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Clinical Embryology of Human Larynx for Conservative Compartmental Surgery. A Text and Atlas

by Lucio Rucci

The volume shows the morphogenesis and differentiation of the human larynx during the fetal period. This knowledge is relevant to understand laryngeal functions as well as the diffusion of cancer and the therapy...

Dental Anatomy Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

Dental anatomy addresses the composition and treatment of components within the mouth. It also micro-analyzes all aspects of teeth including, type, function, nerves and typical layers. A concise dental anatomy...

Taking a Giant Bite out of Dental Confusion

by Richard Runkle

I decided to write this book about five years ago when I realized that there was nothing out there resembling it. There is a vast need for the dental consumer, you, to know what your options are and to achieve...

Kgmu Book of Clinical Cases in Dental Sciences

by The Georgians

King Georges Medical University and The Georgians King Georges Medical College (KGMC), now a University (KGMU), is one of the oldest medical institutions in India. Its foundation stone was laid in 1905 and the...

Understanding the Dentist

by Ishmael Bruce

This book is designed, to provide you, the patient, with the right information so you know the right questions to ask at the dentist. It is with the intention of imparting information to the publicthe kind of...

Clinical Problems in Dentistry

by John Laszlo

Clinical Problems in Dentistry 50 OSCEs and SCRs.

This book gives both an understanding and an approach to pass both MFDS and MJDF exams. Detailed cases from real patients will enable the postgraduate dentist...

Handbook for Microbiology Practice in Oral and Maxillofacial Diagnosis

by Arvind Babu Rs, Reddy Bvr Bds Mds, Anuradha Ch Bds. Mds. & Chandrasekar P Bds. Mds.

Oral Microbiology is a study of microbial diseases of the oral cavity. For the depth and precision of knowledge in this noble field, it can be divided into clinical and practical aspects of microbiology. Oral...

Your Path to Healthier Dentistry

by Dr. Alex Shvartsman

Today dentistry is changing at a rapid pace. It is a truly exciting time to be a dentist. However, it is an amazing time to be the patient. New advances in all disciplines of dentistry have made it possible...

Comprehensive Pharmacology

by Dr. Maaz.M. Ayaz

COMPREHENSIVE PHARMACOLOGY for Clinical Dentistry is a unique collection of therapeutic drugs relevant to Dentistry. Salient features include: An Introduction to pharmacology that contains necessary information...

Time Bomb from Within

by Dr. Stuart Scheckner

This book is a gem. It hits hard at just how simple it is to be poisoned from the vapors from mercury and mercury amalgam exposures and yet just how difficult it is to achieve understanding from anyone in either...

Tooth Sense

by Jeffrey A. Oras

The prospect of dental care for many presents no problem, yet for others it does. Jeffrey A Oras, DMD, has looked beyond age old stereotypes attached to anxiety about dentistry, widening his understanding of...

Savvy Success

by Christine A. Hovliaras

Savvy Success textbooks are a must read for dental hygienists, faculty and students who are looking to get the most out of their dental hygiene careers and achieve the highest level of quality care to provide...

Savvy Success

by Christine A. Hovliaras Rdh Bs Mba Cde

Volume II: Patient Care of SAVVY SUCCESS includes Chapters 17 - 34 that focus on elements and competencies of providing patient care, assessment and diagnosis; review of pharmacologic medications; identifying...

Savvy Success

by Christine A. Hovliaras


Achieving Professional Excellence and Career Satisfaction

in the Dental Hygiene Profession

Volume III: Technology-Ethics-Career Success

Volume III: Technology-Ethics-Career Success covers new trends...

Survival Guide for the Dental Patient

by Alexander Corsair

Many people find the dental experience painful and frightening. In Survival Guide for the Dental Patient, author Dr. Alexander Corsair lessens that anxiety by providing tips and advice to help dental patients...

Smart Spending on Your Teeth- the Smart Series

by Allen Nazeri

The information in this book has helped me and my husband to save thousands of dollars in major dental work. This information is highly recommended for anyone considering any major dental treatment. S.


The Hidden Truth Behind Beautiful Smiles

by Zack Zaibak Ms Dds

We are often judged by how we look, and the first thing people notice is a smile. In The Hidden Truth Behind Beautiful Smiles, author Dr. Zack Zaibak tells how modern cosmetic dentistry can transform ordinary...

Savvy Success

by Christine A. Hovliaras

The first edition of SAVVY SUCCESS Achieving Professional Excellence and Career Satisfaction in the Dental Hygiene Profession (Volumes I Volume III) is for student dental hygienists, dental hygiene faculty members...

Paediatric Dentistry

by Richard Welbury, Monty S. Duggal & Marie Therese Hosey

This new edition of Paediatric Dentistry is a trustworthy guide to the essentials of paediatric dentistry for both students and practitioners alike. Written in a user-friendly style, this textbook contains over...


by Jülide Ozen

 Introduction: Dislodging from the root canals is the

most common failure of bonded fiber restorations.

Self-adhesive system has the advantage of reduced

cementation procedure. The aim of this study was to