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Venous Catheters: A Practical Manual

by Philip Pieters & Jaime Tisnado

This portable handbook has essential practical information for catheter use such as venous anatomy, catheter designs, indications of use, catheter placement, catheter care and catheter complications

Clinical Cardiac CT: Anatomy and Function

by Ethan Halpern

With a special emphasis on the complementary nature of anatomic and functional cardiac data, this book ensures physicians develop the skills they need to interpret cardiac CT images. New chapters address evaluation...

Otolaryngology Cases: The University of Cincinnati Clinical Portfolio

by Myles Pensak

Designed to prepare otolaryngology residents for the sort of cases they will see in daily practice, this comprehensive review provides readers with systematic, up-to-date coverage of every major ENT specialty....

Color Atlas of Neurology

by Reinhard Rohkamm

In a unique way, neurology is made visible in the truest sense of the word. Coverage includes:- The basic principles of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology (structure of the CNS, peripheral nerves, stimulus transmission,...

A Pocket Guide to the Ear: A Concise Clinical Text on the Ear and Its Disorders

by Albert Menner

Key Features:- Complete and sound advice on nearly every common and rare ear disease seen by primary care physicians- The most crucial information condensed into 145 pages to streamline research- Bold print...

The Human Body: An Introduction to Structure and Function

by Adolf Faller & Michael Schuenke

The basic principles of the anatomy and physiology of the human body are presented in easy-to-read language with clearly integrated text and illustrations. The main topics are Biology of the Cell, Genetics and...

Illustrated Handbook of Flap-Raising Techniques

by Kartik Krishnan

This handbook is an introductory guide to harvesting essential workhorse flaps of the torso and upper and lower extremities. Chapters are grouped into separate sections based on the anatomic region of the flaps....

Controversies in Pediatric Neurosurgery

Mastercases in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

by Larry Field & Felix Savoie

More than 100 frequently seen cases provide step-by-step instruction in surgical technique, as well as guidelines for physical examination, differential diagnosis, and postoperative care.

Complementary Oncology: Adjunctive Methods in the Treatment of Cancer

by Josef Beuth & Ralph Moss

The word is out about the beneficial qualities of complementary therapies in the treatment of cancer. More physicians are offering these therapies to their patients, and more and more patients are demanding...

MRI for Orthopaedic Surgeons

by A. Khanna

- More than 700 MRIs and instructive illustrations to highlight key concepts related to normal anatomy and pathologic processes -Practical discussion of how other imaging modalities correlate with MRI -Clinical...

Digital Hearing Aids

by Arthur Schaub

This book is an essential reference for information about the latest innovations in digital hearing aid technology. Concise descriptions and easy-to-reference tables and diagrams enable the reader to rapidly...

Surgery of Peripheral Nerves: A Case-Based Approach

by Rajiv Midha & Eric Zager

This is a concise, single-volume reference for managing the entire spectrum of peripheral nerve pathologies, from brachial plexus injuries to lower extremity nerve entrapments. It features 57 cases that are...

Temporal Bone: A Manual for Dissection and Surgical Approaches

by Mario Sanna & Tarek Khrais

The anatomy of the temporal bone is one of the most complicated areas in the human body. The vital structures, the three-dimensional relationships involved, and the fact that these structures are hidden within...

Atlas of Colonoscopy: Examination Techniques and Diagnosis

by H. Messmann

A complete guide to colonoscopy featuring more than 1,000 superb illustrations!In recent decades, colonoscopy has developed into one of the most essential techniques for early screening, detection, and diagnosis...

Revision Surgery in Otolaryngology

by David Edelstein

This book is a comprehensive reference for revision surgery in all areas of otolaryngologyhead and neck surgery. The book presents practical guidelines for the procedures to manage recidivistic disease, the...

Case-Based Nuclear Medicine

by Kevin Donohoe & Annick Van den Abbeele

Comprehensive coverage of everything from single photon emission computed tomography to PET/CT imagingCases presented as unknowns enable readers to develop their own differential diagnoses just like on the examOver...

Shoulder and Elbow Trauma

by Raffy Mirzayan & John Itamura

Orthopedists have long needed a text on the challenging field of shoulder and elbow trauma. This techniques-oriented book offers clear and easy-to-follow guidelines on the latest surgical advances, including...

Otolaryngology: Basic Science and Clinical Review

by Thomas Van De Water & Hinrich Staecker

Here is a complete resource for all the basic science and clinical knowledge related to otolaryngology, from relevant molecular biology to physiology to clinical practice. Organized into six organ-specific sections,...

Gastroenterological Endoscopy

by M. Classen & G. Tytgat

Written and edited by internationally renowned specialists, the second edition of Gastroenterological Endoscopy covers the entire spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the upper and lower GI...