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Medicine PreTest Self-Assessment & Review, Twelfth Edition: PreTest Self-Assessment & Review

by Robert S. Urban, J. Rush Pierce & Marjorie ; Berk, Steven L. Jenkins

The perfect way to assess your knowledge of internal medicine topics for the USMLE Step 2 CK and the shelf exam! Medicine: PreTest gives you 500 USMLE-format questions, answers, and concise but comprehensive...

Health Financing in Ghana

by George Schieber & Cheryl Cashin

Ghana is one of only several African countries to enact legislation and earmark financing for universal health insurance coverage for its entire population. Seven years into its implementation the Ghana National...

Treatise on Water Science, Four-Volume Set

by Peter A. Wilderer

Water quality and management are of great significance globally, as the demand for fresh water far exceeds the availability. Water science research brings together the natural and applied sciences, engineering,...

A Combined MRI and Histology Atlas of the Rhesus Monkey Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates

by Kadharbatcha S. Saleem & Nikos K. Logothetis

The second edition of this atlas maps the detailed architectonic subdivisions of the cortical and subcortical areas in the macaque monkey brain using high-resolution magnetic resonance (MR) images and the corresponding...

Medicine Balls: Consultations with the World's Greatest TV Doctor

by Phil Hammond

The world is full of TV doctors, but only Dr Phil has appeared on Have I Got News For You seven times and Countdown nineteen times, a true mark of greatness (whatever Lord Winston says). He is also Private Eye’s...

The Neuroscientific Turn: Transdisciplinarity in the Age of the Brain

by Melissa M. Littlefield & Jenell Johnson

The Neuroscientific Turn brings together 19 scholars from a variety of fields to reflect on the promises of and challenges facing emergent "neurodisciplines" such as neuroethics, neuroeconomics, and neurohistory....

Neuroimaging Research in Geriatric Mental Health

by Howard J. Aizenstein & Dr Charles F. Reynolds III


This volume examines the state-of-the-art in our understanding of the aging brain through the application of brain imaging techniques of neuroscience to the geriatric population. By exploring the neurobiological...

Better Aged Care Professionals Ask Better Questions

by Lindsay Tighe

The Person-Centred Approach Made Easy!

Learn how to enable your clients by using this simple-to-apply questioning technique that gets amazing results!

Aged Care Professionals typically do too much TELLING and...

Quick Reference to Child and Adolescent Forensics: A Guide for Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals

by Mary E. Muscari & Kathleen M. Brown


Quick Reference to Child and Adolescent Forensics most assuredly needs to have a prominent place in the library of any forensic nurse or health professional and have very worn pages from its frequent use.


Sex, Sleep or Scrabble: Seriously Funny Answers to Life's Quirkiest Queries

by Phil Hammond

One of the funniest, rudest and most useful books you’ll ever read What questions would you ask a doctor at a comedy gig? Is it healthy to sleep with a pet? Is horse riding riskier that ecstasy? Do love eggs...

DizzyClear: Understanding dizziness and vertigo, their management and home treatments

by Khalid Bashir

Do you feel dizzy when you get up too quickly, when you change position in the bed, after air or boat travel, following an injury, or when you turn your head suddenly? You are not alone! Millions of people suffer...

Hormonal Balance: How to Lose Weight by Understanding Your Hormones and Metabolism

by Scott Isaacs

First published in 2002, this guide pioneered the idea that hormones play a key role in weight loss and weight control. Writing in clear, simple terms, Dr. Isaacs profiles each hormone system, discussing what...

A Doctor's Quest: The Struggle for Mother and Child Health Around the Globe

by Gretchen Roedde & Dr. John Evans

Dr. Gretchen Roedde tells the stories of the hopes of village women in the developing world struggling to give birth safely. A Doctor's Quest analyzes the slow progress in global maternal health, contrasting...

Contact Wounds: A War Surgeon's Education

by Jonathan Kaplan

Surgery is the crude art of cutting people open, yet it is also a symphony of delicate manipulation and subtle chords. So says Jonathan Kaplan in his stunning book Contact Wounds, an electrifying account of...

Curing Hepatitis C: Current and Future Options for Treatment

by Gregory T. Everson & Gene Schiff

Hepatitis C Doesn't Have to Be a Lifelong Illness

Curing Hepatitis C provides the latest information to guide you through the diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with...

The Pill Book (13th Edition): The Illustrated Guide To The Most-Prescribed Drugs In The United States

by Harold M. Silverman

For more than two decades, millions of consumers have trusted The Pill Book to provide official, FDA-approved drug information plus guidelines from leading pharmacists. Each drug is profiled in a concise, readable,...

How Doctors Think

by Jerome Groopman

How Doctors Think is a window into the mind of the physician and an insightful examination of the all-important relationship between doctors and their patients. In this myth-shattering work, Jerome Groopman...

Understanding Alzheimer's: An Introduction for Patients and Caregivers

by M. D. Ali

Understanding Alzheimer’s offers patients and caregivers the kind of cutting-edge information that will allow them to combat this debilitating disease on a number of fronts. The book presents the findings...

Active Birth - Revised Edition: The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally

by Janet Balaskas

Janet Balaskas led a movement of women who refused to give birth lying down.  She has been teaching women about “active birth” ever since.  In this updated and Americanized guide, Balaskas explains how...

Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds

by Cynthia Gabriel

These days, many mothers-to-be find themselves torn between the desire for a natural childbirth with minimal medical intervention and the peace of mind offered by instant access to life-saving technology that...