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The Nurse Manager's Guide to Budgeting & Finance

by Al Rundio

This is the second in STTI's popular series of practical handbooks for nurse managers. As a nurse manager, one will deal with the economic reality of patient-staffing ratios, reports, and accountants. Acronyms...

Healthy Places, Healthy People: A Handbook for Culturally Informed Community Nursing Practice, Second Edition

by Melanie Dreher & Lisa Skemp

This is a concise, how-to book about cultural competency for community health nursing practice. It is written for undergraduate and graduate nursing students and practicing nurses who are not familiar with population-based,...

Mastering Precepting: A Nurse's Handbook for Success

by Beth Ulrich

This book is evidence-based and pragmatic. Written specifically for nurses who are preceptors, who are thinking of becoming preceptors or nurse managers who must supervise preceptors. This book is designed to...

When Nurses Hurt Nurses: Overcoming the cycle of Nurse bullying

by Cheryl Dellasega

This book discusses the phenomenon that has dogged the nursing profession for decades but that is only now getting the serious study and discussion it deserves. The book explains the history of nurse bullying,...

The Power of Ten-2011-2013: Nurse Leaders Address the Profession's Ten Most Pressing Issues

by More than 30 nursing leaders

The chapters are introduced with uncommonly provocative prose, often poking at sacred cows or playing the devil's advocate to get readers to challenge conventional, status quo thinking. More than 30 international...

The Nurse's Social Media Advantage: How Making Connections and Sharing Ideas Can Enhance Your Nursing Practice

by Rob Fraser

Explains the basics about social media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, etc. Devotes an entire chapter to using social media without violating HIPAA regulations and nursing professional code...

Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice: Implementation and Translation

by Stepahnie S. Poe & Kathleen M. White

This book provides detailed instructions on implementation of EBP and includes the relationship to the American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet Recognition Program, which hospitals try to achieve partly because...

The Nurse Manager's Guide to Hiring, Firing & Inspiring

by Vicki Hess

Book is divided into three main sections: hiring, inspiring, and firing. The hiring section uses the "SMARTT" approach to hiring-S = Start With Strengths in Mind, M = Make a List of Behavior-Based Questions,...

The Nurse Executive's Coaching Manual

by Kimberly McNally & Liz Cunningham

The Nurse Executive's Coaching Manual provides a complete overview of coaching: its value, models, how to hold a coaching conversation, assessments, and self-development strategies for the coach. Content is...

Interpretive Phenomenology in Health Care Research:

by Garrett Chan, Patricia Benner & Karen A. Brykczynski

This text expands on current IP knowledge and provides research exemplars to facilitate application of practice. Ideal textbook for qualitative research methodology courses, doctoral students, post-doctoral...

Fit Nurse: Your Total Plan for Getting Fit and Living Well

by Gary Scholar

Coverage includes nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress control. Nurse specific issues such as how to get back to fitness if you have back pain, food plans specific for nurses' schedules, and how to chart exercise...

How to Manage Pain in the Elderly

by Yvonne D'Arcy

This evidence-based handbook on managing pain in the elderly is designed for nurses to use at the bedside. Includes pain assessment, pain medication management, complementary methods for pain relief, chronic...

101 Global Leadership Lessons for Nurses: Shared Legacies From Leaders and Their Mentors

by Nancy Rollins Gantz

Short chapters, each with a list of topic-specific reflective questions to help the reader integrate the concepts into his or her own leadership or mentoring style make it perfect for courses, study, and mentoring...

Evidence-Based Design for Healthcare Facilities

by Cynthia S. McCullough

Evidence-based design based on healthcare research and best practices. More than 1,000 research studies suggest healthcare design can improve patient care and medical outcomes and can decrease medical errors...

Why Retire? Career Strategies for Third-Age Nurses

by Fay L. Bower & William A. Sadler

Includes strategies for rethinking retirement, tapping the expertise of older nurses, retaining senior nurses, managing nursing careers, and expanding personal freedom. Why Retire? serves three purposes: the...

Ready, Set, Go Lead!

by Nancy Dickenson-Hazard

Splits leadership into 3 clear areas: Being Ready (understanding your own purpose, values, and authenticity), Being Set (vision, motivating others, mentoring, empowering, accountability, change, and strategy),...

Nursing Without Borders: Values, Wisdom, Success Markers

by Sharon M. Weinstein & Anne Marie T. Brooks

More than 50 contributing authors share a wealth of international experience on global nursing partnerships, collaboration, and practice.

Volunteering at Home and Abroad: The Essential Guide for Nurses

by Jeanne Leffers & Julia Plotnick

Written specifically for nurses who have ever dreamed about volunteering in the U.S. or in other countries. Covers what nurses need to consider, know, and plan if they want to volunteer. Covers the entire volunteering...

Pivotal Moments in Nursing: Leaders Who Changed the Path of a Profession, Volume II

by Beth P. Houser & Kathy N. Player

Features 11 well-known nurse leaders: Richard Carmona (previously Surgeon General of the U.S.), M. Elizabeth Carnegie, Leah Curtin, Imogene King, Ruth Watson Lubic (the first nurse to receive a MacArthur Fellowship...

When Parents Say No: Religious and Cultural Influences on Pediatric Healthcare

by Luanne Linnard-Palmer

This book offers healthcare and social services professionals the information they need to create favorable outcomes when faced with parental refusal situations, including how to anticipate religious or cultural...