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Brain Mapping: The Methods: The Methods

by Arthur W. Toga & John C. Mazziotta

Investigation of the functional architecture of the human brain using modern noninvasive imaging techniques is a rapidly expanding area of research. A proper knowledge of methodology is needed to appreciate...

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Tools for Neuroscience Research and Emerging Clinical Applications

by Charlotte Stagg & Douglas L. Rothman

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Tools for Neuroscience Research and Emerging Clinical Applications is the first comprehensive book for non-physicists that addresses the emerging and exciting technique of magnetic...

Cognitive Electrophysiology of Attention: Signals of the Mind

by George R. Mangun

Cognitive Electrophysiology of Attention explores the fundamental mechanisms of attention and related cognitive functions from cognitive neuroscience perspectives. Attention is an essential cognitive ability...

Introduction to Diffusion Tensor Imaging: And Higher Order Models

by Susumu Mori & J-Donald Tournier

The concepts behind diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) are commonly difficult to grasp, even for magnetic resonance physicists. To make matters worse, a many more complex higher-order methods have been proposed...

Invertebrate Learning and Memory

by Randolf Menzel & Paul Benjamin

Understanding how memories are induced and maintained is one of the major outstanding questions in modern neuroscience. This is difficult to address in the mammalian brain due to its enormous complexity, and...

Placebo and Pain: From Bench to Bedside

by Luana Colloca, Magne Arve Flaten & Karin Meissner

The placebo effect continues to fascinate scientists, scholars, and clinicians, resulting in an impressive amount of research, mainly in the field of pain. While recent experimental and clinical studies have...

Noise and the Brain: Experience Dependent Developmental and Adult Plasticity

by Jos Eggermont

In our industrialized world, we are surrounded by occupational, recreational, and environmental noise. Very loud noise damages the inner-ear receptors and results in hearing loss, subsequent problems with communication...

Peripheral Nerve Disorders: Handbook of Clinical Neurology (Series Editors: Aminoff, Boller and Swaab)

by Gérard Said & Christian Krarup

Disorders of the peripheral nervous system (PNS) are the cause of prominent neurological symptoms including weakness, sensory loss, pain and autonomic dysfunction associated with deficits, morbidity and mortality....

Ethical and Legal Issues in Neurology: Handbook of Clinical Neurology Series 3 (edited by Aminoff, Boller and Swaab)

by James L. Bernat & Richard Beresford

Advances in our understanding of the brain and rapid advances in the medical practice of neurology are creating questions and concerns from an ethical and legal perspective. Ethical and Legal Issues in Neurology...

Neuroparasitology and Tropical Neurology: Handbook of Clinical Neurology Series (Editors: Aminoff, Boller, Swaab)

by Hector H. Garcia, Herbert B. Tanowitz & Oscar H. Del Brutto

Neuroparasitology and Tropical Neurology, a new volume in The Handbook of Clinical Neurology, provides a comprehensive and contemporary reference on parasitic infections of the human nervous system.  Parasitic...

Brain Stimulation: Handbook of Clinical Neurology (Series editors: Aminoff, Boller, Swaab)

by Andres M. Lozano & Mark Hallett

The field of brain stimulation is expanding rapidly, with techniques such as DBS, TMS, and tDCS moving from the research community into clinical diagnosis and treatment. Clinical applications include treating...

Ataxic Disorders: Handbook of Clinical Neurology (Series Editors: Aminoff, Boller and Swaab)

by Sankara H. Subramony & Alexandra Dürr

This volume's primary goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of recent developments and advancements in the study of ataxic disorders. Beginning with an examination of the cerebellar region, and then...

Autonomic Nervous System: Handbook of Clinical Neurology (Series editors: Aminoff, Boller, Swaab)

by Ruud M. Buijs & Dick F. Swaab

Autonomic Nervous System provides an introduction to the latest science and detailed chapters on advances in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of autonomic system disorders.

The autonomic nervous system controls...

The Synapse: Structure and Function

by Virginia M. Pickel & Menahem Segal

The Synapse summarizes recent advances in cellular and molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission and provides new insights into neuronal plasticity and the cellular basis of neurological diseases.

  • Part 1...

The Effects of Drug Abuse on the Human Nervous System

by Bertha Madras & Michael Kuhar

Drug use and abuse continues to thrive in contemporary society worldwide and the instance and damage caused by addiction increases along with availability. The Effects of Drug Abuse on the Human Nervous System...

Chronic Pain and Brain Abnormalities

by Carl Y. Saab

It is only natural for someone in pain to attend to the body part that hurts. Yet this book tells the story of persistent pain having negative effects on brain function. The contributors, all leading experts...

Diffusion MRI: From Quantitative Measurement to In vivo Neuroanatomy

by Heidi Johansen-Berg & Timothy E.J. Behrens

Diffusion MRI remains the most comprehensive reference for understanding this rapidly evolving and powerful technology and is an essential handbook for designing, analyzing, and interpreting diffusion MR experiments....

The Claustrum: Structural, Functional, and Clinical Neuroscience

by John Smythies, Lawrence Edelstein & Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

The present day is witnessing an explosion of our understanding of how the brain works at all levels, in which complexity is piled on complexity, and mechanisms of astonishing elegance are being continually...

Deadly Feasts

by Richard Rhodes

In this brilliant and gripping medical detective story. Richard Rhodes follows virus hunters on three continents as they track the emergence of a deadly new brain disease that first kills cannibals in New Guinea,...

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

by Christopher Loftus & Jose Biller

The essential guide to monitoring neural function during intricate neurosurgery procedures

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring takes you step by step through the proper protocols for measuring and mapping neural...