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Promoting Public Mental Health and Well-being: Principles into Practice

by Alyson M. Learmonth, Catherine J. Mackereth, Jean S. Brown & John R. Ashton

What factors affect mental health and well-being on a societal and individual level, and how can mental health be enhanced through effective prevention and intervention? This book sets out key strategies, and...

Drugging Kids: Psychiatry's Wholesale Drugging of Schoolchildren for ADHD

by C. L. Garrison

There is a lot of crucial information that parents and the general public do not know about the diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and the unwanted effects of the drugs used to "treat"...

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders: Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

The diagnostic and statistical manual is the official measure by which mental health professionals diagnose disorders, and it also details changes in how diagnoses are done. This means that students will have...

The Essential Anatomy of Melancholy

by Robert Burton

One of the richest books in the English language, this systematized medical treatise on morbid mental states also features a compendium of memorable utterances on the human condition, compiled from classical,...

A Primer on Mental Disorders: A Guide for Educators, Families, and Students

by Thomas E. Allen, Mayer C. Liebman, Lee Crandall Park & William C. Wimmer

From four practicing physicians comes this down-to-earth, easy to understand introduction to mental disorders_essentially a 'what is it' book to help identify disorders, understand the ramifications, and assist...

Mommy I'm Still In Here: One Family's Journey with Biopolar Disorder

by Kate McLaughlin

Vivid account of a family living with serious mental illness and the personal and spiritual growth spawned by those events.

ADHD Does not Exist

by Richard Saul

In this groundbreaking and controversial book, behavioral neurologist Dr. Richard Saul draws on five decades of experience treating thousands of patients labeled with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder—one...

Mental Health, Service User Involvement and Recovery

by Jenny Weinstein, Liz Green, Tony Leiba & Humphrey Greaves et al.

As the momentum for personalisation and recovery approaches grows, service users are increasingly participating as partners in all aspects of health and social care delivery, policy-making and professional training....

Special Needs Families in the Military: A Resource Guide

by Janelle B. Moore & Don Philpott

The saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' is especially true for families with special needs children. It takes an 'army' of therapists, doctors, nurses, counselors, and educators. Special needs families...

The Adolescent Journey

by Marsha Levy-Warren

This is a comprehensive statement about adolescent development, identity formation, and treatment.

Opportunity House: Ethnographic Stories of Mental Retardation

by Michael V. Angrosino

Calling on a decade of participant observation at a residence for mentally retarded adults, anthropologist Michael V. Angrosino's riveting and de-mystifying account offers an insider's picture of the lives of...

Understanding Alzheimer's: An Introduction for Patients and Caregivers

by Naheed Ali

Understanding Alzheimer’s offers patients and caregivers the kind of cutting-edge information that will allow them to combat this debilitating disease on a number of fronts. The book presents the findings...

How to Deal with Anger, Stress, Depression, Grief & Sadness from Islamic Perspective

by Muhammad Vandestra

The average human being in the developed world battles sadness, anger, stress, depression and worry on a daily basis. While the majority of the world’s population confront extreme poverty, famine, conflict...

Arabs in Treatment:

by Yana Korobko

When I was only starting the therapeutic work with the Middle Eastern patients, I was looking for some kind of guidance to enable my genuine understanding of the Muslim patient cases. However, the material was...

Ect and the Elderly: Shocked for the Aged

by Deborah Y. Liggan

Deborah Y. Liggan suffered her first bipolar depressive episode fourteen years ago. It came without warning, and the medication she was prescribed was useless. Only after attempting suicide did she receive electroconvulsive...

Even More Vignettes of Yvette at Vi

by John G. Gurley

During 2014, Authorhouse published two of my books, Vignettes of Yvette at Vi and More Vignettes of Yvette at Vi. This new book contains even more vignettes of my wife, Yvette, and those words provide its title....

Bringing Back Yvette

by John Gurley

Authorhouse, in the past year, published three of my books about my wife, Yvette, who was in a memory support unit at a care center that is affiliated with a large, luxury retirement home named Vi at Palo Alto....

An Angel and Gigi at Memory Support

by John Gurley

My wife, Yvette, and eleven other sufferers of dementia are in a memory support unit in a care center that is affiliated with a luxurious retirement home called Vi at Palo Alto, California. Gigi, a baby girl,...

Vignettes of Yvette at Vi

by John G. Gurley

This is a true story of how John felt and reacted to the decline of his wife, Yvette, into the quicksands of dementia. The story relates how he, Carmen (the companion to Yvette), and others struggled, sometimes...

Panic Disorder - the Choice and Willpower to Survive

by Suf Supiani, Dr. Radiah Salim & Noorunnisa Ibrahim Kutty

Happy survivor or unhappy survivoryour choice. We all have a limit to tolerance. We may think our capacity for tolerance is huge. However, our body has a different opinion and reacts to your troubles. This book...