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The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time

by Paul Connett & Jeremy Irons

Waste is something we all make every day but often pay little attention to.  That's changing, and model programs around the globe show the many different ways a community can strive for, and achieve, zero-waste...

Toxic Tort

by Ernest P. Chiodo & Daniel M. Breen

Toxic Tort: Medical and Legal Elements, provides a primer covering medical and legal issues involved in toxic substances litigation. A physician attorney who has been a senior public health official, and expert...

Genetic Heavy Metal Toxicity

by Tara Lang Chapman

Something is dreadfully wrong. Of those who survive life in the womb, one out of two go on to have a serious defect, disease, or neurological disorder. Half the population! About 1 out of 500 babies dies of...

What's Making Our Children Sick?

by Michelle Perro & Vincanne Adams

Exploring the links between GM foods, glyphosate, and gut health

With chronic disorders among American children reaching epidemic levels, hundreds of thousands of parents are desperately seeking solutions to...

Dodging the Toxic Bullet

by David R. Boyd & David Suzuki

Dodging the Toxic Bullet presents workable strategies that show how we can live longer, healthier lives by breathing clean air, eating healthy food, drinking safe water, and using non-toxic products. Author...

The gender dimension of non-medical use of prescription drugs in Europe and the Mediterranean region

by Marilyn Clarke

In recent years, the non-medical use of prescription drugs (NMUPD) has caused increasing public concern around the globe. Women constitute a special risk category for NMUPD and understanding gender as it relates...

Translational ADMET for Drug Therapy

by Souzan B. Yanni

Serving as a practical handbook about ADMET for drug therapy, this book presents effective technologies, methods, applications, data interpretation, and decision-making tactics for pharmaceutical and preclinical...

Medicinal Chemistry: A Molecular and Biochemical Approach

by Thomas Nogrady & Donald F. Weaver

Fully updated and rewritten by a basic scientist who is also a practicing physician, the third edition of this popular textbook remains comprehensive, authoritative and readable. Taking a receptor-based, target-centered...

The Dose Makes the Poison

by Patricia Frank & M. Alice Ottoboni

This new edition of a widely-read and highly-acclaimed book broadens the scope of its predecessors from a heavy focus on industrial chemicals as toxicants to include drugs, food additives, cosmetics and other...

What You Always Wanted To Know About Anthrax

by Jazzybee Verlag

This volume of the Medical Basic Guides is about Anthrax "What You Always Wanted To Know About..." are , straight-to-the-point, easily understandable and comprehensive medical ebooks and guides for everybody....