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Superbug: The Fatal Menace of MRSA

by Maryn McKenna

LURKING in our homes, hospitals, schools, and farms is a terrifying pathogen that is evolving faster than the medical community can track it or drug developers can create antibiotics to quell it. That pathogen...

The Family Guide to Preventing and Treating 100 Infectious Illnesses

by Phyllis Stoffman

Quick, friendly, and easy-to-use, this indispensable addition to every family medical bookshelf answers all your questions about 100 increasingly common infections--from Lyme disease, flu, and strep to ear infections,...

Why Can't I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease

by Richard Horowitz

From one of the country's foremost doctors comes a ground-breaking book about diagnosing, treating and healing Lyme, and peeling away the layers that lead to chronic disease.

You may not know that you have Lyme....

The Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

by Constantine N. Nana PhD

The Zaire Ebola virus appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared into thin air after killing scores of humans in West Africa. In The Ebola Outbreak in West Africa, author Constantine N. Nana attempts to better...

In the Crucible of Chronic Lyme Disease

by Kenneth B. Liegner M.D.

Following completion of his medical training and a one-year stint as attending physician on Howard Champion's Surgical Critical Care Service and MedStar Unit at Washington Hospital Center in the District of...

Communicable Medical Diseases

by R H van den Berg

Although communicable infections have been known to man since the dawn of time, outbreaks of communicable infections still occur regularly. Known and unknown communicable infections continue to emerge and re-emerge...

Fourth Generation Biologics: Molecular Virus Killers

by Lane B. Scheiber Ii Md

The world is under constant threat of a virus evolving into a global plague.To this point, there is no direct defense against a widespread viral infection. Fourth Generation Biologics: Molecular Virus Killers...

Good-Bye, Incurable Diseases!

by Kimihiko Okazaki

This medical guide introduces methods that will help to heal currently incurable diseases, namely, cancers and collagen and allergic diseases. Although all of currently available cancer drugs are harmful due...

Influenza Pandemic Response Plan for Office Buildings

by Karen J. Bates

The Influenza Pandemic Response Plan for Office Buildings has been established as an operational guideline for building services designed to respond to a variety of emergency pandemic situations.

This is a comprehensive...

Bugs in Armor

by Robert Bwire

From military expeditions in antiquity to peacekeeping missions in the twentieth century, malaria has been the single most important medical problem confronting nonimmune troops in malarious regions. Its devastating...

Emergence of infectious diseases

by Serge Morand & Muriel Figuié

From SARS to avian influenza, Ebola virus and MERS-CoV, infectious diseases have received increasing attention in recent decades from scientists, risk managers, the media and the general public. What explains...

Mayo Clinic Antimicrobial Therapy

by John W. Wilson Md & Lynn L. Estes Md

The medical management of infectious diseases and antimicrobial therapy can be a daunting task for health care professionals. Infectious diseases experts at Mayo Clinic provide a coordinated, unified approach...

The New Hepatitis C

by Nancy Reau & Donald M. Jensen

Fueled in part by the opioid epidemic, the number of reported hepatitis C virus infections tripled in the United States between 2010 and 2015. As new infections continue to mount, new therapies have produced...

Science is Beautiful: Disease and Medicine

by Colin Salter

Our understanding of disease and the powers of medicine today are unparalleled, and their documentation has increased signficantly. Science is Beautiful collects the most fascinating microscopic photographs of...

Schistosomiasis Control in China

by Pauline Grys

Schistosomiasis is one of the most prevalent parasitic diseases worldwide and continues to be a public health concern in many countries. China made huge progress in the control of Schistosomiasis japonica, aiming...

Biological Discourses

by Robert Craig & Ina Linge

The relationship between biological thought and literature, and between science and culture, has long been an area of interest by no means confined to literary studies. The Darwin Anniversary celebrations of...

Virus vs. Bacteria : Knowing the Difference - Biology 6th Grade | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

Did you know that how you got sick will determine what treatment methods will work for you? If you were infected by a virus, doctors normally would just allow your immune system to fight it. If you were infected...

Germ Smart! Infectious Diseases for Kids | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

Get smart about germs to escape them at all possibilities. This book will outline some of the most common infectious diseases known to man. Being equipped with the knowledge included in this book will help improve...

Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics – Revised and Updated

by John McKenna

‘A long-awaited book that answers many questions.’

Jan de Vries

Antibiotics were developed in the 1940s. Then, they were hailed as a huge breakthrough in the treatment of bacterial infections. Today, they...

Antibiotics – Are They Curing Us or Killing Us?

by John McKenna

Antibiotics: Are they curing us or killing us?

Without urgent, co-ordinated action by many stakeholders, the world is headed for a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries which have...