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AIDS as an International Political Issue: A Selection from AIDS Between Science and Politics

by Peter Piot

Peter Piot, founding executive director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), reports on the influence of civil society in international relations and traditional partisan divides. AIDS...

False Hopes

by Daniel Callahan

This ground-breaking book by one of the nation's leading experts on medical ethics, Daniel Callahan, traces the root cause of America's health-care crisis not to inefficient organization or waste, but rather...

The Case against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There

by Spedding Micklem, Paul Connett, James Beck & Albert W. Burgstahler

When the U.S. Public Health Service endorsed water fluoridation in 1950, there was little evidence of its safety. Now, six decades later and after most countries have rejected the practice, more than 70 percent...

Bodies, Politics, and African Healing: The Matter of Maladies in Tanzania

by Stacey A. Langwick

This subtle and powerful ethnography examines African healing and its relationship to medical science. Stacey A. Langwick investigates the practices of healers in Tanzania who confront the most intractable illnesses...

Mass Mediated Disease: A Case Study Analysis of Three Flu Pandemics and Public Health Policy

by Debra E. Blakely

Mass Mediated Disease focuses on the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918, the Asian influenza pandemic of 1957, and the Hong Kong influenza pandemic of 1968, by discussing news stories reported by the New York...

Pharmacoeconomics. Principles and Practice

by Lorenzo Pradelli & Albert Wertheimer

Authors decided to provide a text which can serve as a quick reference and as an aid to understand papers dealing with pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research, providing a slim basis of the theoretical background,...

The Truth in Small Doses: Why We're Losing the War on Cancer-and How to Win It

by Clifton Leaf

A “brilliant” (Fortune), eye-opening history of the war on cancer, The Truth in Small Doses asks why we are losing this essential fight and charts a path forward.

Over the past half century, deaths from heart...

Overdosed America

by Dr. John Abramson

Using the examples of Vioxx, Celebrex, cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, and anti-depressants, Overdosed America shows that at the heart of the current crisis in American medicine lies the commercialization...

A Doctor's Quest: The Struggle for Mother and Child Health Around the Globe

by Gretchen Roedde & John Evans

Dr. Gretchen Roedde tells the stories of the hopes of village women in the developing world struggling to give birth safely. A Doctor's Quest analyzes the slow progress in global maternal health, contrasting...

First, U.S. President Signed Health-Care Reform Since 1963

by Ahmed Ceegaag

The purpose of this book is to address a popular debate in America right now. Imagine that youre political candidate running for office and you have an upcoming debate in which you will be defending your position...

PHARMACEUTICAL RESILIENCE – How to Govern the Evolution of Treatments

by Luca Pani

The world of health is undergoing a significant evolution. There is a tangible sense of urgency and great expectation that affects everyone: patients, healthcare organisations, doctors and companies. Pharmaceutical...

Failing Government Taketh Away

by Jerry L. Rhoads

America is number one in health care cost per capita and 38th in quality care. Statistically, Americans spend more money on their health care than anything else but food. But the consumption of the health care...

Affective Determinants of Health Behavior

by Mark T. Conner, David M. Williams & Ryan E. Rhodes

In the last 20-30 years, research on affective determinants of health behavior has proliferated. Affective Determinants of Health Behavior brings together this burgeoning area of research into a single volume...


by Frances Dunn Butterfoss

Frances Dunn Butterfoss, Ph.D., captured the attention of academics and practitioners everywhere with her landmark textbook, Coalitions and Partnerships in Community Health, which provided a comprehensive approach...

Health-Care Reform

by Ashraf A Hilmy

In this study, Dr. Ashraf A. Hilmy, with a surgeons objective, no-nonsense precision and an unabashed lack of political correctness, dissects the current state of health-care delivery in America. In practice...

A Guide to Assessments That Work

by John Hunsley & Eric J. Mash

The first edition of A Guide To Assessments That Work provided a much needed resource on evidence-based psychological assessment. Since the publication of the first edition, a number of advances have been made...

Generic Drugs

by Clifford L. Nilsen

When you purchase drug products, you dont expect them to be contaminated with antifreeze, industrial chemicals, glass, or dangerous bacteria. But this happens every day when uninformed consumers buy prescription...

Influenza Pandemic Response Plan for Office Buildings

by Karen J. Bates

The Influenza Pandemic Response Plan for Office Buildings has been established as an operational guideline for building services designed to respond to a variety of emergency pandemic situations.

This is a comprehensive...

Genetic Heavy Metal Toxicity

by Tara Lang Chapman

Something is dreadfully wrong. Of those who survive life in the womb, one out of two go on to have a serious defect, disease, or neurological disorder. Half the population! About 1 out of 500 babies dies of...

Neighborhoods and Health

by Ichiro Kawachi, Dustin T. Duncan & Ana V. Diez Roux