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Physical Therapy Examination and Assessment

by Antje Hueter-Becker & Mechthild Doelken

Examination, clinical reasoning, therapeutic interventions, and the therapistpatient relationship all play an inseparable part in the physical therapy process. Physical Therapy and Assessment provides PT students...

Searching for the Best Medicine: The Life and Times of a Doctor and Patient


This book describes the life and times of a physician-scientist over the last half-century. Part One is about the author's struggle with colon cancer and the lessons he learnt from the experience; Part Two is...

Reversing Your Hair Loss - A Practical Scientific Guide

by Robert J. Hall

It is a sad fact that we will all lose our hair at some stage, even if only through old age. The real problem is when it happens to us before then. Very few people have any clear idea why premature thinning...

Art Therapy and Clinical Neuroscience

by Noah Hass-Cohen, Richard Carr, Erin King-West & Terre Bridgham et al.

This book offers an authoritative introductory account of recent developments in clinical neuroscience and its impact on art therapy theory and practice. It deciphers neuroscientific language and theory and...

Music and the Social Model: An Occupational Therapist's Approach to Music with People Labelled as Having Learning Disabilities

by Jane Williams & Rachel Purtell

Accessible and inspirational, the unique approaches in this book provide everything you need to know to empower people with learning difficulties to experience and enjoy music. Written from an Occupational Therapy...

The Art and Science of Motivation: A Therapist's Guide to Working with Children

by Jenny Ziviani, Anne Poulsen & Monica Cuskelly

This book provides a comprehensive understanding of methods for working with children with a range of difficulties. It presents a new model for working with these groups to enhance motivation and engagement...

The Core Concepts of Occupational Therapy: A Dynamic Framework for Practice

by Jennifer Creek & Anne Lawson-Porter

Based on the work of the terminology project group of the European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE), this book selects and defines the core building blocks of occupational therapy...

Fuzzy Buzzy Groups for Children with Developmental and Sensory Processing Difficulties: A Step-by-Step Resource

by Fiona Brownlee, Lindsay Munro & Aisling Nolan

This resource has been devised to address the needs of children with sensory processing difficulties and development delay in specialist and inclusive settings. It contains everything you need to run a Fuzzy...

Can I tell you about Asthma?: A guide for friends, family and professionals

by Lesley Mills & Rosy Salaman

Alfie invites readers to learn about asthma from his perspective and describes what it feels like to have an asthma attack, how to use an inhaler, what the common triggers are and how people around him can help....

The Health and Care Revolution

by Kevin Dean and Muttukrishnan Rajarajan

The healthcare sector is facing a series of challenges that could seem insurmountable - an increase in demand caused by the ageing population in western, developed countries; the corresponding reduction in the...

Behind the Pendulum

by Cristóbal Schilling Fuenzalida

The renowned psychologist and specialist in hypnotherapy Cristóbal Schilling collects in this

book seventeen years of professional experiences transmitting here, in an accessible tone,

stories of patients who...

James Allen 21 Books: Complete Premium Collection

by James Allen

1. As a man thinketh 2. From Poverty to Power 3. The Way of Peace 4. All These Things Added 5. Byways to Blessedness 6. The Mastery of Destiny 7. The Life Triumphant 8. Eight Pillars of Prosperity 9. Foundation...

An Experiment with Time

by J. W. Dunne

A book by the British aeronautical engineer J. W. Dunne (1875-1949) on the subjects of precognitive dreams and the nature of time. First published in March 1927, it was very widely read, and his ideas were promoted...

Cultural Intelligence in Addiction 2020 for Mobile Crisis Emergency Response Outreach Units!

by Jorea McNamee & Parfessionals School of Behavioral Health

This training manual is designed for Community Behavioral Service Provider Educators. It is comprehensive and prepares college level students for mobile crisis behavioral health services, harm reduction prevention...

The Art & Science of Visualization: The Art and Science of Visualization: A Practical Guide for Self-Help, Self-Healing, and Improving Other Areas of Yourself

by Kam Knight

Learn the precise techniques and the specific exercises to manifest the dreams and desires you wish to have in your life.

Whether you want to improve health, manifest wealth, or change the way you look and feel,...

Self-Talk Your Way to Success

by Kam Knight

This book introduces you to a powerful technique called self-talk, which in a short time can transform your attitudes, expectations, and beliefs to enrich your life.

Whether you want to break a habit, increase...

Hypnotism: its History, Nature and Use

by Harold M. Hays

History of Hypnotis, its Nature and Use.

It is perhaps unnecessary to state that the word hypnotism brings to the mind of the average person timid recollections of many criminal acts. That is because few people...

Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

by Vikram S. Dogra & Wael E. A. Saad

This handbook is a practical reference for the full range of common and complex ultrasound-guided procedures frequently performed in clinical practice. It is ideal as a refresher for practicing radiologists,...

I Shall Not Die

by Gabriel Agbo

It is not yet over. God has not finished with you. You are not dying now. Yes, you are not. This book is to reassure you that He still has a plan for your life. It doesn’t matter how dark things look. Here...

Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine

by Punit Ramrakha, Kevin Moore & Amir Sam

Current, comprehensive, and focused, the bestselling Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine returns for its fourth edition. Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, this trusted, quick-reference guide includes...