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Psychosocial Impact of Lupus: Social Work's Role and Function

by N. L. Beckerman & Charles Auerbach

With Lupus affecting more than 1.5 million Americans, predominantly women of childbearing age, there are many complex psychosocial challenges for the health care provider, the patient and the family. This book...

Vaccine Injuries: Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines

by Lou Conte & Tony Lyons

Reveals the truth behind the controversial issue of vaccine-related injuries.

Proponents declare that vaccines have saved millions of lives. Critics claim that the success is overstated and that vaccines may...

Advances in Cancer Research

by George F. Vande Woude & George Klein

The Advances in Cancer Research series provides invaluable information on the exciting and fast-moving field of cancer research. A very special event the Nobel Minisymposium, "Molecular Oncology - From Bench...

Introductory Immunology: Basic Concepts for Interdisciplinary Applications

by Jeffrey K. Actor

Introductory Immunology quickly acquaints readers with natural immune responses manifesting in diseases and disorders. The book presents a complete picture of natural defenses to infectious agents, as well as...

Emerging Infectious Diseases: Clinical Case Studies

by Onder Ergonul, Fusun Can & Murat Akova

More than 30 newly emerged microorganisms and related diseases have been discovered in the past 20 years. Since these infections are so new, even infectious diseases experts and clinical microbiologists need...

Laboratory Methods in Microbiology

by W. F. Harrigan & Margaret E. McCance

Laboratory Methods in Microbiology is a laboratory manual based on the experience of the authors over several years in devising and organizing practical classes in microbiology to meet the requirements of students...

Autoimmune Disease Models

by Irun R. Cohen & Ariel Miller

Because autoimmune disorders can wreak havoc in both humans and animals, these disorders are now the objects of intense and focused research. This book details specific animal models for a variety of autoimmune...

Immunointervention in Autoimmune Diseases: Papers Based on an International Meeting in Paris, France, in June 1988

by J. F. Bach

Immunointervention in Autoimmune Diseases is a collection of papers presented at the 1988 International Meeting by the same title, held in Paris, France.

This text contains 21 chapters and begins with surveys...

Immunopharmacology of the Gastrointestinal System

by John L. Wallace & Clive Page

Diseases of the digestive system have a higher morbidity rate than any other group of disorder. There is a growing body of evidence that the immune system participates in the pathogenesis of a wide range of...

Immunobiology of Transfer Factor

by Charles H. Kirkpatrick, Denis R. Burger & H. Sherwood Lawrence

Immunobiology of Transfer Factor compiles research papers presented at the Fourth International Transfer Factor Workshop, held at the Given Institute of Pathobiology in Aspen, Colorado, on October 3-6, 1982....

Immunobiology of the Macrophage

by David S. Nelson

Immunobiology of the Macrophage presents an account of the state of knowledge of the immunobiology of the macrophage. The book's contributors-immunologists of diverse scientific and geographic backgrounds-have...

The Antibody Molecule

by Alfred Nisonoff, John E. Hopper & Susan B. Spring

The Antibody Molecule reviews the literature leading to current knowledge of the structure of immunoglobulins. The book begins by outlining some of the basic structural characteristics of immunoglobulins without...

Immunological Tolerance: Mechanisms and Potential Therapeutic Applications

by David H. Katz & Baruj Benacerraf

Immunological Tolerance: Mechanisms and Potential Therapeutic Applications documents the proceedings of a conference held at Brook Lodge, Michigan, April 27-May 1, 1974. The conference brought together many...

Molecules, Cells, and Parasites in Immunology

by Carlos Larralde, Kaethe Willms & Librado Ortiz-Ortiz

Molecules, Cells, and Parasites in Immunology contains the proceedings of a symposium on immunology held in Mexico City in the fall of 1979 under the auspices of the National University of Mexico (UNAM). This...

Comparative Virology

by Karl Maramorosch & Edouard Kurstak

Comparative Virology provides an integrated comparison of viruses, based on their chemical and morphological characteristics. These descriptions will not only give the reader a background but also a detailed...


by Alfred J. Crowle

Cancer and Chemotherapy, Volume III: Antineoplastic Agents is a collection of articles that deals with the treatment of cancer using drugs. The collection describes the various drugs that are used, the therapeutic...

Viral Immunology and Immunopathology

by Abner Louis Notkins

Viral Immunology and Immunopathalogy covers topics concerning the role of cellular and humoral immunity in viral infections, factors responsible for the persistence and recurrence of viral infections in the...


by D. M. Macdonald

Immunodermatology presents a comprehensive examination of the proceedings that resulted from the International Immunodermatology Symposium which happened in London. It discusses the relationship of immuno-histochemical...

Lymphocyte Differentiation, Recognition, and Regulation

by David H. Katz, F. J. Dixon & Henry G. Kunkel

Lymphocyte Differentiation, Recognition, and Regulation provides an overview of the state of knowledge on cellular immunology. The focus is on animal work than on studies in man, although in certain areas human...

Rapid Virus Diagnosis: Application of Immunofluorescence

by P. S. Gardner & J. McQuillin

Rapid Virus Diagnosis: Application of Immunofluorescence presents developments in immunofluorescence as a technique for the diagnosis of virus infections. It discusses the effective and rapid methods for the...