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"Speak Slow I've Had Chemo" An A - Z Guide to Surviving Breast Cancer

by Susan LeBlanc

An alphabet Patient Handbook utilized for the "need to knows" of breast cancer in a colorful presentation utilizing bold messages and clip art for visual imagery and healing.

It addresses the psychosocial aspects...

Controversies in Neuro-Oncology: Best Evidence Medicine for Brain Tumor Surgery

by Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa & Shaan M. Raza

Because of tremendous advancements in research, neurosurgical oncology has become increasingly complex, and it is imperative that physicians have scientific evidence to guide and defend their decision making...

TCM: A Woman's Guide to Healing From Breast Cancer

by Nan Lu & Ellen Schaplowsky

Discover The Power Of Ancient Wisdom

For centuries , Traditional Chinese Medicine has helped millions of cancer patients in China, specializing in reducing the risk of breast cancer and healing it by identifying...

TCM: A Natural Guide to Weight Loss That Lasts

by Nan Lu & Ellen Schaplowsky

The Dragon's WayTo Natural, Healthy, Lasting Weight Loss

Here at last is the secret to taking off pounds and inches and keeping them off for life. Unlike popular "miracle" diet programs and products, The Dragon's...

Helping people to give up smoking can be easy

by Fabio Lugoboni

Why is it so difficult to quit smoking? Often the main obstacle is the fear of failing. The situation is no different for health professionals, especially doctors. They too often stop because of their fear of...

Cancer Caregivers

by Allison J. Applebaum

Informal caregivers - family members, friends, and other loved ones - are an essential, uncompensated and significantly burdened extension of the healthcare team. Rapid advances in cancer care, including new...

Helder's Story

by Carol Graham Pereira

Helder Pereira was a community leader, a healer of  the broken, and a devoted husband and father; the memoir contains many inspirational messages, including his commitment to sobriety, his compassion for others,...

Breast Cancer: The Facts

by Christobel M. Saunders, Sunil Jassal & Elgene Lim

Breast Cancer: The Facts provides essential, easy to follow information on all aspects of the diagnosis and management of breast cancer. It provides essential background information on the disease, from the...

Advancing the Science of Implementation across the Cancer Continuum

by David Chambers, Cynthia A. Vinson & Wynne E. Norton

While many effective interventions have been developed with the potential to significantly reduce morbidity and mortality from cancer, they are of no benefit to the health of the population if they cannot be...

Fluorescence-Guided Neurosurgery

by Constantinos G. Hadjipanayis & Walter Stummer

The definitive textbook on state-of-the-art fluorescence-guided neurosurgery

Advances in fluorescence-guided surgery (FGS) have resulted in a paradigm shift in neurosurgical approaches to neuro-oncological and...

Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy

by Samir A. Farghaly

Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy provides a broad overview of several aspects of basic sciences, and clinical and therapeutic aspects of immunotherapy for ovarian cancer, as well as state-of-the-art information...

Body Image Care for Cancer Patients

by Michelle Cororve Fingeret & Irene Teo

This book is the first and only academic textbook of principles and practices of body image care for cancer patients, designed to target a multidisciplinary audience of healthcare care professionals engaged...


by David Scadden & Michael D'Antonio

An Amazon Best of the Month Book

"For all the insight he offers into the hard science and thorny logistics of studying cancer, Dr. Scadden’s most moving passages consider the effect of the disease on the people...

Hospice and Palliative Medicine and Supportive Care Flashcards

by Sriram Yennurajalingam & Eduardo Bruera

Hospice and Palliative Medicine and Supportive Care Flashcards is a comprehensive, evidence-based book of flashcards for clinicians caring for patients who require hospice and palliative care and supportive...

Psychosocial Care of Cancer Survivors

by Cheryl Krauter

Currently there is a crisis occurring in healthcare involving clinician burnout, emotional exhaustion, lack of inspiration, and loss of personal meaning. For clinicians caring for cancer survivors, these feelings...

8 Ways to Prevent Pancreatic Cancer

by Wayne Persky

A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is a virtual death sentence.  Only about 6 % of pancreatic cancer patients survive longer than 5 years after diagnosis.  Certain foods and certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies...

The Key to Prostate Cancer

by Mark Scholz

A Guide to Personalized Care.  Patients face a real dilemma when selecting among so many treatments with potentially irreversible consequences.  Studies show that treatment choices based on partial information...

Chemotherapy regimens in rare solid tumors

by Alessandro Comandone

Rare tumors (RT) are an increasing problem in oncology. The main characteristic of RT is the low frequency of the event, that determines difficult and sometimes late diagnosis and a great uncertainty in diagnosis...

Cancer Cure Via Dna

by Anthony J Luksas

For decades now, treatment for cancer has been limited to radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and herbal remediesall of which offering only a small measure of hope for recovery. Now, however, there may be another...

An Intimate Relationship

by Charles H. Chen

Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases in the world today, but early prevention remains the key to controlling it. Charles H. Chen shows that through a strict regime of diet, exercise, and other healthy...