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Parkinson’s Disease. A Guide to Medical Treatment

by Michael Carranza, Madeline R. Snyder, Jessica Davenport Shaw & Theresa A. Zesiewicz

In Parkinson’s disease, the past half-century of research has brought many fascinating advances in treatment.

Proper identification and treatment of both motor and non-motor symptoms lead to a better overall...

Aging in the Global South

by Nicolas Sacco, Subharati Ghosh, Maria Carinnes P. Alejandria-Gonzalez & Chalermpol Chamchan et al.

This book is a collection of work on aging and development from authors from the global south. Aging is steadily evolving as a public health and social crisis for which countries of the global south are ill-prepared....

Osteoporotic Fracture Care

by Michael Blauth, Stephen L. Kates & Joseph A. Nicholas

With an increase in the longevity of the global population, care of the functional, cognitive, and physical health of older adults is essential. The dramatic demographic shift toward a growing aging population...

Metabolic Syndrome. From Risk Factor to Management

by Michael J. Blaha & Rajesh Tota-Maharaj

Increased caloric intake, increased refined carbohydrate consumption, and physical inactivity have led to an explosion in the worldwide incidence of abdominal obesity and the emerging epidemic of insulin resistance,...

Ect and the Elderly: Shocked for the Aged

by Deborah Y. Liggan

Deborah Y. Liggan suffered her first bipolar depressive episode fourteen years ago. It came without warning, and the medication she was prescribed was useless. Only after attempting suicide did she receive electroconvulsive...

Aging in Control or out of Control

by John Peri-Okonny

This is a thought-provoking book that goes the extra mile to demonstrate in detail how you can choose to live in control of your health. There are several books that deal with healthy living, but this book is...

Risk of Disability in Elderly Diabetic Patients

by Claudio Marengo - Marco Comoglio, Claudio Marengo & Marco Comoglio

In elderly population, diabetes is often associated with a wide range of complications and comorbidities that can affect the patients’ ability to care for themselves, thus complicating the medical assistance....

Socorro Smiled

by Robert Noyola

Socorro Arce Noyola

Angel at Work

Thirty days before her flight to Jesus in Heaven, Socorro Arce Noyola endorsed her social security check and allotted monthly payments to be made.

She taught her family to work,...

Aging: an Encyclopedia for Adding Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years

by Arthur F. Beringause

As the number of old persons increases dramatically, information is the one thing both the young who are trying to take care of the old and the elderly who are trying to take care of themselves need to assuage...

Stroke and Stroke Related Disorders in the Elderly

by Kujan Nagaratnam & Nages Nagaratnam

The incidence of stroke increases with age and with the increase in the life expectancy, the older people will contribute to a large portion of those afflicted with stroke. Stroke and Stroke related disorders...

Psychiatric Genetics

by Thomas Schulze & Francis McMahon

Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals are increasingly confronted with questions about the genetics of psychiatric illness, and the clinical applications of new genetic findings. Psychiatric Genetics:...

Your Golden Years, Your Golden Challenge

by Herman Schmid

This book informs the reader of the major preventive health recommendations now practiced by the medical community. Prior to the middle of the last century medical care was primarily episodic. Patients did not...

Oxford Handbook of Geriatric Medicine

by Lesley K. Bowker, James D. Price, Kunal S. Shah & Sarah C. Smith

This new edition of the Oxford Handbook in Geriatric Medicine has been expanded and updated to reflect the substantial changes in clinical practice since the previous edition, including the Francis report and...

The Prolongation Of Life

by Élie Metchnikoff & P. Chalmers Mitchell

The Prolongation of Life, the main thesis is carried further, and a number of criticisms and objections are met. The latter, so far as they relate to technical details, I need say nothing of here, as Metchnikoff...

A Practical Guide to Geriatric Neuropsychology

by Susan McPherson & Deborah Koltai

A Practical Guide to Geriatric Neuropsychology focuses on the skills required in testing and treating the older adult population. Topics discussed include normal aging, determining competency, important factors...

Summary & Study Guide - Healing Arthritis

by Lee Tang

Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and More

Reduce Inflammation and Pain in Your Joints Without Medication

The must-read summary of “Healing Arthritis: Your 3-Step Guide to

Conquering Arthritis Naturally,”...

Sensory Modulation in Dementia Care

by Tina Champagne

Understand and assess the sensory needs of people with dementia, and learn how to implement sensory modulation-based approaches for enriched care. Drawing on the author's Sensory Modulation Program, this approach...

Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine

by Jean-Pierre Michel, B. Lynn Beattie, Finbarr C. Martin & Jeremy D. Walston

Over the past two decades there has been a marked change in global age demographics, with the number of over-60s increasing by 82% and the number of centenarians by 715%. This new-found longevity is testament...

Integrative Geriatric Medicine

by Mikhail Kogan & Andrew Weil

Integrative geriatrics is a new field of medicine that advocates for a whole-person, patient-centered, primarily non-pharmacological approach to medical care of the elderly. Most current geriatric practices...

Aging Thoughtfully

by Martha C. Nussbaum & Saul Levmore

We all age differently, but we can learn from shared experiences and insights. The conversations, or paired essays, in Aging Thoughtfully combine a philosopher's approach with a lawyer-economist's. Here are...