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by Brean Hammond

This collection of essays represents some of the best critical thinking on Pope in recent years. Professor Hammond examines the main issues in the debate, in particular why Pope's writing has been so resistant...

Marlowe's Literary Scepticism: Politic Religion and Post-Reformation Polemic

by Chloe Preedy

An original exploration of the ways in which religion and religious issues are presented and challenged in the drama and poetry of Christopher Marlowe.

Thomas Middleton: Four Plays: Women Beware Women, The Changeling, The Roaring Girl and A Chaste Maid in Cheapside

by Thomas Middleton

A collection of four major plays by Thomas Middleton: Women Beware Women, The Changeling, The Roaring Girl and A Chaste Maid in Cheapside edited by William Carroll.

Claude Simon

by Celia Britton

This is a major study of the Nobel prize-winning French novelist Claude Simon. Simon is a complex figure: for all that he writes in a distinctively modern fictional tradition (exemplified by Proust, Joyce, Beckett...

English Poetry of the Seventeenth Century

by George Parfitt

Provides a comprehensive and entertaining account of the vitality and variety of achievement in seventeenth-century English poetry. Revised and up-dated throughout, Dr Parfitt has added new material on poets...

Fictions at Work: Language and Social Practice in Fiction

by Mary M. Talbot

In this book, Mary Talbot shows how fiction works in the constitution and reproduction of social life. She discusses both `high' and `low' fiction, combining discussion of social context with language analysis....

Michel Tournier

by Michael Worton

This volume of essays brings together critical analysis and commentary on the literary work of Michel Tournier.


by Michael O'Neil

Attacked by T.S. Eliot and F.R. Leavis, Shelley's poetry has, over the last few decades, enjoyed a revival of critical interest. His radical politics and arrestingly original poetic strategies have been studied...

Forms of Speech in Victorian Fiction

by Raymond Chapman

Forms of Speech in Victorian Fiction examines how Victorian writers used dialogue in the presentation of characters and the relationships between them, and its contribution to the work as a whole. Quoting over...

African Literatures in English: East and West

by Gareth Griffiths

Here is an introduction to the history of English writing from East and West Africa drawing on a range of texts from the slave diaspora to the post-war upsurge in African English language and literature from...

Writing the Passions

by David Punter

Writing the Passions is a book of literary criticism, of philosophy and of the politics of modernity. It explores the arguments on the location of feeling in literature; on the fragmentation of the self under...

The Political and Social Thought of F.M. Dostoevsky

by Stephen Kirby Carter

This study concentrates on The Devils, but also places this novel in the total context of Dostoevsky's work. Also considered is the life and work of T.N. Granovsky, who is satirised along with Turgenev in the...

Clockwork Rhetoric: The Language and Style of Steampunk

by Barry Brummett

How the language of the imaginatively styled movement attracts followers to steampunk aesthetic

Seven Contemporary Authors: Essays on Cozzens, Miller, West, Golding, Heller, Albee, and Powers

by Thomas B. Whitbread

These seven critical essays, each on a twentieth-century novelist, are disparate in content, but all are concerned with the problem of evil and inhumanity and with the paradoxes of human existence. Each essay...

William Faulkner, Letters & Fictions

by James G. Watson

Besides the groundbreaking novels and stories that brought him fame, William Faulkner throughout his life wrote letters-to his publisher, his lovers, his family, and his friends. In this first major study of...

Ellen Glasgow: Beyond Convention

by Linda W. Wagner

For many years Pulitzer Prize winner Ellen Glasgow has been regarded as a classic American regional novelist. But Glasgow is far more than a Southern writer, as Linda Wagner demonstrates in this fascinating...

DOS Passos: Artist as American

by Linda W. Wagner

In most of his half century of writing, John Dos Passos consistently tried to capture and define the American character. The complete range of his work builds to Dos Passos' concept of "contemporary chronicle,"...

Narrative Consciousness: Structure and Perception in the Fiction of Kafka, Beckett, and Robbe-Grillet

by George H. Szanto

Comparatively little critical attention has been devoted to narrative technique in modern fiction, and formal analysis of the work of Kafka, Beckett, and Robbe-Grillet in particular has for the most part been...

Theater & Propaganda

by George H. Szanto

This original and insightful study explores the points at which theater and propaganda meet. Defining propaganda as a form of "activated ideology," George H. Szanto discusses the distortion of information that...

The Prague School: Selected Writings, 1929-1946

by Peter Steiner

The Prague Linguistic Circle came into being on the afternoon of October 6, 1926, when five Czech and Russian linguists gathered to hear a lecture by a German colleague. From this international beginning, the...