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Animal Investigators

by Laurel A. Neme & Richard Leakey

Inside the Clark R. Bavin U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Laboratory lies a rarely seen world, a CSI for wildlife, where a walk-in freezer contains carcasses and animal parts awaiting necropsies (animal...

Dead Center

by Shiya Ribowsky & Tom Shachtman

A city with eight million people has eight million ways to die

For fifteen years, Shiya Ribowsky worked as a medicolegal investigator in New York City’s medical examiner’s office—the largest, most sophisticated...

Beyond the Body Farm

by Dr. Bill Bass & Jon Jefferson

There is no scientist in the world like Dr. Bill Bass. A pioneer in forensic anthropology, Bass created the world's first laboratory dedicated to the study of human decomposition—three acres of land on a hillside...

Forensics and Fiction

by D. P. Lyle, M.D.

How long can someone survive in a cold, damp cave without food or water? How was diphtheria treated in 1886? Can Botox kill? Can DNA be found on a knife years later? How are mummified corpses identified? How...

The Medical-Social and the Forensic-Psychiatric Aspects of Gerontology and Geriatric Psychiatry

by Yuri Davydovich Krivoruchko

In the course of the study, we have used the methodological approach to the scientific substantiation of the comprehensiveness of expert assessments of the mental state of patients-offenders suffering from cerebral-organic...

Forensic Medicine in India

by Arneet Arora

The book provides a glimpse into the world of forensic medicine in India. The author shares her experience and explains how a medical undergraduate first views an autopsy and learns how the autopsy is conducted....

It Can (And Does) Happen Here!

by Robert S. West

When a loved one dies in a mysterious manner, we rely on coroners and medical examiners to tell us what happened. The stakes are high: Coroners seek justice for the dead, exoneration for the wrongfully accused,...

Prescription: Murder

by William H. Simon

Ham Marks, MD is a talented forensic orthopedist who has given up active surgical practice. He isnt a spy, soldier, or secret agentand yet he always seems to be ducking murder attempts and stopping would-be...

The Death Pit

by Michael F. Wright

When eighteen-year-old Gloria Summers dies unexpectedly after undergoing an elective tubal ligation at Detroits Henry Ford Hospital, the mortality review committee cant determine what went wrong. But three more...

Tales of Forensic Pathologist

by Zoya Schmuter M.D.

Over the last 22 years in the New York Office of Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Schmuter performed thousands of autopsies and testified in courts hundreds of times. Many of these cases present interest for a general...


by Dr Jacob Holzer, Dr Robert Kohn, Dr James Ellison & Dr Patricia Recupero

Geriatric Forensic Psychiatry: Principles and Practice is one of the first texts to provide a comprehensive review of important topics in the intersection of geriatric psychiatry, medicine, clinical neuroscience,...

The Education of a Coroner: Lessons in Investigating Death

by John Bateson

In the vein of Dr. Judy Melinek’s Working Stiff, an account of the hair-raising and heartbreaking cases handled by the coroner of Marin County, California throughout his four decades on the job—from high-profile...

Who They Were

by Robert C. Shaler

In Who They Were, Dr. Robert C. Shaler, the man who directed the largest and most groundbreaking forensic DNA investigation in U.S. history, tells with poignant clarity and refreshing honesty the story behind...

Oxford Handbook of Forensic Medicine

by Jonathan P. Wyatt, Tim Squires, Guy Norfolk & Jason Payne-James

Forensic medicine covers an amazing range of different subjects and no single individual can expect to be an expert in all of them. The Oxford Handbook of Forensic Medicine provides comprehensive coverage of...

Identity Crisis

by Jefferson Bass

Renowned forensic anthropologist Bill Bass—founder of the Body Farm—tackles one of his most baffling cases ever in this real-life spellbinder

In 1978, 56-year-old Leoma Patterson left a bar in Clinton, Tennessee,...

Keep Out of Reach of Children: Reye's Syndrome, Aspirin, and the Politics of Public Health

by Mark A. Largent

A modern medical mystery about an illness that ravaged healthy children, changed policy, and vanished before a cause was found