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Helping people to give up smoking can be easy

by Fabio Lugoboni

Why is it so difficult to quit smoking? Often the main obstacle is the fear of failing. The situation is no different for health professionals, especially doctors. They too often stop because of their fear of...

The Life Pill

by Alfred Sparman, Md

We doctors have been patching up diseases for too long. We need to STOP. Some of the drugs currently used have dire side effects and may even be lethal. However all may not be lost. Man was intended to live...

Building a Healthy Child

by Melina Roberts, N.D.

Melina Roberts, N.D., has developed a revolutionary program that introduces infants and toddlers to food that helps them develop their bodies and health.

Many parents feed their children as if theyre adults,...

Avoidable Causes of Childhood Cancer

by Samuel S. Epstein & Allesandra C. Gibson

The Increasing Incidence but Decreasing Mortality Rates Of Major Childhod Cancers, 1975-2009* SITE % Increase Incidence % Decrease Mortality** Overall 35 53 Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia 58 70 Bone & Joint 57 33...

Hazing Aging

by Robert Buckingham Md Facp

When you get older, your joints dont have to hurt, your heart doesnt have to fail, and your brain doesnt have to rot.

But all those things will likely happenand youll be a shell of your former selfif you dont...

Disease Reprieve

by Dr. T. C. McDaniel

The Golden Years Society Inc. is pleased to announce the publication of Disease Reprieve by Dr. T. C. McDaniel. Dr. McDaniel is a sole practitioner in Cincinnati, specializing in Cardiovascular-Renal disease....

Criminal Indifference of the Fda to Cancer Prevention

by Samuel S. Epstein M.D.

Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. is professor emeritus of Environmental and Occupational Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, and Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, and...

The Value-Driven Eye Care Game

by Alistair L. Jackson M.Ed F.A.A.O. & Larry J. Alexander O.D F.A.A.O.

With the establishment of optometry as the primary eye care profession, and significant reforms under way in health care, the opportunity exists now to add value to an independent eye care practice for both...

You, God, Hormones, and Health

by Judy Ponsford

Do you get up in the morning and hit the floor eager to tackle your day, or do you get up and just hit the floor? Todays women live with a lot of physical and emotional stress. Imagine how well you can serve...

Bio-Identical Hormones and Telomerase

by Dr. Hiroshi Demura & Dr. Edmund Chein

As we grow older, many of us experience a tremendous amount of frustration because something inside us doesnt work the way it used to. Nutrition experts tell us to eat certain kinds of food some claim free radicals...

Or Eyes

by Kathleen E. Volpe-Schaffer

Unbelievably real operating room cases brought to book format told from an OR nurses professional point of view so you too can learn to prevent the sometimes disfiguring and disabling effects of some of the...

Psychometrically Relevant Differences between Source and Migrant Populations

by Patrick Brzoska

Psychometrically relevant population differences may limit the transferability of research instruments between migrants and their source population and may contribute to a low performance of quantitative questionnaires....

Time for Health Education

by Kaarina Määttä & Satu Uusiautti

Health and healthy life styles are something that we all would like to induce in our youths and children. This book provides a new perspective for health education. It represents Finnish ideas and solutions...

Health Communication

by Do Kyun Kim, Arvind Singhal & Gary L. Kreps

Promotion of healthy behaviors and prevention of disease are inextricably linked to cultural understandings of health and well-being. Health communication scholarship and practice can substantially and strategically...

Making Sense

by Thomas Duffy, Nancy Olson & Bandy Lee

Regardless of field, from the art world to healthcare delivery, there is a growing need for practically useful theory and theoretically informed practice. The time is ripe for a collaborative, creative conversation...

Summary & Study Guide - Brain Maker

by Lee Tang

Heal and Protect Your Brain

Including Diet Cheat Sheet

The must-read summary of “Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain - for Life" by Dr. David Perlmutter. This edition includes...

Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics – Revised and Updated

by John McKenna

‘A long-awaited book that answers many questions.’

Jan de Vries

Antibiotics were developed in the 1940s. Then, they were hailed as a huge breakthrough in the treatment of bacterial infections. Today, they...

Raw – Recipes for Radiant Living

by Bernadette Bohan

Bernadette Bohan is an ordinary woman whose life was turned upside down by two different types of cancer. She learned the value of her health the hard way, but she recovered and now feels healthier than ever....

Antibiotics – Are They Curing Us or Killing Us?

by John McKenna

Antibiotics: Are they curing us or killing us?

Without urgent, co-ordinated action by many stakeholders, the world is headed for a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries which have...

What You Can Do to Prevent Cancer

by John McKenna

Did you know that one in three people in Ireland will develop cancer during their life?

Or that an average of 30,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in Ireland each year? These are frightening statistics, but...