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Romance Readers and Romance Writers: by Sarah Green

by Christopher Goulding

This edition of Romance Readers and Romance Writers (1810) is the first modern scholarly publication of what is arguably Green's most famous novel. As with many of her other works, Green adopts numerous sophisticated...

Charles Lamb, Elia and the London Magazine: Metropolitan Muse

by Simon P Hull

The inherent 'metropolitanism' of writing for a Romantic-era periodical is here explored through the Elia articles that Charles Lamb wrote for the London Magazine.

Edith Wharton's The Custom of the Country: A Reassessment

by Laura Rattray

Bringing together leading Wharton scholars from Europe, and North America, this volume offers the first ever collection of essays on Edith Wharton's 1913 tour de force, The Custom of the Country.

The History of Ned Evans: by Elizabeth Hervey

by Helena Kelly

Ned Evans is a rags-to-riches hero, whose early existence in poverty in Wales is dramatically changed when he saves the beautiful Lady Cecilia Rivers from an assault and is invited to Ireland by her father....

Inchbald, Hawthorne and the Romantic Moral Romance: Little Histories and Neutral Territories

by Ben P Robertson

Explores the connections between British and American Romanticism, focusing on the novels of Elizabeth Inchbald (1753-1821) and Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-64). This study argues that Inchbald and Hawthorne are...

Julia: by Helen Maria Williams

by Natasha Duquette

This critical edition of Julia is the first modern printing of a novel that blends the character development of a poet with critical reflections on social injustice.

Mary Cholmondeley Reconsidered

by Carolyn W de la L Oulton & SueAnn Schatz

This book provides a necessary critical reappraisal of one of the most challenging and subversive of nineteenth-century women writers.

The Edinburgh Review in the Literary Culture of Romantic Britain: Mammoth and Megalonyx

by William Christie

From its first issue, published on the 10th October 1802, Francis Jeffrey's "Edinburgh Review" established a strong reputation and exerted a powerful influence. This is a literary study of the "Edinburgh Review"...

Let the Flowers Go: A Life of Mary Cholmondeley

by Carolyn W de la L Oulton

Giving a comprehensive critique of Cholmondeley's writings, Oulton analyzes the inspiration and influences behind some of her greatest work and provides an appealing biography on a writer whose work is of increasing...

Reassessing John Buchan: Beyond the Thirty Nine Steps

by Kate Macdonald

A collection of edited essays on the novelist John Buchan (1875-1940), author of, among many other works, "The Thirty-Nine Steps" (1915), "Witch Wood" (1927) and "Sick Heart River" (1940). It considers Buchan's...

Guilty Money: The City of London in Victorian and Edwardian Culture, 1815-1914

by Ranald C Michie

This is an engaging study of the place occupied by the City of London within British cultural life during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Michie uses both literary and popular novels to examine socio-economic...

Rhyming Reason: The Poetry of Romantic-Era Psychologists

by Michelle Faubert

During the Romantic era, psychology and literature enjoyed a fluid relationship. Faubert focuses on psychologist-poets who grew out of the literary-medical culture of the Scottish Enlightenment. They used poetry...

Strathallan: by Alicia LeFanu

by Anna M Fitzer

A novel, which addresses central themes of adultery, obsession and inheritance. It follows the fortunes of Matilda Melbourne who displays virtue, delicacy and an unwavering commitment to the sometimes ruthless...

Charlotte Smith in British Romanticism

by Jacqueline Labbe

Charlotte Smith's early sonnets established the genre as a Romantic form; her novels advanced sensibility beyond its reliance on emotional facility; and her blank verse initiated one of the most familiar of...

Experimentation on the English Stage, 1695-1708: The Career of George Farquhar

by Elisabeth J Heard

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, British theatre saw a shift from what critics call 'Restoration' to 'sentimental' comedy. Focusing on the career of the Irish dramatist George Farquhar (1678-1707),...

Contributors to the Quarterly Review: A History, 1809-25

by Jonathan Cutmore

The "Quarterly Review" presents a rare opportunity to Romantic scholars to test the truth of Marilyn Butler's claim that the early nineteenth-century periodical is the matrix for democratization of public writing...

The Corinna of England, or a Heroine in the Shade; A Modern Romance: by E M Foster

by Sylvia Bordoni

A novel that helps you understand the British reaction to Corinne as well as of its cultural, social and gender implications.

Adelaide and Theodore: by Stephanie-Felicite De Genlis

by Gillian Dow

Some of the theories Genlis adopts in the education of the eponymous children have their roots in Rousseau's "Emile". However, Genlis herself suggested that Rousseau knew little of the practical education of...

Writing the Self: Henry James and America

by Peter Collister

A monograph that re-evaluates the final decade of Henry James' creative life. It examines the narrative of "The American Scene", the autobiographical writing, a number of short stories and two incomplete novels:...

Conservatism and the Quarterly Review: A Critical Analysis

by Jonathan Cutmore

In its time, the Quarterly Review was thought to closely reflect government policy, however, the essays in this volume reveal that it was inconsistent in its support of government positions and reflected disagreement...