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Complete Review for the Pharmacy Technician

by L. Michael Posey & Kristin W. Weitzel

The Complete Review for the Pharmacy Technician provides baseline knowledge for new community and health-system pharmacy technicians, an overview of important concepts for students entering technician education...

An Essential Introduction to Cardiac Electrophysiology

by Ken MacLeod

This book provides undergraduate and postgraduate students with an accessible and comprehensive overview of the fascinating area of cardiac electrophysiology. Using plain language and well-designed illustrations,...

Multiple Sclerosis. A Guide to Pharmacologic Treatment

by Daniel Ontaneda

The arena of multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment has changed substantially over the past 20 years. Now nine different agents are approved for use in MS with several different routes of administration, safety characteristics...

Pharmacy Technician Certification Quick-Study Guide

by Kristin W. Weitzel & William A. Hopkins Jr.

Pharmacy Technician Certification Quick-Study Guide, 4th edition, has been completely revised, reorganized, and updated to reflect the revised PTCE blueprint. This revised edition covers every subject area on...


by Lorenzo Pradelli & Albert Wertheimer

Authors decided to provide a text which can serve as a quick reference and as an aid to understand papers dealing with pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research, providing a slim basis of the theoretical background,...

Communication Skills for Pharmacists: Building Relationships, Improving Patient Care

by Bruce A. Berger

Communication Skills for Pharmacists: Building Relationships, Improving Patient Care, 3rd edition, includes new material that will help student pharmacists and practicing pharmacists develop the communication...

Structural Classification of Drugs

by Nayanapalli Pramod & G M Basha

This book is written to make the students get rid of the phobia in medicinal chemistry. I don't say that you can learn classification of drugs in medicinal chemistry at a glance with the help of this book...

A Textbook of Pharmacy Practice

by Prof. S. Balasubramanian

The book ‘Pharmacy Practice’ in your hand is the culmination of the long experience of the author as a practicing pharmacist as well as the pharmacy teacher. It is written in accordance with the new syllabus...

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

by Dr. V. Alagarsamy

Pharmaceutical organic chemistry is the main branch of organic chemistry deals with the study of

preparation, structure and reactions of organic compounds. As it deals with all the chemical reactions related


Introduction to Pharmaceutical Analysis

by Dr. D.K. Tripathi, Hemant R. Badwaik & Shiv Shankar Shukla

The content of the book, Introduction to Pharmaceutical Analysis, has been prepared primarily in accordance to the syllabus prepared by the Pharmacy Council of India for B. Pharm 1st semester course. However,...

Current Concepts in Drug Design

by T. Durai Ananda Kumar

The newer research areas in pharmaceutical sciences, in particular molecular modeling and simulations prompted more efficient drug discovery process. Informatics integrated with pharmaceutical sciences (cheminformatics...

Novel Drug Delivery Systems

by D. K. Tripathi & Amit Alexander

As such Novel Drug Delivery is a huge area and number of books can be written. The students of undergraduate level need to know basics of this area. The book, Novel Drug Delivery System is a subject as per the...

Pharmaceutical Statistics and Research Methodology

by D. H. Panchaksharappa Gowda

Books covering the complete application of Biostatistics in Pharmaceutical and clinical trails data analysis. This book is authored in a detailed and easy to understand in a manner incorporating the updated...

Practical Manual of Analytical Chemistry

by Neelam Singla, Navneet Kaur & Kanchan Kohli

Practical manual of analytical chemistry is written with the idea of presenting a well-documented, student friendly laboratory manual for B.Pharmacy 1st year students. It is being observed during academic experience...

Phytochemicals for Diabetic Complications

by Ciddi Veeresham & Ajmera Rama Rao

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a chronic metabolic disorder of impaired metabolism of Carbohydrates fats and proteins, characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from decreased utilization of carbohydrates and excessive...

Application of Spectral Studies in Pharmaceutical Product development

by Ramalingam Peraman & Y. Padmanabha Reddy

This book compiled with a special emphasis on the application of spectral and analytical data in the development and characterization of pharmaceuticals. This book provided lot of illustrated examples for better...

A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

by K. P. R. Chowdary

This book describes all aspects of pharmaceutical quality assurance needed for an industrial pharmacist and the book covers the entire syllabus prescribed by PCI for the subject of pharmaceutical quality assurance...

Neonatal Formulary

by Sean Ainsworth

Neonatal Formulary provides comprehensive guidance on the safe use of the drugs prescribed during pregnancy and commonly given to babies during labour and delivery, as well as during lactation and the first...

A Laboratory Manual of Physical Pharmaceutics

by Sadhan Kumar Dutta & Kalyan Kumar Sen

A Laboratory Manual of Physical Pharmaceutics is introduced to the B.Pharm students for easy understanding of the principles of physical pharmaceutics. The Experimental manual covers experiments to provide fundamental...

Pharmaceutical Research Methodology and Bio-statistics

by Bayya Subba Rao

“Pharmaceutical Research Methodology and Bio-Statistics: Theory and Practice” is aimed in understanding the fundamental concepts of developing a research bent of mind by careful planning, execution, collection...