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Cancer and Your Pet: A Guide to Alternative and Integrated Treatment

by Marie Cargill

Cancer and Your Pet takes on one of the most common and yet most difficult of diseases to face when your pet is diagnosed. It offers an in-depth discussion of the alternative and complementary therapies and...

Health and Nutrition for Dogs and Cats: A Guide for Pet Parents

by David G. Wellock & Jim Walker

If cats and dogs could write an instruction manual for their humans, Health and Nutrition for Dogs and Cats would be the result. This book sets out guidelines for feeding your pet, helps explain factors that...

Equine Do

by Dino Fretterd

The definite purpose of this book is to share information and knowledge (based on facts and not opinion) with all those who love horses and want to understand not only how to see postural faults that compromise...

Mo -- Cat of My Heart

by Barbara E. Moss

Mo, Cat of My Heart is about a most unusual cat. Once a street urchin, Mo won the hearts of all who met him both the cat lover and the cat indifferent. His guest appearances on his masters Tools for Sale website...

Dr. Jack’S Dog Facts

by John Bloxham

While not a textbook, this is an easily understood, clear explanation, accompanied by good advice, for the treatment of many common maydays encountered by our dogs. Dr. Jacks bedside manner and family doctor...

Essential Drug Data for Rational Therapy in Veterinary Practice

by Kingsley Eghianruwa

This book, Essential Drug Data for Rational Veterinary Practice offers quick and easy reference to chemical and pharmacological classifications, sources, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and pharmaceutical data...

The Truth About Dog and Cat Treatments and Anomalies

by Robert L. Ridgway

You dont have to be a veterinarian to prevent and treat many of the problems that might afflict your four-legged friend. Robert L. Ridgway, a doctor of veterinary medicine, helps you identify conditions and...

The Bearer of Crazed and Venomous Fangs

by Vincent DiMarco

For centuries prior to the development of an effective vaccination against rabies, the bite of a mad dog was linked to a horrific ailment marked by convulsions, an utter dread of swallowing liquids, uncontrollable...

In Remission

by Pennye A. Lentes

In December 2009, Pennye Lentes and her husband, John, received devastating news: their beloved rescue dog, Miss Piggy, was diagnosed with lymphoma. Just seven years old, Miss Piggy received a grim prognosis....

Kitty Grub

by Rudy Edalati

In todays world, cats have become obese; they have so many health issues, weve veered off course and forgotten that cats are carnivores. So we provide dehydrated, processed pebbles that do not even resemble...

Thirteen Years of Hell in Paradise

by Rupert Pegram

After leading a regional office in Africa that studied ticks and tick-borne diseases, Rupert Pegram received a call in 1994 that changed his life. His higher ups wanted him to lead a new program in the Caribbean....

How to Make a Puppy!

by Sy Guth

Dog breeding is a wonderful and fulfilling activity. The aim of this book is to aid the novice dog breeder in establishing a methodology based on best practices and common sense to ensure the delivery and rearing...

Veterinary Science: A Very Short Introduction

by James Yeates

Every year billions of animals, from housecats to racehorses to pythons, are treated by veterinarians. The use of veterinary science to treat the health of animals has a long history; for the past five centuries...

H is for Horse

by Terrie Sizemore

This is a book for the  average horse owner. It describes the major diseases of horses and the vaccines available to protect them. I also covers dental care, breeding with mare and foal care, testing for horses-...

The Butterfly Boy

by James E. Aarons

After discovering a connection between the death of many tribe members and certain animals on their land, Katie Reynolds leaves her Navajo reservation to attend a veterinary school in Davis, California. There...

The Essential Hoof Book

by Christina Cline, Susan Kauffmann & Gene Ovnicek

The equine hoof is a complex marvel of natural engineering, built to withstand tremendous forces and able to adapt to an astonishing range of environmental conditions. It also changes daily–for better or for...

Promises to Keep

by Hugh Cran

Working at the sharp end, Scottish vet Hugh Cran describes his daily and nightly challenges working in Kenya as he encounters rabid dogs, a horse pageant that goes horribly wrong, missing tortoises, entire herds...

Poultry Diseases Influenced by Gastrointestinal Health

by Gino Lorenzoni

It is well known that colonization of the intestine with cemmensal bacteria is related to protection of the intestine against pathogens, increased body weight and improved feed efficiency. The opposite situation,...

Probiotics in Poultry Production

by Wael H. A. Abdelrahman

This book gives a comprehensive overview of the mode of action of probiotics and the theories behind it. In addition, it highlights the main benefits of using probiotics in poultry production, such as maintaining...

Meow A Genetic Concert for Cats

by Kerry Janet Fowler, Gracia Louise & Jeanne Nevin

Meow A Genetic Concert for Cats by Dr Kerry Fowler is an important book for cat breeders, owners, judges and veterinarians who are curious about the genetic makeup, DNA testing and diversity of pedigree cat...