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Treatment of Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents

by Barbara Geller & Melissa DelBello

Recent advances in evidence-based treatment of pediatric bipolar disorder are comprehensively reviewed in this authoritative volume. The prominent editors and contributors examine the current status of widely...

Treating Explosive Kids: The Collaborative Problem-Solving Approach

by Ross Greene & J. Stuart Ablon

The first comprehensive presentation for clinicians of the groundbreaking approach popularized in Ross Greene's acclaimed parenting guide, The Explosive Child, this book provides a detailed framework for effective,...

Collaborative Case Conceptualization: Working Effectively with Clients in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

by Willem Kuyken & Christine Padesky

Presenting an innovative framework for tailoring cognitive-behavioral interventions to each client's needs, this accessible book is packed with practical pointers and sample dialogues. Step by step, the authors...

Doctor, What Should I Eat?: Nutrition Prescriptions for Ailments in Which Diet Can Really Make a Difference

by Isadore Md Rosenfeld

One of America's most trusted physicians and the bestselling author of the blockbuster The Best Treatment prescribes the right foods to treat or prevent scores of health-care problems, from asthma, ulcers, and...

AIDS and Accusation: Haiti and the Geography of Blame

by Paul Farmer

Does the scientific "theory" that HIV came to North America from Haiti stem from underlying attitudes of racism and ethnocentrism in the United States rather than from hard evidence? Award-winning author and...

Katzung & Trevor's Review of Pharmacology

by Anthony J. Trevor & Bertram G. Katzung

The bestselling USLME study tool - packed with everything you need to ace the exam on your first try

From the authors of the leading pharmacology textbook here is the newest edition of the best pharmacology...

Pain-Wise: A Patient's Guide to Pain Management

by Andrea Md Trescot, Francis Md Riegler & David Md Kloth

Chronic Pain Doesn't Have to be a Life Sentence!

Suffering from chronic pain can be incredibly isolating and frustrating. Visiting doctor after doctor can leave you feeling as if there is no treatment for your...

Stop Arguing with Your Kids

by Michael Nichols

For parents fed up with constant challenges to their authority-but who dread becoming tyrants in their own homes-this book provides a powerful new alternative to "because I said so." Trusted family therapist...

Mommies, Daddies, Donors, Surrogates

by Diane Ehrensaft

If you need help having a baby, reproductive technology can supply the answer. But it also raises a host of questions that won't arise until after the child is born What will you say to "Where did I come from?"...

I Love a Fire Fighter

by Ellen Kirschman

How can fire fighter families manage the stress that comes with life in the service? How do you keep a grip on fears and worries during long hours of separation from your spouse? Where can you turn when times...

Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Second Edition: Basics and Beyond

by Judith Beck & Aaron Beck

The leading text for students and practicing therapists who want to learn the fundamentals of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), this book is eminently practical and authoritative. In a highly accessible, step-by-step...

Psychoanalytic Diagnosis, Second Edition: Understanding Personality Structure in the Clinical Process

by Nancy McWilliams

This acclaimed clinical guide and widely adopted text has filled a key need in the field since its original publication. Nancy McWilliams makes psychoanalytic personality theory and its implications for practice...

Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents and Young Adults

by Sylvie Naar-King & Mariann Suarez

This pragmatic guide spells out how to use motivational interviewing (MI) to have productive conversations about behavior change with adolescents and young adults in any clinical context. Filled with vivid...

Mental Disorders in Older Adults, Second Edition: Fundamentals of Assessment and Treatment

by Steven Zarit & Judy Zarit

Illustrated with abundant clinical material, this book provides essential knowledge and skills for effective mental health practice with older adults. It demonstrates how to evaluate and treat frequently encountered...

Optimizing Cognitive Rehabilitation: Effective Instructional Methods

by McKay Sohlberg & Lyn Turkstra

Rehabilitation professionals face a key challenge when working with clients with acquired cognitive impairments: how to teach new skills to individuals who have difficulty learning. Unique in its focus, this...

Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention

by Thomas Cash & Linda Smolak

The standard reference for practitioners, researchers, and students, this acclaimed work brings together internationally recognized experts from diverse mental health, medical, and allied health care disciplines....

Therapeutic Communication, Second Edition: Knowing What to Say When

by Paul Wachtel

A uniquely practical guide and widely adopted text, this book shows precisely what therapists can say at key moments to enhance the process of healing and change. Paul Wachtel explains why some communications...

Essential Assessment Skills for Couple and Family Therapists

by Lee Williams & Todd Edwards

Showing how to weave assessment into all phases of therapy, this indispensable text and practitioner guide is reader friendly, straightforward, and practical. Specific strategies are provided for evaluating...

Distress Tolerance: Theory, Research, and Clinical Applications

by Michael Zvolensky & Amit Bernstein

This state-of-the-art volume synthesizes the growing body of knowledge on the role of distress tolerance—the ability to withstand aversive internal states such as negative emotions and uncomfortable bodily...

Exposure Therapy for Anxiety: Principles and Practice

by Jonathan Abramowitz & Brett Deacon

Exposure therapy is the most effective psychological treatment for anxiety, yet many clinicians lack confidence in their ability to implement it effectively while keeping clients engaged. This indispensable...