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Metabioethics and Biomedicine

by Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán

A diligent pastor and ever meticulous scholar, the President of the Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care offers us, in this work, a further demonstration of his catechetic talent and theological depth....

Clean Gut

by Alejandro Junger

In Clean Gut, Alejandro Junger, M.D, New York Times bestselling author of Clean and creator of the world-famous Clean Program, delivers a complete toolkit for reversing disease and sustaining life-long health....

The Gift of a Peaceful Death

by Kathryn F. Weymouth PhD

Many times you will hear people say that they dont fear death but they do fear what they may have to endure before they reach that final passage. Relying on medical interventions and pharmaceuticals alone often...

My Dog Has Cancer.  What Can I Do?

by Heather Beuke Diers

While documenting Nolas journey with cancer and holistic medicine, I gathered information that can now guide you through every stage of your dogs cancer. After completing hundreds of hours of research and taking...

The Carriage Ride

by Jacquie Robinson

Everyone needs a little help sometimes in running their life.

The Carriage Ride is based on an old, Oriental model that compares learning how to manage life to learning how to drive a horse-drawn carriage. While...

A Whole New Me

by Debra Walz & Loise White

Come with me on a journey to self-love, self-esteem, and self-healing. I share my experiences with you as a survivor of bowel cancer. I will lead you along my journey from crappy to happy, allow you to feel...

White Shadow

by Diane Wind Wardell PhD Rn

Janet Mentgen was a master teacher and healer. She was the founder of Healing Touch, an energy-based therapy. The central focus in this second edition of White Shadow: Walking with Janet Mentgen is the teachings...


by Robert Buckingham Md Facp

If youre like most people, theres a gun pointed to your head and you dont even know it.

Poor lifestyle choices can induce chronic inflammation that could result in serious or life-threatening illnesses and even...

Unified Integrative Medicine

by Dr. Nader Butto

In recent years, people seek alternative ways to solve health problems by increasing use of Integrative medicine. The term integrative medicine by most definitions would include the idea and practice of adding...

Hazing Aging

by Robert Buckingham Md Facp

When you get older, your joints dont have to hurt, your heart doesnt have to fail, and your brain doesnt have to rot.

But all those things will likely happenand youll be a shell of your former selfif you dont...

First Do No Harm

by Walter Gratzer

The history of medicinal drugs extends back to the earliest human civilizations, when the search began for natural materialsplant, animal, or mineralthat might possess the power to cure, alleviate, or avert...

How I Healed My Life

by Dagfrid Kolaas

Are you curious about new knowledge about health? Are you not satisfied with the usual explanation to cancer? Is there something that the doctors dont know? What can I do myself to heal my cancer? Is there a...

Emotional Vampires and Your Hormones

by Alan Sault

In Emotional Vampires and Your Hormones: An Holistic Physician's View on How Stress Affects Your Well-Being and What to Do About It, Alan J. Sault MD ABHM describes the "vampires" we encounter every day and...

The Eagle's Way

by Dr. Peter L. Johnston

In the Eagles Way: The Importance of Love in Healthcare, the author, a general practitioner, looks back at the changes he has seen over fifty years of study and practice of medicine. Remarkable advances in medicine...

Energy Healing

by Mary Szczepanski

Energy healing rebalances the human energy field and helps bring about relaxation and often relief of pain or other symptoms. Working with the vibrations of the energy field and energy centers affects body,...

Therapeutic Medical Massage

by Michael Stiers M.T. B.A.

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This book was written for the beginning student entering the Massage Therapy profession. It is not...

A Little Brother's Journey... the Hero Within

by Dr. Darren R.J. LaLonde

I was around ten years old, sleeping in the back seat of my moms car, parked during evenings at the Detroit River. I looked out the window at the stars, as I feared morning until by exhaustion I would fall asleep....

Breakfree Medicine

by Sarah LoBisco Nd

BreakFree Medicine is a book about healing, medicine, and maintaining wellness. It provides the missing holistic, comprehensive, and solution-based approaches often lacking in today's conventional medical care....

50 Holistic Treatments for Kids 5 and Under

by Pamela Middleton

Parents of young children are frequently faced with situations where their child is sick, but traditional medicine seems unable to help. Childhood maladies such as colic, earache, and sudden fevers can...

The Nations Health

by Ernest Roberts

The book reviews the causes of illness and offers solutions towards providing good health and health care in an effective and affordable way.

In 1948 the NHS budget was 170 million with no provision for any...