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An Essential Introduction to Cardiac Electrophysiology

by Ken MacLeod

This book provides undergraduate and postgraduate students with an accessible and comprehensive overview of the fascinating area of cardiac electrophysiology. Using plain language and well-designed illustrations,...

Erythrocytes: Physiology and Pathophysiology

by Florian Lang & Michael Föller

The book covers the functional significance and properties of erythrocytes, their generation, senescence, and suicidal death. It further summarizes knowledge about hormones influencing erythrocyte formation...

New Wine Revelations

by George W. Chivers

The earth and moon were created before the starry system. Once, a cocoon of water was above and around the earth. All kinds of species were created at once. The universe and solar system are limitless. Seeing...

Man Is the Extension of Woman

by Dr. Makarand Fulzele

If a woman lives longer than her lifetime, will she be converted into a man?

A surgeon thinks so and tries to prove this in very lucid and step by step manner. In fact he goes ahead and states that if man lives...

Indigestion as a Cause of Nervous Depression

by Thomas Lauder Brunton

To most men who are engaged in intellectual work, an autumn holiday has become a matter of necessity, and is not to be regarded as a mere luxury. During eleven months of the year many who are engaged in brain-work...

Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE®: Medical Physiology Q&A

by Gabi N Waite & Maria Sheakley

Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE®: Medical Physiology is the choice of medical students...

...The major test-prep resources do not focus on these subjects in detail. A question bank...would be beneficial to those...

Why Are We Right or Left Handed?

by Collection

Based on the studies of great authors, this book deals with the origin of right or left handedness.

"The question "why are we right or left handed?" has exercised the speculative ingenuity of many men. It has...

Human Body Book | Introduction to the Vascular System | Children's Anatomy & Physiology Edition

by Baby Professor

The vascular system is an intriguing topic to study. Traditional school discussions on the subject would be boring. We spiced it up a bit by bringing in pictures and a fun layout, too! Learning complex subjects...

Human Body Book | Introduction to the Nervous System | Children's Anatomy & Physiology Edition

by Baby Professor

The nervous system is in the highlight in this descriptive educational book. The combination of pictures and texts is most welcomed because it makes learning more fun and effective. Children will be encouraged...

Human Body Book | Introduction to the Muscular System | Children's Anatomy & Physiology Edition

by Baby Professor

The muscular system inside the human body is a wonderful piece of natural machinery. Look into it, study it and learn to love it. The purpose of this educational book is to introduce the subject in a fun manner....

Human Body Book | Introduction to the Circulatory System | Children's Anatomy & Physiology Edition

by Baby Professor

What goes on inside the human body? Let’s find out the answer together! This educational book features the human anatomy and physiology. It explains in fun details how you breathe, how you think and basically...

Human Body Book | Introduction to the Respiratory System | Children's Anatomy & Physiology Edition

by Baby Professor

How do you breathe in? How do you breathe out? Let’s explore the facts in this educational book. The book comes with facts and other amazing details that are highlighted with pictures. The use of pictures...

Of our passions and their pathology

by Fernand Papillon

“Passions are penchants, inclinations, desires and aversions carried to a certain degree of intensity, combined with an indistinct sensation of pleasure or pain, occasioned or accompanied by some irregular...

POTS and Other Acquired Dysautonomia in Children and Adolescents: Diagnosis, Interventions, and Multi-disciplinary Management

by Kelly McCracken Barnhill & Fletcher Barnhill

Providing clear information on the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of POTS and other acquired dysautonomia, this practical handbook allows parents and professionals to gain a fuller understanding of post-viral...

An Introductory Guide to Anatomy & Physiology

by Louise Tucker

An Introductory Guide to Anatomy & Physiology gives the student a solid grounding in human anatomy and physiology. Detailed yet unfussy explanations take the learner through each system of the body. Key knowledge...

Basic Science for Core Medical Training and the MRCP

by Neil Herring & Robert Wilkins

Providing a clear explanation of the relevant medical science behind the individual medical specialties, Basic Science for Core Medical Training and the MRCP, is an indispensable part of a candidates MRCP preparation....

Space Physiology

by Jay C. Buckey Jr., M.D.

The success of any space flight mission depends not only on advanced technology but also on the health and well-being of crew members. This book, written by an astronaut physician, is the first practical guide...

Excitatory Amino Acid Transmission in Health and Disease

by Robert Balazs, Richard J. Bridges & Carl W. Cotman

Glutamate is the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system (CNS). It regulates normal CNS function, is a major participant in pathology, and serves learning, memory, and higher...

The Biology of Human Survival: Life and Death in Extreme Environments

by Claude A. Piantadosi

The range of environments in which people can survive is extensive, yet most of the natural world cannot support human life. The Biology of Human Survival identifies the key determinants of life or death in...