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Florence Macarthy: An Irish Tale: by Sydney Owenson

by Jenny McAuley

This is the first modern scholarly edition of Florence Macarthy: An Irish Tale (1818). Owenson's seventh novel, it is the most sophisticated of her four 'national tales'. Owenson combined conventional romance...

Romantic Marginality: Nation and Empire on the Borders of the Page

by Alex Watson

This is the first critical study of Romantic-era annotation or marginalia - footnotes, endnotes, glossaries - which formed a vital site of literary interaction.

Dialogue, Didacticism and the Genres of Dispute: Literary Dialogues in the Age of Revolution

by Adrian J Wallbank

Dialogue was a pivotal genre for the spread of Enlightenment ideas. Focusing on non-canonical British writers Wallbank examines the evolution of dialogue as a genre during the Romantic period.

Dying to be English: Suicide Narratives and National Identity, 1721-1814

by Kelly McGuire

This study examines the presentation of suicide within the genre of the eighteenth-century novel. Referencing several key writers of the period, McGuire demonstrates that their work inscribes a nationalist imperative...

The Business of the Novel: Economics, Aesthetics and the Case of Middlemarch

by Simon R Frost

This study shows how aesthetics and economics have been combined in a great work of literature. Frost examines the history of Middlemarch's composition and publication within the context of Victorian demand,...

The Heroic Life of George Gissing, Part II: 1888-1897

by Pierre Coustillas

This ambitious three-volume biography on Gissing examines both his life and writing both chronologically and in close detail. Part II assesses the period of Gissing's greatest authorial triumphs. His most critically...

The Celebrated Hannah Cowley: Experiments in Dramatic Genre, 1776-1794

by Angela Escott

Hannah Cowley (1743-1809) was a very successful dramatist, and something of an eighteenth-century celebrity. New critical interest in the drama of this period has meant a resurgence of interest in Cowley's writing...

Art and Womanhood in Fin-de-Siecle Writing: The Fiction of Lucas Malet, 1880-1931

by Catherine Delyfer

Lucas Malet is one of a number of forgotten female writers whose work bridges the gap between George Eliot and Virginia Woolf. Malet's writing was intrinsically linked to her passion for art. This is the first...

The Heroic Life of George Gissing, Part I: 1857-1888

by Pierre Coustillas

This ambitious three-volume biography on Gissing examines both his life and writing chronologically and in close detail. Part I covers Gissing's early life up until his establishment as a writer of moderate...

Victorian Settler Narratives: Emigrants, Cosmopolitans and Returnees in Nineteenth-Century Literature

by Tamara S Wagner

This edited collection from a distinguished group of contributors explores a range of topics including literature as imperialist propaganda, the representation of the colonies in British literature, the emergence...

Readings on Audience and Textual Materiality

by Graham Allen, Carrie Griffin & Mary O'Connell

The twelve essays in this edited collection examine the experience of reading, from the late medieval period to the twentieth century. Central to the theme of the book is the role of materiality: how the physical...

The Private History of the Court of England: by Sarah Green

by Fiona Price

Whilst an important and under-researched example of women's writing, scholars of Romanticism and the nineteenth century will also find much value in this challenging political satire.

Fictions of Dissent: Reclaiming Authority in Transatlantic Women's Writing of the Late Nineteenth Century

by Sigrid Anderson Cordell

Fin-de-siècle fiction by British female aesthetes and American women regionalists stages moments of rebellion when female characters rise up and insist on the right to maintain control of their creations. Cordell...

Romantic Localities: Europe Writes Place

by Christoph Bode & Jacqueline Labbe

Romantic Localities explores the ways in which Romantic-period writers of varying nationalities responded to languages, landscapes - both geographical and metaphorical - and literatures.

Reading in History: New Methodologies from the Anglo-American Tradition

by Bonnie Gunzenhauser

A collection of essays that offer a methodological framework for the history of reading. Focusing on a specific historical moment, it gathers statistics about such issues as literacy rates, library subscriptions,...

Romance Readers and Romance Writers: by Sarah Green

by Christopher Goulding

This edition of Romance Readers and Romance Writers (1810) is the first modern scholarly publication of what is arguably Green's most famous novel. As with many of her other works, Green adopts numerous sophisticated...

Charles Lamb, Elia and the London Magazine: Metropolitan Muse

by Simon P Hull

The inherent 'metropolitanism' of writing for a Romantic-era periodical is here explored through the Elia articles that Charles Lamb wrote for the London Magazine.

Edith Wharton's The Custom of the Country: A Reassessment

by Laura Rattray

Bringing together leading Wharton scholars from Europe, and North America, this volume offers the first ever collection of essays on Edith Wharton's 1913 tour de force, The Custom of the Country.

The History of Ned Evans: by Elizabeth Hervey

by Helena Kelly

Ned Evans is a rags-to-riches hero, whose early existence in poverty in Wales is dramatically changed when he saves the beautiful Lady Cecilia Rivers from an assault and is invited to Ireland by her father....

Inchbald, Hawthorne and the Romantic Moral Romance: Little Histories and Neutral Territories

by Ben P Robertson

Explores the connections between British and American Romanticism, focusing on the novels of Elizabeth Inchbald (1753-1821) and Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-64). This study argues that Inchbald and Hawthorne are...