén Darío (1867-1916), the undisputed standard-bearer of the Modernist movement in Hispanic letters, was born in Nicaragua. In 1886 he went to Chile, where he published Azul (1888), his first important book...

The Law of the Heart: Individualism and the Modern Self in American Literature

by Sam B. Girgus

The Law of the Heart is a vigorous challenge to the prevailing concept of the "antidemocratic" image of the self in the American literary and cultural tradition. Sam B. Girgus counters this interpretation and...

Ideogram: History of a Poetic Method

by Laszlo K. Géfin

The ideogram changed the course of modern American poetry, and Ideogram is the first history of this important poetic tradition. In modern poetry the ideogram is an idea presented to the reader by means of the...

Perspectives of Roman Poetry: A Classics Symposium

by Karl Galinsky

Written by leading specialists, the essays in Perspectives of Roman Poetry seek to provide a broad range of readers with a good understanding of some essential aspects of major Roman poets and poetic genres....

Forms of Modern British Fiction

by Alan Warren Friedman

In Forms of Modern British Fiction six individualistic and strongminded critics delineate the "age of modernism" in British fiction. Dating the age and the movement from later Hardy works through the deaths...

Fiction and the Ways of Knowing: Essays on British Novels

by Avrom Fleishman

In this highly individual study, Avrom Fleishman explores a wide range of literary references to human culture-the culture of ideas, facts, and images. Each critical essay in Fiction and the Ways of Knowing...

The Cultural Milieu of Addison's Literary Criticism

by Lee Andrew Elioseff

The whole history of literary criticism is illuminated by this analysis of one English critic's work. It is, in effect, a literary case study presented as partial answer to the complicated question: what cultural...

Rich's Farewell to Military Profession, 1581

by Barnaby Rich & Thomas Mabry Cranfill

In a long and extraordinary career as captain, courier, privateer, real-estate agent, author, and informer, Barnaby Rich's principal achievement was the present volume-a collection of Elizabethan short stories...

Literary Diseases: Theme and Metaphor in the Italian Novel

by Gian-Paolo Biasin

Disease-real or imagined, physical or mental-is a common theme in Western literature and is often a symbol of modern alienation. In Literary Diseases, a comprehensive analysis of the metaphorical and symbolic...

The Spanish American Novel: A Twentieth-Century Survey

by John S. Brushwood

In The Spanish American Novel, John S. Brushwood analyzes the twentieth-century Spanish American novel as an artistic expression of social reality. In relating the generic history of the novel to extraliterary...

Mexico in Its Novel: A Nation's Search for Identity

by John S. Brushwood

Mexico in Its Novel is a perceptive examination of the Mexican reality as revealed through the nation's novel. The author presents the Mexican novel as a cultural phenomenon: a manifestation of the impact of...

William Goyen: Selected Letters from a Writer's Life

by William Goyen, Robert Phillips & Sir Stephen Spender

Proclaimed "one of the great American writers of short fiction" by the New York Times Book Review, William Goyen (1915-1983) had a quintessentially American literary career, in which national recognition came...

The Art of Life: Studies in American Autobiographical Literature

by Mutlu Konuk Blasing

Autobiographical literature especially reveals the processes by which writers convert their own historical experience into fictional form and suggests how literary forms function in life. This volume defines...

The Faces of Time: Portrayal of the Past in Old French and Latin Historical Narrative of the Anglo-Norman Regnum

by Jean Blacker

The twelfth century witnessed the sudden appearance and virtual disappearance of an important literary genre-the Old French verse chronicle. These poetic histories of the British kings, which today are treated...