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Medical Speech-Language Pathology: A Practitioner's Guide

by Alex Johnson & Barbara Jacobson

The second edition of Medical Speech--Language Pathology: A Practitioner's Guide presents the latest information on neurological communication disorders and swallowing and voice disorders in adults. The book...

Differential Diagnosis in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

by Francis Burgener & Steven Meyers

Organized by findings to reflect how radiologists really work, this bestselling book offers nearly 2,000 MR images depicting commonly seen congenital and acquired disorders, as well as many rare and unusual...

Pocket Atlas of Nutrition

by Hans Biesalski & Peter Grimm

With obesity and diabetes assuming alarming epidemic proportions, diet and nutrition are in the spotlight more than ever before. It has never been more important for health care professionals to be well informed,...

Interventional Radiology

by Hector Ferral & Jonathan Lorenz

RadCases contains cases selected to simulate everything that you'll see on your rounds, rotations, and exams. RadCases also helps you identify the correct differential diagnosis for each case including the most...

MRI of the Musculoskeletal System

by Martin Vahlensieck & Harry Genant

In many cases, MRI is the last and decisive step in diagnostic imaging of the musculoskeletal system. The knowledge necessary to understand normal anatomy and pathological findings has increased exponentially...

Surgical Ultrasound: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Surgeons, Internists, and Ultrasound Technicians

by René Mantke & Ulrich Peitz

This unique book is written specifically for surgeons. But that's not all. Edited by a surgeon and a gastroenterology specialist, its relevant to both these disciplines. What's more, it's comprehensive and detailed:...

Palpation Techniques: Surface Anatomy for Physical Therapists

by Bernhard Reichert

Key features:- In-depth coverage of the entire body upper extremities, lower extremities, and the head and trunk - all in one comprehensive volume- Easy-to-reference text boxes contain tips and tricks, including...

Middle Ear and Mastoid Microsurgery

by Mario Sanna & Hiroshi Sunose

Produced by leading experts in otosurgery, Middle Ear and Mastoid Microsurgery is the result of thirty years experience in the field and 12,000 clinical cases. This groundbreaking, up-to-the-minute atlas is...

AO Manual of Fracture Management: Internal Fixators: Concepts and Cases using LCP/LISS

by Michael Wagner & Robert Frigg

Here is the first compendium of principles of using locking compression plates in fracture management. With more than 100 cases from world-leading surgeons, including the inventors of the technique, this book...

Pediatric Fractures and Dislocations

by Lutz von Laer

This book gives you answers that go beyond what is double from a technical standpoint to address the human element. One of the authors major goals is to show how children and adolescents and their parents can...

Easy ECG: Interpretation - Differential Diagnosis

by Hans-Holger Ebert

The Guide to Electrocardiography fills a gap between the EKG atlas and textbooks based on electrophysiology. Starting with the relevant anatomical information, the book provides instructive EKG lead diagrams...

Gastrointestinal Imaging

by Hans-Juergen Brambs

Dx-Direct is a series of eleven Thieme books covering the main subspecialties in radiology. It includes all the cases you are most likely to see in your typical working day as a radiologist. For each condition...

Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology

by Klaus Sartor & G. Albrecht

In this abundantly illustrated text, you'll find the latest information on diseases, imaging principles, differential diagnosis, treatment strategies, and much more!

Practice of Breast Ultrasound: Techniques, Findings, Differential Diagnosis

by Helmut Madjar & Ellen Mendelson

This is an indispensable reference for the latest techniques in detecting common breast pathologies. New in this edition are guidelines for quality control and an expanded chapter on 3D scanning. The book is...

Posterolateral Knee Injuries: Anatomy, Evaluation, and Treatment

by Robert LaPrade

This book covers the complex anatomy of the posterolateral knee, the varied examination techniques, surgical and nonsurgical treatments, and therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises available to manage conditions...

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound with MRI Correlations

by Vikram Dogra & Diana Gaitini

864 high-quality illustrations, including full-color patient photographs and ultrasound images with MRI correlation to help readers understand how to make an accurate diagnosisBullet points that highlight key...

Chordomas and Chondrosarcomas of the Skull Base and Spine

by Griffith Harsh & Ivo Janecka

Special features:- All available information on these tumors packed into a single volume- High-quality illustrations that make anatomy and surgical approach crystal-clear- Contributorst include: Albert Rhoton...

Aging Men's Health: A Case-Based Approach

by Robert Tan

The global population is aging, and this important text explores the common health concerns that accompany male aging, particularly the effects of declining testosterone levels, or andropause. Here is the first...

Spinal Cord and Spinal Column Tumors: Principles and Practice

by Curtis Dickman & Michael Fehlings

This text covers the state-of-the-art techniques for diagnosing and managing tumors of the spine and spinal cord. From the fundamentals of spinal cord anatomy and the pathology of spinal tumors, to the evaluation,...

Challenging Cases in Spine Surgery

by Muwaffak Abdulhak & Shaden Marzouk

With more than 80 complex spine surgery cases and its streamlined case example format, this is an ideal reference for practical discussion of patient presentation, radiologic findings, diagnosis, and treatment...