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How to Calculate Quickly: Full Course in Speed Arithmetic

by Henry Sticker

Many useful procedures explained and taught: 2-column addition, left-to-right subtraction, mental division of large numbers, more. Also numerous helpful shortcuts. More than 8,000 problems, with solutions. 1945...

Numbers: Their History and Meaning

by Graham Flegg

Readable, jargon-free book examines the earliest endeavors to count and record numbers, initial attempts to solve problems by using equations, and origins of infinite cardinal arithmetic. "Surprisingly exciting."...

Concepts of Modern Mathematics

by Ian Stewart

In this charming volume, a noted English mathematician uses humor and anecdote to illuminate the concepts of groups, sets, subsets, topology, Boolean algebra, and other mathematical subjects. 200 illustrations....

The Golden Mean

by Robert J. Nemiroff

This is the golden ratio, (1+sqrt(5))/2,

with 1.000.000 digits.

It is based on square root of 5 computed by Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell.


A theorem on the Golden Section and Fibonacci numbers

by Rolando Zucchini

Fibonacci’s sequence

Almost all scholars say that Fibonacci has invented his very famous sequence by observing the reproduction of rabbits or other phenomena occurring in nature.

In this text, Rolando Zucchini...


by Ms. Bernard Color Creations

This is not an ordinary coloring book. This is an interactive coloring book that tells a story. A story that will encourage you to use your imaginatinon.

Using the Right Brain for Math -Multiplication and Division for Kids

by Baby Professor

We are always here to assist you on the easy and even the difficult tasks you encounter when it comes to your kids educational needs. Mathematics is always a problem for many parents and educators. This book...

Tick & Tock: Telling Time Book for Kids | Baby & Toddler Time Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Telling time can be a piece of cake, even for young learners. It is a combination of number recognition and counting, too! So if your child knows these concepts, he/she will be good to go. The purpose of this...

All My Fingers and All My Toes | a Counting Book

by Baby Professor

This book wants your kids to learn how to count using their bare body parts – fingers and toes. The usage of something that they are already very familiar with is proven to be effective in learning. Your kids...

I Learn the Numbers! I Can Tell Time! Counting and Telling Time for Kids - Baby & Toddler Time Books

by Baby Professor

Counting and telling time go well together. When a child can count, then the next big step to make is to tell time. Telling time also involves the ability to skip count, more particularly by 5s. But the purpose...

1, 2, 3, 4! I Can Learn to Count Some More Counting Book - Baby & Toddler Counting Books

by Baby Professor

Should counting be learned through books or through actual examples? We say both! The importance of learning through books is that it encourages reading. But learning through actual examples help cement the...

Subtracting Multi Digit Numbers Requires Thought | Children's Arithmetic Books

by Baby Professor

This edition of children’s science and nature educational books is about subtracting multi digit numbers. The book successfully reduced confusion among toddlers with the help of comprehensive illustrations...

A Stuck on Learning Math Sticker Book for Toddlers - Counting Book

by Baby Professor

Counting is made more playful with this sticker book for toddlers. Nobody is allowed to get stuck on Mathematics. You must keep your kids moving up the ladder of learning with this activity book. Let’s all...

Its Baby Time! - Telling Time Kindergarten : Children's Money & Saving Reference

by Baby Professor

At kindergarten, kids are already introduced to the concept of time. But how do you explain it in terms of mathematics? You have to use the power of examples, of course! Luckily, you have this workbook to serve...

How Many Fingers, How Many Toes? Counting to Ten One by One Counting Book - Baby & Toddler Counting Books

by Baby Professor

When a child first learns to count, he/she would use the resources already available – the hands and toes. This book institutionalizes that form of learning by making it a formal strategy. Counting is all...

Adding Means You Have More | Children's Arithmetic Books

by Baby Professor

This is a book dedicated entirely for toddlers’ basic addition lessons. This material contains creative stories and illustrations to better present the principles of addition and relate them to your kids’...

How Math Works: A Guide to Grade School Arithmetic for Parents and Teachers

by G. Arnell Williams

Math is a subject many people find intimidating. But many don’t understand the history of math and how it came to be what it is today. Here, G. Arnell Williams illuminates, in plain and simple terms, how we...