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Pulmonary Pathophysiology: A Clinical Approach, Third Edition

by Juzar Ali, Warren G. Summer & Michael G. Levitzky

A unique system/disease-based approach to learning pulmonary pathophysiology as it relates to clinical medicine

No other review puts disorders of lung structure and function in such clear clinical perspective...

Allergy and the Nervous System

by J. Bienenstock

In recent decades, it has become increasingly clear that the immune and nervous systems communicate with each other in a bidirectional way. The role of chronic stress in allergic disease and inflammation has...

New Drugs and Targets for Asthma and COPD

by T.T. Hansel & P.J. Barnes

Asthma, allergy and chronic obstructive lung disease are common throughout the world and are increasing in incidence, particularly in the developing world. This volume provides a state-of-the-art account of...

Paediatric Bronchoscopy

by K.N. Priftis, M.B. Anthracopoulos & E. Eber

This book provides an in-depth 'state-of-the-art' critical review of the technique and the applications of flexible and rigid bronchoscopy to infants and children. Written by an international panel of experts,...

Times and Tides of Tuberculosis: Perceptions Revealed in Literature, Keats to Sontag

by M.D. Thomas M. Daniel

This is a study of changing attitudesâ€"of patients, the medical community, and society in generalâ€"towards tuberculosis, over the course of a century and a half. As TB became better understood scientifically,...

Asthma Free: Managing Your Asthma with the BradCliff Breathing Method

by Dinah Bradley

Retrain your breathing to manage your asthma medication and stress.A fully revised, updated (and renamed) edition of the successful 2002 Breathing Works for Asthma, this book is the asthma sufferer's indispensable...

Comprehensive Techniques in CSF Leak Repair and Skull Base Reconstruction

by B.S. Bleier

Written by international leading experts in the field of skull base surgery, this publication provides a comprehensive description of both the etiology and management of defects arising in the anterior skull...

Pediatric Airway Surgery

by C.J. Hartnick, M.C. Hansen & T.Q. Gallagher

For the first time the editors of this volume have brought together text, illustrations and high-definition videos to create an expert video atlas in the field of pediatric airway surgery. The publication which...

Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults

by J.S. Borer

This book aims to provide a comprehensive and clear review of the current knowledge of the relationship between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, a subject of concern to...

Pulmonary Vascular Disorders

by M. Humbert, R. Souza & G. Simonneau

The pulmonary circulation is by nature difficult to evaluate for the clinician and a challenge to investigate by radiographic and hemodynamic methods. In recent years, the field has been revolutionized by major...

Antituberculosis Chemotherapy

by P.R. Donald & P.D. van Helden

Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the major infectious diseases of mankind although drugs for its treatment have been available for nearly 60 years. The standard short-course 6-month regimen used since about...

Harrison's Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, 2e

by Joseph Loscalzo

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine - as only Harrison's can cover it

Featuring a superb compilation of chapters related to pulmonary and critical care medicine that appear in Harrison's Principles of Internal...

Helping people to give up smoking can be easy

by Fabio Lugoboni

Why is it so difficult to quit smoking? Often the main obstacle is the fear of failing. The situation is no different for health professionals, especially doctors. They too often stop because of their fear of...

Life and Breath: The Breakthrough Guide to the Latest Strategies for Fighting Asthma and Other Re spiratory Problems -- At Any Age

by Neil Schachter

The fourth leading cause of death in the United States, COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, affects an estimated 35 million Americans. Yet only half are aware that they are seriously ill. Life and...

Principles and Practice of Mechanical Ventilation

by Martin Tobin

  • Audience: Critical Care Physicians, Pulmonary Medicine Physicians; Respiratory Care Practitioners; Intensive Care Nurses
  • Author is the most recognized name in Critical Care Medicine
  • Technical and clinical developments...

Fishman's Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders, Fourth Edition

by Alfred Fishman & Jack Elias

A complete guide to the entire field of respiratory medicine-with all-new content and a streamlined new design

First published in 1980, Fishman's Pulmonary Diseases & Disorders is the classic reference through...

The Asthma Educator's Handbook

by Christopher Fanta & Elisabeth Stieb

Learn asthma care essentials-from top experts at the Partners Asthma Center

Internists, family physicians, physician's assistants, respiratory therapists, and pharmacists will find this unparalleled, authoritative...

The Good Doctor's Guide to Colds and Flu

by Neil Schachter, M.D. & Neil Schachter

The latest and most effective information on preventing and treating colds and flu

Under the weather? Eminent lung specialist Neil Schachter, M.D., arms you with the knowledge you need to boost immunity and avoid...

Harrison's Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

by Joseph Loscalzo

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine--with all the authority of HARRISON'S

Featuring the chapters on pulmonary and critical care medicine that appear in Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 17e, this...

The Asthma and Allergy Action Plan for Kids

by Allen Dozor & Kate Kelly

Statistics show that up to 40 percent of children in the United States suffer from allergies and at least 10 percent suffer from asthma. That translates into almost five million American children affected by...