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Restraints in Dementia Care

by Atul Sunny Luthra, Yarima Gonzalez & Heather Millman

Your best tool to optimize patient care by minimizing restraint use

Frontline nurses face fraught decisions every day about whether and how to use restraints in dementia care. They need to consider many complicated...

Better with Age

by Dr. Alan D. Castel

Age is an important number, but it can also be deceiving. After 40, most people say they feel younger than their years, some lie about their age, and many attempt to hide the signs of growing old. Better with...

 Stories from the Tenth-Floor Clinic

by Marianna Crane

KEY SELLING POINTS: • There are 3.1 million registered nurses in the US. • Nurse Practitioners are filling more roles in medical care facilities today in order to address the current physician shortage....

Integrative Geriatric Medicine

by Mikhail Kogan & Andrew Weil

Integrative geriatrics is a new field of medicine that advocates for a whole-person, patient-centered, primarily non-pharmacological approach to medical care of the elderly. Most current geriatric practices...

The Multi-Sensory Reminiscence Activity Book

by Sarah Mousley & Sophie Jopling

With a key theme for every week of the year, this resource contains extended multi-sensory reminiscence group session plans for older adults. Written by experienced occupational therapists, it provides detailed...

Excellent Dementia Care in Hospitals

by Rita Freyne, Jo James, Jules Knight & Josh Pettit et al.

People with dementia increasingly find themselves staying in hospitals for extended periods, and dementia is often only diagnosed on admission to hospital for a separate health issue. This practical guide presents...

Connecting through Music with People with Dementia: A Guide for Caregivers

by Robin Rio

This user-friendly book demonstrates how even simple sounds and movements can engage people with dementia, promoting relaxation and enjoyment. All that's needed to succeed is a love of music, and a desire to...

Person-Centred Thinking with Older People: 6 Essential Practices

by Helen Sanderson, Gill Bailey, Helen Bown & Dorothy Runnicles et al.

Person-centred practices are a key way to provide the best possible care and support for older people and help them to be active and valued members of the community. Drawing on a wealth of experience of working...

Qigong for Wellbeing in Dementia and Aging

by Stephen Rath, LauRha Frankfort & The Natural Healing Research Foundation

This book presents easy-to-follow Qigong exercises and key nutritional information that can help older people, who may be frail or have limited mobility, to improve and maintain their health and mobility, and...

Creating Culturally Appropriate Outside Spaces and Experiences for People with Dementia: Using Nature and the Outdoors in Person-Centred Care

by Jane Gilliard, Mary Marshall, Abigail Masterton & Margaret-Anne Tibbs et al.

Cultural sensitivity is a key component of person-centred dementia care. This book acts as a rich source of information and ideas for all those interested in creating culturally-appropriate outdoor spaces and...

How We Think About Dementia: Personhood, Rights, Ethics, the Arts and What They Mean for Care

by Julian C. Hughes

Providing a much-needed accessible overview of the complex philosophical and ethical underpinnings of dementia care, this book explores current thinking around the concepts of ageing, personhood, capacity, liberty,...

Living Better with Dementia: Good Practice and Innovation for the Future

by Shibley Rahman, Beth Britton, Chris Roberts & Kate Swaffer

With currently evolving dementia policy, how can we ensure that living well with dementia continues to be a primary aim for future national dementia strategies? This book looks at current policy and research...

End of Life Care for People with Dementia: A Person-Centred Approach

by Murna Downs, Laura Middleton-Green, Jane Chatterjee & Sarah Russell

People with dementia need increasingly specialised support as they approach the end of life, and so too do their families and the professionals who work with them. This book describes not only what can be done...

A Creative Toolkit for Communication in Dementia Care

by Karrie Marshall

Overflowing with creative activities, this accessible toolkit is an invaluable resource for carers and relatives who hope to support and communicate effectively with people with dementia. Portraits, parlour...

Mental Disorders in Older Adults, Second Edition: Fundamentals of Assessment and Treatment

by Steven H. Zarit & Judy M. Zarit

Illustrated with abundant clinical material, this book provides essential knowledge and skills for effective mental health practice with older adults. It demonstrates how to evaluate and treat frequently encountered...

The Craft of Life Course Research

by Glen H. Elder & Janet Z. Giele

This book brings together prominent investigators to provide a comprehensive guide to doing life course research, including an “inside view” of how they designed and carried out influential longitudinal...

Case Studies in Gerontological Nursing for the Advanced Practice Nurse

by Meredith Wallace Kazer & Leslie Neal-Boylan

As the fastest growing population sector worldwide, older adults are seen in almost every care setting in which clinicians practice. Developed as a resource for advanced practice nurses in any setting, Case...