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Cancer and Your Pet: A Guide to Alternative and Integrated Treatment

by Marie Cargill

Cancer and Your Pet takes on one of the most common and yet most difficult of diseases to face when your pet is diagnosed. It offers an in-depth discussion of the alternative and complementary therapies and...

Health and Nutrition for Dogs and Cats: A Guide for Pet Parents

by David G. Wellock & Jim Walker

If cats and dogs could write an instruction manual for their humans, Health and Nutrition for Dogs and Cats would be the result. This book sets out guidelines for feeding your pet, helps explain factors that...

Veterinary Science: A Very Short Introduction

by James Yeates

Every year billions of animals, from housecats to racehorses to pythons, are treated by veterinarians. The use of veterinary science to treat the health of animals has a long history; for the past five centuries...

H is for Horse

by Terrie Sizemore

This is a book for the  average horse owner. It describes the major diseases of horses and the vaccines available to protect them. I also covers dental care, breeding with mare and foal care, testing for horses-...

The Butterfly Boy

by James E. Aarons

After discovering a connection between the death of many tribe members and certain animals on their land, Katie Reynolds leaves her Navajo reservation to attend a veterinary school in Davis, California. There...

The Essential Hoof Book

by Christina Cline, Susan Kauffmann & Gene Ovnicek

The equine hoof is a complex marvel of natural engineering, built to withstand tremendous forces and able to adapt to an astonishing range of environmental conditions. It also changes daily–for better or for...

Promises to Keep

by Hugh Cran

Working at the sharp end, Scottish vet Hugh Cran describes his daily and nightly challenges working in Kenya as he encounters rabid dogs, a horse pageant that goes horribly wrong, missing tortoises, entire herds...

Poultry Diseases Influenced by Gastrointestinal Health

by Gino Lorenzoni

It is well known that colonization of the intestine with cemmensal bacteria is related to protection of the intestine against pathogens, increased body weight and improved feed efficiency. The opposite situation,...

Probiotics in Poultry Production

by Wael H. A. Abdelrahman

This book gives a comprehensive overview of the mode of action of probiotics and the theories behind it. In addition, it highlights the main benefits of using probiotics in poultry production, such as maintaining...

Meow A Genetic Concert for Cats

by Kerry Janet Fowler, Gracia Louise & Jeanne Nevin

Meow A Genetic Concert for Cats by Dr Kerry Fowler is an important book for cat breeders, owners, judges and veterinarians who are curious about the genetic makeup, DNA testing and diversity of pedigree cat...

Mycotoxins in Swine Production

by Inês Rodrigues & Maximillian Schuh

Mycotoxins are not a new topic and they are certainly not a recent worry. In fact, this year it is a decade since theCouncil for Agricultural Science and Technology(CAST) released its scientific task force report...

Homeopathic First Aid for Animals: Tales and Techniques from a Country Practitioner

by Kaetheryn Walker

An A-to-Z reference for using homeopathy to treat animals.

The gentle and effective qualities that have made homeopathy such a popular remedy for humans make it the perfect treatment method for animals as well....

How to Age-Proof Your Dog

by Elizabeth U. Murphy

How to Age-Proof Your Dog: The Art and Science of Successful Canine Aging gives dog owners the information and tools they need to provide proactive and preventative health care starting early in their dog’s...

D is for Dog

by Terrie L Sizemore

This is a basic dog care title. The topics include picking a pet, supplies for pets, puppy proofing homes, the major preventable diseases of dogs and the vaccines for these diseases, ticks and tick diseases,...

C is for Cat

by Terrie Sizemore

This is an easy guide to veterinary care for cats. It includes bringing pet cats or kittens home, supplies, cat vaccines for major prevental cat diseases, spaying and neutering, pregnancy in cats, dental care,...

Collection or Contortion?

by Gerd Heuschmann

Ten years ago, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann rocked the equestrian world with his international bestseller Tug of War, a searing indictment of modern training and riding techniques that are sometimes used to the detriment...

Equus Lost?

by Francesco De Giorgio & Jose De Giorgio-Schoorl

In the 1980s, the world of riding, training, and competing with horses took a major turn with the spread of natural horsemanship, which at its most basic foundation rejects the use of abusive techniques and...

You Are Unique : An Introduction to Genetics - Biology for Kids | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

Get right to the source of your uniqueness! This book on genetics is a brilliant way of introducing the subject to elementary students. It comes with the right amount of age-appropriate information to boost...

Fingerprint - What Makes Me Unique : Biology for Kids | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

Make biology an interesting subject for little learners through this fun picture book. In this book, we will discuss the features that make you . One of these would be your fingerprint. Did you know that you...

The Dales Vet: A Working Life in Pictures

by Neville Turner

Thanks to James Herriot, the Dales have fame and popularity worldwide. The Herriot books introduced a huge public to the colourful life of a rural veterinary surgeon - an interest which has endured for more...