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Clinical Manual of Psychopharmacology in the Medically Ill

by Stephen J. Ferrando, James L. Levenson & James A. Owen

Designed to be useful to a broad range of specialists, this manual will equip clinicians with the detailed and directly relevant information they need to provide safe and effective psychopharmacological treatment...

Procedure Coding Handbook for Psychiatrists, Fourth Edition

by Chester W. Schmidt, Rebecca K. Yowell & Ellen Jaffe

Procedure Coding Handbook for Psychiatrists is designed to level the playing field for practitioners and payers by enhancing the technical knowledge of practitioners about CPT coding and documentation.

Mentalizing in Clinical Practice

by Jon G. Allen, Peter Fonagy & Anthony W. Bateman

The book includes a straightforward explanation clinicians can use with patients, "What is Mentalizing and Why Do It?" -- and also demonstrates the ways in which clinicians are already doing it.Clinicians of...

FOCUS Psychiatry Review: Volume 2

by Deborah J. Hales & Mark Hyman Rapaport

FOCUS Psychiatry Review, Volume 2 is designed to test current knowledge and its clinical application. The workbook is flexible in format, allowing readers to use the educational approach that works best for...

Principles and Practice of Child and Adolescent Forensic Mental Health

by Elissa P. Benedek, Peter Ash & Charles L. Scott

Many of the chapters have been entirely rewritten by new authors to provide fresh insight into such topics as child custody; juvenile law; abuse, neglect, and permanent wardship cases; transcultural, transracial,...

Clinical Manual for Treatment of Alcoholism and Addictions

by Avram H. Mack, Amy L. Harrington & Richard J. Frances

The Clinical Manual for Treatment of Alcoholism and Addictions provides a concise overview of addiction treatment issues relevant to clinicians who are involved in the care of patients with substance use disorders....

Textbook of Anxiety Disorders, Second Edition

by Dan J. Stein, Eric Hollander & Barbara O. Rothbaum

This important new resource offers both clinicians and researchers a single-volume resource that covers not only advances in clinical interventions but also the latest advances in theoretical knowledge.

DSM-IV-TR® Casebook and Treatment Guide for Child Mental Health

by Cathryn A. Galanter & Peter S. Jensen

The book is designed to be both an indispensable reference and a teaching tool for trainees, trainers, and clinicians of child and adolescent psychiatry, including social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists,...

Clinical Manual for Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychotic Depression

by Anthony J. Rothschild

This is the first comprehensive guide to cover assessment, treatment, and management of the patient with psychotic depression. Dr. Rothschild systematically describes the history, epidemiology, and possible...

Clinical Manual of Drug Interaction Principles for Medical Practice

by Gary H. Wynn, Jessica R. Oesterheld & Kelly L. Cozza

The Clinical Manual of Drug Interaction Principles for Medical Practice is an exceptionally practical, thoroughly up-to-date resource to help psychiatric clinicians understand and avoid potentially dangerous...

Textbook of Violence Assessment and Management

by Robert I. Simon & Kenneth Tardiff

Mental health professionals will find this book to be timely and necessary -- for their patients, but also for the families and communities who rely on their professional judgment in assessing and managing potentially...

Infanticide: Psychosocial and Legal Perspectives on Mothers Who Kill

by Margaret G. Spinelli

Written to help remedy today's dearth of up-to-date, research-based literature, this unique volume brings together a multidisciplinary group of 17 experts who focus on the psychiatric perspective of this tragic...

Concise Guide to Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neurology, Second Edition

by Jeffrey L. Cummings & Michael R. Trimble

The second edition of this popular pocket guide is updated throughout, featuring new medications and new diagnostic procedures and criteria. Like the first edition, it presents brief synopses of the major neuropsychiatric...

Concise Guide to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Third Edition: Principles and Techniques of Brief, Intermittent, and Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychothera

by Robert J. Ursano, Stephen M. Sonnenberg & Susan G. Lazar

This compact guide's 15 densely informative chapters -- complete with glossary, indexes, illustrations, and references -- not only provide clinicians with an updated introduction to the concepts and techniques...

Concise Guide to Anxiety Disorders

by Eric Hollander & Daphne Simeon

Concise Guide to Anxiety Disorders summarizes the latest research on anxiety disorders and translates it into practical treatment strategies for the best clinical outcomes. Designed for daily use in the clinical...

Agitation in Patients With Dementia: A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Management

by Donald P. Hay, David T. Klein & Linda K. Hay

This remarkable monograph offers practical direction on assessing and managing agitation in patients with dementia. It identifies and diagnoses the multiple types of agitation in dementia patients. It also explains...

Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Research Review for Practitioners

by Sally Ozonoff, Sally J. Rogers & Robert L. Hendren

Written to help the nonspecialist provide state-of-the-art care for autism patients, this remarkable volume synthesizes the most recent research on the etiology, assessment, and treatment of autism spectrum...

Personality Disorders Over Time: Precursors, Course, and Outcome

by Joel Paris

Emphasizing management rather than cure, Paris outlines a realistic, long-term treatment approach that strives for gradual recovery with intermittent interventions. Features include a general theory of personality...

Boundaries and Boundary Violations in Psychoanalysis

by Glen O. Gabbard & Eva P. Lester

In this acclaimed volume, authors Glen O. Gabbard, M.D., and Eva P. Lester, M.D., shed light on the many controversies surrounding boundary issues and equip readers with strategies for recognizing and dealing...

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Third Edition: A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment for Health and Mental Health Professionals

by Larry B. Silver

This book reviews disorders often found to be comorbid with ADHD, including specific learning disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, anger regulation problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and tic disorders....