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Adolescent Substance Abuse: New Frontiers in Assessment

by Ken Winters C

Stay up-to-date in the continuing fight to assess and treat adolescent drug and alcohol abuse Adolescent Substance Abuse: New Frontiers in Assessment presents up-to-date research on the assessment, intervention,...

Latinos and Alcohol Use/Abuse Revisited: Advances and Challenges for Prevention and Treatment Programs

by Melvin Delgado

The one-of-a-kind exploration of effective alcohol prevention and treatment for Latinos-now and for the future!

By the year 2020, the Latino population in the United States will increase to 60 million, making...

Responding to Physical and Sexual Abuse in Women with Alcohol and Other Drug and Mental Disorders: Program Building

by Bonita Veysey & Colleen Clark

Learn from the experiences of these program sites to develop better services for women with co-occurring disorders and histories of violence

This book explores the efforts of the Women, Co-Occurring Disorders...

Intimate Violence: Contemporary Treatment Innovations

by Donald Dutton & Daniel Jay Sonkin

Take an updated approach to treating partner violence!

Intimate Violence: Contemporary Treatment Innovations examines new and innovative approaches to treating domestic violence, de-emphasizing the unilateral,...

Recovery and Wellness: Models of Hope and Empowerment for People with Mental Illness

by Catana Brown

Learn to harness the process of recovery from mental illness for use in the transformative healing of your OT clients!This informative book for occupational therapists describes the Recovery Model from theoretical...

Interprofessional Collaboration in Occupational Therapy

by Stanley Paul & Cindee Peterson

Interaction between professionals/students in various disciplines leads to greater respect, cooperation, and practical knowledge for all!Interprofessional Collaboration in Occupational Therapy, written by experienced...

International Social Health Care Policy, Program, and Studies

by Gary Rosenburg & Andrew Weissman

Noted experts provide practical, effective strategies to meet global health challenges

International Social Health Care Policy, Program, and Studies presents a collection of papers drawn from the Ninth Doris...

Group Care Practice with Children and Young People Revisited

by Leon C. Fulcher & Frank Ainsworth

Group Care Practice with Children and Young People Revisited focuses on the core issues that shape the quality of care that's provided in institutional and residential care settings, as well as day care services...

Cutting-Edge Social Policy Research

by Richard Hoefer

Cutting-Edge Social Policy Research is a careful selection of the finest papers from the 2004 Social Policy Conference held in Charleston, South Carolina. These presentations from respected experts spotlight...

The Psychiatry of Stroke

by D. Peter Birkett

Treating stroke requires attention not only to patients' physical needs, but to their psychiatric needs as well. Unfortunately, there has been a considerable lack of literature that tackles this important facet...

Community Mobility: Driving and Transportation Alternatives for Older Persons

by William Mann

For older adults, having affordable, easy-to-use, and flexible transportation options is vital to their quality of life. Community Mobility provides physical and occupational therapists with recent research...

Cooperative Reference: Social Interaction in the Workplace

by Linda S Katz

Expert advice for more effective teamwork in the library!

Cooperative Reference: Social Interaction in the Workplace addresses the need for reference librarians to work together to keep the system running smoothly....

Education for Occupational Therapy in Health Care: Strategies for the New Millennium

by Patricia Crist & Marjorie Scaffa

Learn the best new approaches from the world’s leading OT educators!This timely book presents the most effective, innovative approaches to teaching the next generation of occupational therapists and occupational...

Community Occupational Therapy Education and Practice

by Beth Velde & Margaret Prince Wittman

This timely book sets forth the vital concepts of nontraditional community-based (rather than the traditional medical model) occupational therapy practice. It illuminates issues related to HIV/AIDS, homelessness,...

Cybercrime: Security and Surveillance in the Information Age

by Brian D. Loader & Douglas Thomas

Cybercrime explains the basic issues surrounding cybercrime and its impact on society. It looks at: legislation, electronic criminal behaviour, privacy and liberty and the dangers of surveillance.

Charting a Course for High Quality Care Transitions

by Eric A. Coleman

Transitional care is crucial to older adults with complex care needs who are moving between different locations or different levels of care. Charting a Course for High Quality Care Transitions addresses this...

Principles of Social Work Practice: A Generic Practice Approach

by Molly R Hancock

This unique teaching text gives exclusive and in-depth coverage of practice principles of social work and integrates them into the common base of practice. Chapters show readers how central ethical and method...

Social Work Health and International Development: Compassion in Social Policy and Practice

by Serge Dumont & Myreille St-Onge

Social Work, Health, and International Development presents leading international experts from a range of disciplines providing the latest in research, theory, and practical solutions to advance social work...

Disability Issues for Social Workers and Human Services Professionals in the Twenty-First Century

by Jean A Pardeck & John W Murphy

Examine issues of vital importance to you and your disabled clients—today and in the years to come!

This groundbreaking text provides you with up-to-date, authoritative information that will prove to be of critical...

Movement Sciences: Transfer of Knowledge Into Pediatric Therapy Practice

by Robert J Palisano

Discover new perspectives and recent research findings to apply to the children and families on your caseload

With Movement Sciences: Transfer of Knowledge into Pediatric Therapy Practice, you will explore...