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Adventures in Blood

by Dr. Ehud Ben-Hur

This book describes the search for a safer blood for transfusion by implementing a pathogen reduction step during blood processing, as told by a participant in this quest. It also tells the story of a blood...

Fast Facts: Lymphoma

by Chris Hatton, Graham Collins & John Sweetenham

Hodgkin lymphoma and the many different subtypes of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) have different responses to treatment, so accurate diagnosis and a rational approach to management are essential. Fast Facts: Lymphoma...

Fast Facts: Bleeding Disorders

by David Green & Christopher A Ludlam

Most hemorrhagic problems are emergencies, requiring rapid diagnosis and prompt management to stop bleeding. In some cases, such as nose bleeds, large bruises and heavy menses, it is the clinician’s responsibility...

BMJ Clinical Review: General Medicine, Haematology andRheumatology

by Doctor Babita Jyoti & Doctor Ahmed Hamad

This collection of articles focuses on areas of general medicine which are presented to clinicians at all levels in the profession. Some of the subjects discussed include; vitamin B12 deficiency, viral meningitis,...

A History of Haematology

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Haematology

by Drew Provan, Trevor Baglin, Inderjeet Dokal & Johannes de Vos

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Haematology provides core and concise information on the entire spectrum of blood disorders affecting both adults and children. Updated for its fourth edition, it includes all...

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure

by Christine Craggs-Hinton

High blood pressure is expected to rise by 24%, affecting one in three of the world's adult population by 2025, and is strongly linked to obesity and diabetes, which are also increasing. The good news is that...