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The Autoimmune Solution

by Amy Myers, M.D.

Over 90 percent of the population suffers from inflammation or an autoimmune disorder. Until now, conventional medicine has said there is no cure. Minor irritations like rashes and runny noses are ignored, while...

Curese Naturaltmente

by Maritza Barton

Tome el camino natural hacia la buena salud

La buena salud es el más grande tesoro de la vida y nadie sabe más acerca de cómo obtener y mantenerla naturalmente que Maritza Barton, la fundadora de Barton Nutritional...


by Jack J. Wazen & Deborah Mitchell

In Dizzy, Dr. Jack Wazen uncovers the root causes of this disabling, difficult-to-diagnose syndrome and shares the therapies and techniques that can return patients' lives to normal.

Recent statistics show that...

You Are Not Your Illness

by Linda Topf

The author, who has lived with multiple sclerosis most of her adult life, delves deeply into her own experience to reveal the keys to regaining emotional and spiritual wholeness when a serious illness or injury...

Alternatives in Cancer Therapy

by Ross Pelton

Alternatives in Cancer Therapy offers help for all patients coping with cancer. The therapies discussed in this book are primarily non-toxic, have few, if any, side effects, and tend to strengthen the immune...

Healing with the Arts

by Michael Samuels & Mary Rockwood Lane

Heal yourself and your community with this proven 12-week program that uses the arts to awaken your innate healing abilities.

From musicians in hospitals to quilts on the National Mall—art is already healing...

The Medicinal Foods Book

by Josh Verbae

This book will show you how the simplest foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs can be used to cure many common illnesses and disorders. This guide also contains strategies for healthy eating, fasting...

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis

by Sarah Myhill

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells, essential for the production and management of energy at the cell level. Dr. Sarah Myhill has spent years studying the relationship between mitochondrial malfunction...

When Blushing Hurts

by Enrique Jadresic

For most of us, blushing when were embarrassed or anxious is a common occurrence. But for those who suffer from a stronger type of blushing, or blush more easily, also known as pathological blushing, this abnormal...

The Life Pill

by Alfred Sparman, Md

We doctors have been patching up diseases for too long. We need to STOP. Some of the drugs currently used have dire side effects and may even be lethal. However all may not be lost. Man was intended to live...

White Shadow

by Diane Wind Wardell PhD Rn

Janet Mentgen was a master teacher and healer. She was the founder of Healing Touch, an energy-based therapy. The central focus in this second edition of White Shadow: Walking with Janet Mentgen is the teachings...


by Robert Buckingham Md Facp

If youre like most people, theres a gun pointed to your head and you dont even know it.

Poor lifestyle choices can induce chronic inflammation that could result in serious or life-threatening illnesses and even...

Know Your Enemy: the Cancer

by Eva L. Green

This book is a collection of documents and information regarding the nonconventional therapies for cancer made by numerous scientists all over the world and has no intention to convince you to stop or change...

The Donor

by Gloria Robinson

Judith Somers suffers from kidney failure and must undergo dialysis three times a week. She hates every minute of it. Then Bob, a coworker, eagerly offers to be her donor. What person in kidney failure wouldnt...

There Is No Hiv

by Damian Q. Laster

Im The Living Proof

THERE IS NO HIV, The Rainbow Warrior, Exposing The Truth About HIV Antibody Testing and the Metaphysics of Self-Healing Through Chakra and Kundalini Awareness is the authors personal story...

When Blushing Hurts

by Enrique Jadresic Md

For most of us, blushing when were embarrassed or anxious is a common occurrence. But for those who suffer from a stronger type of blushing, or blush more easily, also known as pathological blushing, this abnormal...

Ear Candler's Manual

by Penny Rich

Ear Candling (Coning) is a holistic acupressure treatment for the outer ear canal. This ancient herbal smoke - vapor bath is known to improve hearing loss, color perception, balance disorders, dizziness, itching,...

Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

by Michael Arluck Scheinbaum M.S. and Da

The Most Complete Self-Help Guide Available for Cardiovascular Health

Get this comprehensive guide for managing high blood pressure and all the related diseases that you may be at risk for -- unless you have...

Energy Healing

by Mary Szczepanski

Energy healing rebalances the human energy field and helps bring about relaxation and often relief of pain or other symptoms. Working with the vibrations of the energy field and energy centers affects body,...

Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness

by Ellen Cutler & Richard Tunkel

Dr. Ellen Cutler is one of the pioneering holistic doctors who have spent years of research to find the best ways to boost our immune system and get it back in its power. By following her advice, you can not...