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The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women: Exploding the Estrogen Myth

by Barbara Seaman

With the ardent tone of a close friend, Barbara Seaman draws on forty years of journalistic research to expose the "menopause industry" and shows how estrogen therapy often causes more problems—including breast...

The Fluoride Deception

by Christopher Bryson & Theo Colborn

With the narrative punch of Jonathan Harr’s A Civil Action and the commitment to environmental truth-telling of Erin Brockovich, The Fluoride Deception documents a powerful connection between big corporations,...

Texas Health Atlas

by Lawrence E. Estaville, Kristine Egan & Abel Galaviz

With almost two hundred pages of original demographic and health-related maps that display county-by-county and regional information covering everything from the distribution of pharmacies, trauma centers, and...

The Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage

by John Douillard

Five thousand years old, Ayurvedic massage has been shown to still the mind and body by lowering metabolic rates and inspiring feelings of peace and calm. Often administered as a part of a three-, five-, or...

The Body in Motion: Its Evolution and Design

by Theodore, Jr., Ed.D. Dimon & G. David Brown

In The Body in Motion, author Theodore Dimon confronts a simple yet crucial task: to make sense of our amazing design. This comprehensive guide demonstrates the functions and evolution of specific body systems,...

Functional Approach to Hypothyroidism: Bridging Traditional and Alternative Treatment Approaches for Total Patient Wellness

by Kenneth Blanchard

The first comprehensive book to challenge the traditional teachings by presenting a more effective approach to treating hypothyroidism.

For many years, treatment options for hypothyroidism have remained relatively...

Community-Based Participatory Health Research, Second Edition: Issues, Methods, and Translation to Practice

by MPH Daniel S. Blumenthal MD & Ralph J., PhD DiClemente

"Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) has become the preferred model for conducting research in communities. Most scientists who conduct such research now recognize that working in partnership with...

Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage: Valuing All Families under the Law

by Michael Bronski & Nancy D. Polikoff

The debate over marriage equality for same-sex couples rages across the country. Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage boldly moves the discussion forward by focusing on the larger, more fundamental issue of marriage...

Decision Making: Neural and Behavioural Approaches

by V. S. Chandrasekhar Pammi & Narayanan Srinivasan

This well-established international series examines major areas of basic and clinical research within neuroscience, as well as emerging and promising subfields.This volume explores interdisciplinary research...

MACE Exam Cram: Medication Aide Certification Exam

by Linda Whitenton & Marty Walker

This is the eBook version of the print title. The eBook edition does not provide access to the test engine that accompanies the print book.


“I highly recommend this book because it will be very useful...

Chapter 02, Bone Matrix and Mineralization

by Francis Glorieux

This chapter provides an overview on the composition of the extracellular matrix of bone and discusses the matrix mineralization, and how proteins in the matrix are thought to regulate the process. The organic...

Chapter 04, Postnatal Bone Growth: Growth Plate Biology, Bone Formation, and Remodeling

by Francis Glorieux

Intramembranous ossification is responsible for the formation of most of the craniofacial elements that are briefly discussed in this chapter. The long bones of the axial skeleton (vertebrae and ribs) and the...

Chapter 07, Phosphate Homeostasis Regulatory Mechanisms

by Francis Glorieux

This chapter reviews the physiology of Pi homeostasis and the regulatory mechanisms. A major function of bone is to provide mechanical support for the entire body. This is achieved by mineralization of an extracellular...

Chapter 11, Fetal Mineral Homeostasis

by Francis Glorieux

Much of normal calcium and bone homeostasis in the adult can be explained by the interactions of parathyroid hormone (PTH), 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (calcitriol), fibroblast growth factor-23 (FGF-23), calcitonin,...

G Protein Coupled Receptors: Structure

by P. Michael Conn

This new volume of Methods in Enzymology continues the legacy of this premier serial by containing quality chapters authored by leaders in the field. This volume covers G protein coupled receptors and includes...

G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Energy Homeostasis and Obesity Pathogenesis

by Ya-Xiong Tao

Obesity is an epidemic with enormous health, economic and social burdens. Current drugs for obesity treatment are far from ideal in terms of efficacy and side effects. Reviews in this volume of Progress in Molecular...

Manager As Coach: The New Way To Get Results

by Jenny Rogers & Andrew Gilbert

In Manager as Coach, Jenny Rogers challenges many of the traditional assumptions about what works in management and shows you, step by step, how to be a brilliant manager and get fantastic results.

Do Miracles Exist?

by Jan de Vries

In this controversial book, Jan de Vries explores modern miracles as well as the 'miracle of Lourdes'. He discusses witch doctors and what he has personally witnessed in the Far East. He warns against exorcism...

Pediatric Audiologic Rehabilitation: From Infancy to Adolescence

by Elizabeth Fitzpatrick & Suzanne Doucet

Pediatric Audiologic Rehabilitation presents evidence-based information on the clinical and educational management of children with hearing loss who are learning spoken language from infancy through adolescence....

Clinical Anatomy of the Nose, Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses

by Johannes Lang

An important review of the clinical anatomy of the nose, nasal cavity, and paranasal sinuses is presented by Professor Lang. He has intensively researched the anatomy of these structures for a quarter of a century,...