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Health Care Disparities and the LGBT Population

by Teresa Heinz Housel, Vickie L. Harvey, Miriam King & Mike Allen et al.

This edited volume fills an important gap in health communication, exploring the significant disparities in access to health care and health coverage that LGBT individuals and their families face. With cutting-edge...

Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink? 2nd Edition

by Steve Fox, Paul Armentano & Mason Tvert

In 2012, voters in Colorado shocked the political establishment by making the use of marijuana legal for anyone in the state twenty-one years of age or older. In the wake of that unprecedented victory, nationally...

A Different Perspective on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

by Chinyere Ogbonna

A Different Perspective on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act traces a brief history of health insurance within the USA, providing an accessible perspective on the highly contentious Affordable Care...

Biosecurity Interventions: Global Health and Security in Question

by Andrew Lakoff & Stephen J Collier

In recent years, new disease threats—such as SARS, avian flu, mad cow disease, and drug-resistant strains of malaria and tuberculosis—have garnered media attention and galvanized political response. Proposals...

Unhealthy Health Policy: A Critical Anthropological Examination

by Merrill Singer & Arachu Castro

This new collection turns a critical anthropological eye on the nature of health policy internationally. The authors reveal the prevailing social inequalities that often represent significant threats to the...

Unraveling U.S. Health Care: A Personal Guide

by Roberta E. Winter

In illuminating detail,Winter offers a consumer guide to health care in the U.S. that includes performance metrics by state, patient safety rankings for hospitals, statewide surveys on patient safety laws, analysis...

The Truth in Small Doses: Why We're Losing the War on Cancer-and How to Win It

by Clifton Leaf

A “brilliant” (Fortune), eye-opening history of the war on cancer, The Truth in Small Doses asks why we are losing this essential fight and charts a path forward.

Over the past half century, deaths from heart...

Public Insurance and Private Markets

by Jeffrey R. Brown, Howard C. Kunreuther, Barry K. Goodwin & martin Halek et al.

Public Insurance and Private Markets offers market-based guidelines for the proper scope of government intervention and the design of public insurance programs_guidelines that will benefit the U.S. economy and...

Humanizing Healthcare Reforms

by Gerald Arbuckle & Maria Theresa Ho

This book looks at the problems facing healthcare systems from a social anthropological angle, and argues for a return to a values-based approach to healthcare. The author clarifies how organizations need to...

The Rise & Fall of the American Medical Empire: A Trench Doctor's View of the Past, Present and Future of the U.S. Healthcare System

by Robert A Linden

An analysis of what's wrong with the US healthcare system, solutions and what other countries have reformed their systems.

ObamaCare Survival Guide: The Affordable Care Act and What It Means for You and Your Healthcare

by Nick J. Tate

When President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, he handed Americans one of the most sweeping pieces of social legislation in U.S. history. Now that the Supreme Court has upheld...


by Clay DeStefano

Clay DeStefano has spent thirty years working in a health care industry, and hes come to an unexpected conclusion: Medical care should be sought only as a last resort and even then, with extreme caution.


A NEW COMPUTED APPROACH TO OR MANAGEMENT. Tracing Step by Step all the Surgical Path

by Matteo Buccioli

The Operating Room Block (ORB) is one of the most costly logistic facilities for hospitals. Moreover, the activity inside an ORB is usually managed like "sailing by sight". There are a lot of conflicting points...

Failing Government Taketh Away

by Jerry L. Rhoads

America is number one in health care cost per capita and 38th in quality care. Statistically, Americans spend more money on their health care than anything else but food. But the consumption of the health care...

Black Feat

by Louella Rosie Jones

Caressing the spirit of African-American women both domestically and globally, Black Feat, through the power of story, offers a cultural perspective on medical impressions in black women and identifies duplicity...

Fall from Grace

by J. Joseph Marr Md

Fall from Grace is a candid, personal history of an academic physician and biotechnology executive that reflects on medicine as it was in the mid-twentieth century and chronicles the changes in society and medicine...

Healthy? Says Who?

by Dr. George F. Naryshkin

Healthy? Says Who? Is the 2nd literary work by George F. Naryshkin. His first work dealt with his philosophy on life in general. His current work Delves specifically into dentistry and medicine and the philosophys...

Medical Billing Horror Stories

by Sharon Hollander

Anecdotes and real case studies ripped from the headlines about what doctors did which got them into trouble either with Medicare, HIPAA, The Office of Inspector General (OIG) or worse the FBI.

The case studies...

Hippocrates Weeps

by J. William Evans

Over the past fifty years, medical care has changed rapidlyand not always for the better.

Technological advances and alterations in clinical service delivery have challenged physicians to remember to keep the...

Health-Care Reform

by Ashraf A Hilmy

In this study, Dr. Ashraf A. Hilmy, with a surgeons objective, no-nonsense precision and an unabashed lack of political correctness, dissects the current state of health-care delivery in America. In practice...