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Addiction and Recovery in the UK

by Jeffrey D. Roth & David Best

Addiction and Recovery in the UK captures the essence of the emerging addictions recovery movement and in particular the emerging evidence base that had been gathered around the umbrella of the Recovery Academy...

Psychology for Nurses

by Devinder Rana & Dominic Upton

This text aims to be useful and relevant for student nurses from all backgrounds with a range of professional aspirations. It demonstrates the importance of psychology in both the nursing role and in health...

Clinical Leadership: From A to Z

by Dickon Weir-Hughes

The definitive guide to clinical leadership, by Dickon Weir-Hughes, the Chief Executive of the NMC.

Dickon takes a unique slant on the teaching of Leadership and Management through an A-Z format, making this...

The Vitamin A Story

by B. Koletzko

This book shows how vitamin A deficiency - before the vitamin was known to scientists - affected millions of people throughout history. It is a story of sailors and soldiers, penniless mothers, orphaned infants,...

AO Principles of Teaching and Learning

by Joseph Green & Piet de Boer

Co-authored by surgeons and professional educators, here is a practical, how-to book for organizing and teaching AO courses. You will find guidelines and tips for:

  • Identifying the learning needs of your students...

  • AO Manual of Fracture Management: Hand & Wrist

    by Jesse Jupiter & David Ring

    In the last quarter century, no one has played a stronger role in hand and wrist fracture management, especially using AO principles, than Jesse Jupiter. This long awaited book is the culmination of his work,...

    Osteotomies for Posttraumatic Deformities

    by René|van Heerwaarden, Ronald Marti

    Osteotomies in the treatment of degenerative and posttraumatic arthritis seem to be a lost art. Even for young patients joint replacement is in vogue.An international group of renowned surgeons present an outstanding...

    AO Manual of Fracture Management: Elbow & Forearm: Elbow & Forearm

    by Jesse Jupiter

    Edited by the premier surgeon on problems of the upper extremity, Elbow and Forearm is a concise yet comprehensive step-by-step guide to managing a wide range of fracture patterns, both simple and complex. All...

    Traumatology for the Physical Therapist

    by Gert Krischak

    For physical therapists working in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and in private practice, knowledge of commonly seen traumatic and orthopedic injuries is essential to sound treatment planning. This book...

    SMART Approach to Spine Clinical Research

    by Michael J. Lee & Daniel C. Norvell

    The SMART Approach to Spine Clinical Research is a must-have guide for spine care professionals seeking to make a meaningful contribution to the scientific literature and advance their careers by publishing...

    Principles of Internal Fixation of the Craniomaxillofacial Skeleton

    by Michael Ehrenfeld & Paul N. Manson

    Traditionally, each specialty involved in craniomaxillofacial trauma and orthognathic surgery had its own areas of interest and expertise. This introductory textbook is different in that it presents the combined...

    Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume II: Thorax, Heart, Abdomen and Pelvis: Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    by Torsten Bert Moeller & Emil Reif

    This comprehensive, easy-to-consult pocket atlas is renowned for its superb illustrations and ability to depict sectional anatomy in every plane. Together with Volumes I and III, it provides a highly specialized...

    Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Techniques, Evidence, and Controversies

    by Roger Haertl & Andreas Korge

    Minimally invasive spine surgery, in some form or other, has historical roots dating back more than 100 years, and recent advances in technology now make it increasingly effective in treating suitable spine...

    Measurements in Spine Care

    by Michael J. Lee

    In the course of evaluating the patient with spinal disease, a myriad of measurements need to be performed before determining the diagnosis and the severity of the disease process. This text explicitly outlines...

    AO Principles of Fracture Management, Books and DVD

    by Thomas Ruedi & Richard Buckley

    The two-volume second edition covers the fundamental AO principles and state-of-the-art surgical techniques for fracture management. Expanded in this edition is the collection of high-quality illustrations--with...

    AO Spine Manual, Books and DVD

    by Max Aebi & Vincent Arlet

    Based on the successful format of AO courses, this two-volume reference is a comprehensive manual for the latest AO spine techniques. Principles and Techniques begins with a complete review of basic science...

    Introduction to Spine Surgery: Essentials for ORP, Fellows, and Residents

    by Sue Corbett

    This introductory book presents a comprehensive outline of spine surgery that will provide operating room personnel, spine fellows, spine residents, and other multidisciplinary team members with a firm understanding...

    Spine Outcomes Measures and Instruments

    by Jens Chapman & Beate Hanson

    Spine Outcomes Measures and Instruments evaluates and summarizes more than 100 outcomes instruments for the spine and its associated diseases. The book addresses important questions such as:

  • What outcomes are...

  • Spine Classifications and Severity Measures

    by Jens Chapman & Joseph Dettori

    Care of spinal conditions has become increasingly complex and confusing. Classification systems can help in understanding the subject matter at hand, but have exploded in numbers and complexity. Attempts at...

    Osteotomies around the Knee: Indications-Planning-Surgical Techniques using Plate Fixators

    by Philipp Lobenhoffer & Ronald van Heerwaarden

    Written by leading surgeons with expertise in performing osteotomies around the knee, this book is an essential reference for current techniques in joint-preserving knee surgery. It describes the indications...