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by Jack J. Wazen & Deborah Mitchell

In Dizzy, Dr. Jack Wazen uncovers the root causes of this disabling, difficult-to-diagnose syndrome and shares the therapies and techniques that can return patients' lives to normal.

Recent statistics show that...

ADHD Does not Exist

by Richard Saul

In this groundbreaking and controversial book, behavioral neurologist Dr. Richard Saul draws on five decades of experience treating thousands of patients labeled with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder—one...

The Diagnosis Is Terminal

by Jim M. Coston Jr.

After receiving the bad news of terminal illness, many told the author the first thought they had was What do we do now? This prompted the production of The Diagnosis is Terminal. It covers the initial notification,...

Unusual Signs and Symptoms in Internal Medicine

by Vittorio Gallo

Despite the introduction of innovative technologies and accurate laboratory techniques, an adequate anamnesis still remains the most important tool to develop a correct diagnosis. When signs and symptoms described...

Integrative Dual Diagnosis Treatment Approach to an Individual with Alcoholism and Coexisting Endogenous Depression

by Dr. Michael Mullan

When a forty-three-year-old medical doctor sought treatment for chronic alcoholism, author Dr. Michael Mullan determined that George J. also suffered from depression and would require an integrative treatment...

Physical Diagnosis for Surgical Students

by Syed Asif Razvi

A handbook that will serve as a great teaching tool for medical students starting to learn physical diagnosis as well as during their third year surgical rotation. A ready reference that can fit in their lab...

A Family's Guide to Tourette Syndrome

by Tourette Syndrome Association Inc.

Providing authoritative and up-to-date medical and scientific information about Tourette syndrome, A Familys Guide to Tourette Syndrome speaks to patients, families, care providers, academic institutions, and...

Autism, Pre Rain Man

by Rich Shull

Rich Shull like many of his counterparts worldwide grew up in an era before Autism was diagnosable and as such we have figured out Autism from end-to-end. With our Personal experience in Autism thinking and...

What Do the Doctors Say?

by Janet Farrell Leontiou Ph.D.

The medical world creates its own culture. This culture, however, would not continue if it were not for our participation. As consumers of health care, the way in which we talk, too, maintains the medical culture...

Mistaken for Adhd

by Frank Barnhill

Mistaken for ADHD


The real tragedy in a childs life would be to cause him or her to fail to grow, mature and develop the normal skills needed for success as an adult.

Unfortunately, if your child is wrongfully...

Is Your Pet Safe?

by Neelam Taneja-Uppal Md

I went to several doctors for five years with skin lesions. Nobody beleived me. They called me Delusional. Dr. Uppal figured it out, treated me and I am better now after so many years. Dr. Uppal saved my life....

Clinical Examination and Applied Medicine, Volume I

by Mushtaq Haroon

This is the first in a series of books dealing simultaneously with examination technique with detail pathophysiological principles, differential diagnosis and clinical interpretation, along with applied medicine...

Clinical Examination and Applied Medicine, Volume II

by Mushtaq Haroon

Volume two of Clinical Examination and Applied Medicine - Gastroenterology Series deals with radiology, endoscopy, and a picture quiz with multiple-choice questions related to gastroenterology. Numerous diagrams...

The Unofficial Guide to Practical Skills

by Emily Hotton & Zeshan Qureshi

The Unofficial Guide to Practical Skills' follows on from 'The Unofficial Guide to Passing OSCEs', which has sold 8000 copies in 2 years. It covers over 50 practical skills for medical students, nurses, junior...

Personalizing Precision Medicine

by Kristin Ciriello Pothier

The author uses decades of experience and interviews with experts in precision medicine to explain past, present, and future of precision medicine. She reviews the full continuum of personalizing precision medicine,...

The Unofficial Guide to Practical Skills

by Emily Hotton & Zeshan Qureshi

The Unofficial Guide to Practical Skills' follows on from 'The Unofficial Guide to Passing OSCEs', which has sold 8000 copies in 2 years. It covers over 50 practical skills for medical students, nurses, junior...

My Imaginary Illness

by Chloë G. K Atkins, Bonnie Blair O'Connor & Brian David Hodges

At age twenty-one, Chloë Atkins began suffering from a mysterious illness, the symptoms of which rapidly worsened. Paralyzed for months at a time, she frequently required intubation and life support. She eventually...

DSM-5 Handbook Of Differential Diagnosis (Speedy Study Guides)

by Speedy Publishing

Defining mental disorders is easy but to actually diagnose a patient needs a lot of hard work and proper information. You need to be able to classify the symptoms in order to narrow down to the right diagnosis....

DSM-5 Desk Reference (Speedy Study Guides)

by Speedy Publishing

Quickly and correctly diagnose disorders using this easy reference. The DSM-5 is a quick study guide includes basic definitions as well as signs and symptoms of phobias, anxiety attacks and anxiety disorders....

Meeting the American Diabetes Association Standards of Care

by Mayer B. Davidson & Stanley H Hsia

Improving glycemic, lipid, and blood pressure outcomes is the essence of diabetes care. Maintaining consistently positive results is an ongoing challenge for every healthcare professional. After years of clinical...